First day of Shu Uemura Party was held at Trinoma, Quezon City. When I went there, I had to hurry up and upload my picture at Instagram for voting. Trinoma at that time was filled with lots and lots of people, I was soo excited at the moment I got there.

By the time I found the store location, I saw their cosplayers. The pink and the black princess.

 I also saw the product that they were endorsing which was the 6 HP color makeup palette
They offered us kawaii foods and drinks.

 Later on, the tutorials started, the makeup artist taught us how to make the black princess look and demonstrated it through their model. After the party, there was a small fan making activity, I tried to make one, although I'm not really that good at the design :P

The same moment the Shu Uemura was held, The Suzuki Car Show was alsoheld.

 that day was very fun and I learned a lot things, plus Trinoma is rockin!

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