Merry Christmas to all! It's a whole new year again, I can't believe how fast time flies! Even though all of us are very busy with our work, school, relationships, families, it is the time of the year where all of us, humans, animals and environment unite in celebration for the coming of Christ the King.

It is where we give gifts and show our appreciation to others, no matter how far we are, or even if there is misunderstandings with other person, it is in this time that we set aside those feelings and forgive, it's magical isn't it?
Remember the Winchester brothers? Even those dark past they had, they found a way to still celebrate the spirit of Christmas ~

This December, It is about me and my friend's trip to a busy city, Ayala, Alabang. We went there during Sundays, which allowed us to really appreciate the whole place because it was a non-working day.
 The building are shiny and tall ~ we both felt like we're already at New York city ^^ haha
 It was a great free time to pose and do anything because there are few people around.
 The weather too is really inviting, not too sunny/hot, not raining/too cold. In fact, we could really feel Christmas is very near because the the cold breezes all over the place.
                        My friend Aizelle here loves the place too.
 Girly moments haha~
We went inside the Enterprise tower, and they were setting up this super huge Christmas Tree, 
we look like dwarfs stealing gifts! haha
 Our expressions~ I was literally astonished with the big tree and my friend Aizelle, on the gifts!

 After that we had to go----- Shopping!!! My boyfriend bought me this sweater for Christmas ~ how sweet ^^
 Then after the long day, Its time we eat some thing! Pizzas!

At home, Its about time to prepare for our Noche Buena, we had these delicious food, and so thankful for the blessings we had throughout the year!

Yummy breads

Pizza made by my boyfriend



Birth of Christ

Christmas Lights by  dining room

Our Christmas Tree filled with presents!

More decos!

Count down ends!

deco again

Our Shitzu, Wifi thinks the food is also delicious, but no you can't Wifi, that ham, bad for your health!

Pizza 2 made by my boyfriend

Leche Flan
Whole presentation

Sponsored by Coke as always haha~
 This is a tradition that we have since, to have cocoa during christmas and New Year, we would dip the bread in the chocolate and eat it~ seriously its delicious~
Chocolate Cocoa

me and jonathan

Our two housemates

I am very happy for the continuing support! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
More blogs in the future~ ^^
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