'Hear ye Hear ye!An invitation to all the Princesses around the Kingdom, to join the Grand Showing of Cinderella at SM North'

and that's how I got invited. Just Kidding! 
A post by,  my friend Jenica of a Carriage Background at SM The Block caught my attention and urged me to visit. I was very amazed. The next day, we hurried up to go there and took photos. 

At the Third Floor herein lies the Mirror of Beauty, anyone who stares within the mirror will have everlasting youth.

 and the princess had dilemma with her transportation, then a magical carriage arrives after her fairy Grandmother casts a spell.

Together with a blue dress

and a magical glass shoe

and the princess spent all her day with her loving family (the fairy Godmother)

princess loved the nature so much

and her two sisters

Then the princess met the prince every 3pm and they had a great picture together.

but the clock strikes to the magical limitation and the princess has to go....

Goodbye Princess....

Next chapter of the story, what will happen to the princess??

Stay tune for the next update
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