Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sansrival Pistachio

This sumptuous green pastry is one cake that shouldn't be missed, despite the numerous flavors Cafe Ysabel brand of Sansrival out there, we ventured out on a different taste, The Pistachio. A Chef Gene Gonzalez recipe of classic nut meringue pastry with the finest butter cream and pistachio nuts.
Net weight of 340g
Ingredients: Eggs, Butter, Pistachio Nuts, Sugar,Water, Vegetable color

Judging from its appearance, the green icing is soft chewy and buttery, plus the Pistachio nuts are heavenly.
 A little pinch of saltiness and sweet are great combination for these sweet baby.
Packaging is plastic, quite sturdy to hold the cake inside.
It feels best served when it is cold.
On the market price of P100.00 with the heavenly taste it is a sure win, I rate it 8/10.

Available at any Puregold outlet

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