" Pila " -a Tagalog term for Line, referring to the persons that form a line in jobs.

It felt like the retro ages.
I have just seen the pictures of Old Manila and those that was never seen again. I have the fascination of how rich our Mother land is, the Philippines. At that time, The country was able to afford a million worth of double deckered bus, 3D Billboards, electrical transportation and the comeback fashion which I envy nowadays.
On my honest observation, the Philippines is experiencing the poverty that is much worse when I was in high school. Whenever I go to job fairs long "Pila" is always expected. I had the question in my mind, with the many population of unemployed Filipinos, what happens to them when they don't get a job? How are they able to live?

It seemed dim to me, that I could be called for a job, especially for me, who is looking for a part- time job, employers would want full time schedule. Posters around the place saying, “Job needed”, “Job opportunity” but, ah, something else…. What’s the catch?
I am also one of those they call “Promised children”, promised in the sense that they promised for a brighter future & Job opportunity in my first course in Nursing, but even now, most of my colleagues still on their 5th year OJT, well, that’s quite a long training isn’t it?
I’m also the same as others who would need to  go abroad just to earn a proper living, but what I loved about the job I am taking is: It is the job of my dreams, I’ve taken a shift of career, decided to revive my primary dream.
and followed my heart’s desire.
I came from the curriculum where most people are like dogs, “Dog EAT dog”, It is still the same where I am right now, but the only difference is, I am taking what I really wanted, people doubt me whenever I tell the truth that I am taking the course because of my dream, I often read on their eyes that they do not believe.

It is quite a sight to see the competition of Needs vs Dreams, who is the most formidable of all? Which can stand the test of time?
Is Pursuing my dream the right thing to do?

A special thanks to the person that helped revived my dream. My MEAW

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