I watched as he turned into an old lady when I was young, play the most realistic game in the whole world, become a historical figure. His acting amazed and moved me all the time. 
Jumanji  was among the magical movies I ever watched as a kid. 

I was very young back then I did not know much about the movies or so, but I was always amazed how he portayed his character well, when I grew older, I understood the messages in each movies and was deeply moved by the character Mrs. doubtfire.

In medicine, disappointment is my bestfriend and most of the time the atmosphere shouts of hopelessness. When bf lend me the Original Movie of Patch Adams, I remembered the times before I went to medical school, full of hopes and unlimited inspirations. He helped remind me of that. Death is unevitable but the joy that you give to others is eternal.

Patch Adams cheering up the cancer patients.

So, I salute to the one man that gave natural endorphins and touched our hearts!
Have a great journey Mr. Robin, Thank you for all the inspiration!

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