My School sponsored a cosplay event named KUNWA COSPLAY COMPETITION at Fishermall Pantranco. Quezon City. The event was open to non-students of CIIT.

I prepared my Cinematic Ahri suit, making sure the design is well laid out, I based the design on the official Cinematic Ahri photo, traced the lines and had them cut, painted and sewn to my costume, making the belt is tricky because the design in that area had tiny little pieces, so I had to be extra careful where I place them. It took less than one week for the design to finish.

The day of the event, morning, I was shaken, I found my tail burnt to crisp. I was losing hope. I thought I might just quit. Right there where I was standing stood a tree, whose leaves resembles that of a one tail. I immediately sprayed the spray paint on it, I had doubts but I wont quit.

It was 12 pm and the registration ends at one, I knew that my travel time will not be able to make it, but mom decided to give us a lift, we arrived at fishermall, passed
1pm and gave the application form.

Mom was weirded out with my costume, she looks worried because I might become  a laughing stock. She decided to finish the program and canceled her clinic for the day.

After giving out the application, we dined
at Jollibee, Mom was shy she told me that others might be thinking im weird.

When we got back to get ready, the staffs told us my application form and photo reference got lost. Blessed be, we were carrying an extra photo and filled out a new application.

Mom got mad, and she spoke to the staff to be careful. They apologized for the negligence.

I got back ready in the back stage and had shots with the bands and other people. I was informed that they moved the registration time, and at 3pm, the show started, with two hosts, I was given the number 16 out of the 22 cosplayers.

A staff informed us that we prepare to introduce ourselves and will be interviewed after each performance, some of us got too nervous as we were not informed that there would be interviews, there I met , a cosplayer in How to train your dragon cosplay , her name is Ersilia. We were both nervous about the interviews of what we are going to say.

When it was my time, I was announced to go up stage but when i still did not hear my sound, I did not go up stage. Seconds after a short silence I heard my background song went up, and did my skit.

I danced a little, but i could not move well because the floor is too slippery, then introduced myself to the judges and got interviewed by the hosts.

Mr. Ebirah and yours truly

After the show backstage, I met Mr.Ebirah, Mr. Kouga Wolf, we conversed about cosplay and I was wowwed by his 6 years dedication to cosplay.

CIIT students
We took shots and after that went back near stage because they will announce winners, some staff at school asked if I am a CIIT student and they were shocked, they didnt know i was one of the students, because my class time are different from theirs.
Second Place: Mr. Ebirah

First Place

Third Place

Winners are:

Voltes V first place
Mr. Ebirah Second place
Third place

Ms. Ersilia

Mr. Charles Marco and yours truly

After show, mom wanted to look around, then we went to Walter Munoz, dined at Max and she bought me a Ahri shoe.

Actually, I was so happy, Mom seldom comes to any of my activities at school, and she thought that I would become a japayuki (sexy japanese dancer) by cosplaying, and in this time I was able to show her that this is a decent hobby and I loved it. I didnt have to hide my this hobby from her, last time I introduced it,well i cant say what happened but at least she knows that I made progress. This is by far one of my blessed event that I attended. I have new friends who share the same passion like me and my ahri designs was finished.

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