Last Year was a crazy year, but a blessed one. All my dreams came true!  Here are some of the recaps of Last Years (2013).

Month of June
Restaurant of Happiness

A unexpected Food tripping along Susano Road of Novaliches, Quezon City turning out to be the best food discoveries of the family's favorite Chinese cuisines!

Month of May
Random Pictures

These are a compilation of my pictures and playing with the photo editor. Some of here shows the surroundings here in the Philippines.

 Month of April
 Monitor Deco

One of my crazy Creative ideas to put a cute look to your old screen monitor

Japanese Hot Baths

Craving for a great relaxing bath?
Here are the baths that Otakus will                                                          really love!

 Month of March
Rippled effect Kotatsu Table
A kotatsu table that is a must have!

Homey Train in Japan

When visiting Japan, never miss out on this ride!


Chinese Paintings
 Some paintings that I developed during my highschool years!


 Month of October

Random Pictures

Another of my cutie picture collection.

Alfonso's Champorado

A blog about 7'11's Alfonso's instant Champorado

Fatboys vs. Dexters Pizza Showdown

Can't get enough of Pizza? Try reading Fatboys and Dexters Showdown and see who wins this 1 on 1 fight.

Kawaii Finds

A trip to Monumento! A place where you get to find cheap and cute things!


A must watch tv series of terrifying and hair-raising episodes for the Halloween!

 Month of December
Shu Uemura Cosplay  

Shu Uemura's cosplay of Pink and Black Princess at Trinoma and Alabang Town Center                                    

 Christmas Gifts and Trips

A blog about the trippings with my friend at Ayala and Gifts that I received this Christmas.

In the start of the New Year celebration (2014) everyone was excited of what this year’s celebration would look like.

I filled the room with music of Christmas songs, everyone is just too excited preparing for the big event.
Mom and my housemates very busy preparing at 7:30 pm.

  What I love about celebrating New Year and Christmas is---- Condensed Milk

During my Mom's preparation at night, I would sneak out and get this delicious ingredient that is always on my Mom's List, at first she would be worrying where it went-- but later on, she realizes that I took a trip to the kitchen.

 As a tradition in our family, we would wear clothing with circles, for a prosperous New Year, in our pockets, it would be filled with coins, and we would shake this during last minutes that the New Year came.
Mine I wore shorts with large circles and spaghetti top also with small and big circles on it. They say the colourful your clothes are like reds, would be very lucky.

 Mom Just loves Bread!

I'm not very familiar with Korean foods, but we were very blessed with a gift from mom's secretary, as some may know, Philippines is one of the country where most Korean craze is all over the place!


12:00 in the morning of Year 2014, we were in front of our house looking at the sky for the fireworks! Sorry for the blurred pictures, I'm not really good at capturing fireworks


These are just two fireworks that we had, we're actually scared to lit big fireworks so, these were the ones that we bought, one is a fountain type and small firecraker.

 So, that was our New Year Celebration. I was unable to update immediately due to an unexpected event, Dad was rushed to hospital due to difficulty in breathing and later on at ICU. We are all praying for his fast recovery and healthy body. Thank you so much for reading my New Years update! Stay tuned and add me to your circles for new updates!

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