I can't wait to share this all to you! A very cute Chibi Maker website! Waaaaa! Kawaii!!!!!
So, I made this myself.
To  make one go here:

Firstly, I clicked the big player up front the website.
It would load for a while but it's worth waiting for! 

The top part of the player is the Main Category of which part you'd like to customize, 
They are all arranged and click your desired sub-option below that.
There's so many cute options to choose from below the Chibi parts is a small arrow for next page option!
It was so easy. 
So I chose this because I love sea-colored hair~ Miku and Umi of Magic Knight Rayearth, I see it a reflection of mine if possible~ 
The Loli dress is soo cute. I must be influenced by the Anime Gosick, I'm watching lately.

I signed up to their site after, and made my own Gallery. This site is soo cute! 

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