Hello Minna(everyone)! Today was a blessed Sunday, we were on our way to church when we thought that we should go out and take pictures at the football field. The weather is so cold, it is freezing and windy, now that they'd be a low pressure area coming near.

The light setting is great, no sun just cloudy skies and very very cold air. Perfect for these photo shoots

 I am wearing my Christmas Cotton jacket, you'll see this in my Christmas 2011 Geolica suit, with patterned design. It is very comfortable and warm.
 My usual Sunday dress the checkered brown dress, I had a picture of this with my deceased dog, chestnut.

When we went to a mall, we saw Charice's concert. So many people cheering for her.
 People cheering and taking pictures of her including me ^ ^
 After the concert, we had a food tripping to a Tonkotsu Ramen food stand

These are the prices:
we ordered: Shoyu Ramen, Chashu add on, Pork Tongkatsu
As their opening promo each Ramen is buy-one take one! ^ ^

 It is time to test how good I am at chopsticks

According to web, the art of using chopstick correctly


The staff busy preparing our Ramen, I'm starting to drool.

Striking a pose while waiting.
Their display

 Finally the dishes came and its aaaahhhhh ~

ok trying....

 and TRYING....
 Can't help it ~

it is hot!

Since all items are buy one take one, this one is Pork Tongkatsu, veggies + rice, the pork dipped in Teriyaki Sauce


 This is the add-on Chashu, it is my most favorite of all! only P18.00 two piece, surely a thumbs up for me, pork dipped in japanese barbeque sauce

 Juicy on the inside!!!!

 9/10 all in all!!! Great dining experience and kind staff!!!
Tonkotsu House is located at Binan, Laguna, Pavillion Mall.

As desert, we found these sweeties at P100.00

Try this one flavor: Pistachio Sansrival, with finest butter cream and Pistachio nuts yummm~

Available at any Puregold outlets
A little Selfie!

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