Among the greatest movies that I love, Among them is Jet Li , as a monk, a man (human) and a legendary white snake. The movie's name is The Sorcerer and the White Snake starring Jet Li. The movie had an interesting Plot I loved every scene there was from the very start of the story.

 I had an assignment, regarding combination of two animal photos and dramatic scenery.
I experimented with different Lighting Techniques and Filters to blend out the elements.

In here I used Dark Intensity as Filter. My Hair is a Peacock and legs are from the snakes.

 This Filter is Diffuse Glow, this is one of my favorites it looked very very magical and the glow compliments the whole scenery without overpowering the elements.
 This is my normal Photo color of the body, except for the snakes, which I added a little sepia tones to match the color of the background.
 This is the final blended out of the features.

another assignment is the combination of the animals, I combined Bat wings + snapping turtle + lizard tail to create this set off tones and there it is. This pose is inspired by How to Train your Dragon movie.
My Dragon Bat

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