This Game was recommended to me by one of my friends upon learning that I am a lover of Horror and Suspense movies especially Zombie type. He told me that I would love this Anime, I thought it was a game and told him I don't have a PSP etc. but he said there was an anime Series, so when I was able to find it I was very happy.

My Synopsis from the story
It started when a group of highschool students performed a friendship bond, and to fulfill that they must recite a certain ritual to make their friendship last forever, after the ritual was done, an earthquake stroke the building, and they found themselves in an old school and separated from each other, and as they try to find their way home, they discover that they are not alone, will the students ever find their way home or is it the end?

I rate this Anime -Game 8/10

My Review
 I liked the Storyline, and it caught my attention until the end, but I was really shocked as to what happened to the children, seriously I thought it would be a great happy ending, but I didn't expect for them to end in such a tragic way. The first episodes were very thrilling and will really make you ask questions as to what happened, and knowing such history of the story gives you an impression that it was the former killer doing the killing.The twist of the story is great! Especially knowing the truth of what was causing all of the killings. How each story was connected are awesome, the children are in the building, same spot, only different dimensions. The characters and the drawings are 100% well portrayed and laid out, each with different personality that suits each of the faces. Creativity is evident. No doubt the voice overs gave life to the characters! The part where they show the insides of the murdered corpses are creepy but bearable to look at, thank God it was drawing because its really hard to watch if it'd be life-like. I may be the person that loves happy ever afters but I also love the fact that it has a different ending, gruesome indeed,  but reality-wise, it would be hard to survive such place, ending is very unexpected, surely a thumbs up! When I finished the series, my eyes were big awake round as the moon, all my erector pili reflex are activated, I do not know how I actually felt, combination of screaming, crying and shocked! Never did I imagined it would be a murder series, cause I thought I was having a horror movie hahaha! but anyway I loved that kind of feeling when something unexpected thrills me to the bone!

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