I wanted to find out why so many preferred to come to Ozine, although there are a lot of internet blogs and comments that I've encountered seems to be negative, I wanted to see why it is one of the most attended events. I went on the last day, it is the only open time that I had. The traffic was very nice, I took a bus to reach SM Megamall. Traffic was swift.

 It was about 12:00 pm and I immediately found the ticket booth after a short walk to the entrance hall, The ticket price is P200 .The line was short it was very easy to buy one, I went inside hoping to find the registration was on the other side, the place was a little crowded and I can see that a lot of booths are on the middle, cosplayers sitting and standing, a gaming station, exhibitors, food stands, and the huge guests area. The atmosphere was warm, when we were about to exit near the registration, they said we have to go back to where we came from, exit there and go back on that side again. we did that and registered, I was numbered 38, I gave them my song number but they told me that it has to be given to the Technicals infront of the stage, they also informed me that the competition starts 5:30pm. I was hungry so we had to go to lower ground to get to food court. The food court was expectedly super crowded but blessed be we found seats, I had my bento (lunch) with me so we didn't have to buy food.  

Entrance to unexplainable hell
It was about 1:30pm when we got back to the venue. The singing contest was going on, we watched the program,including the Auction about the taurpaulins which was bought 5k+, I was seriously stunned, most people are actually buying taurpaulins that high of a price! the place is a a super business area. I loved the rare displays of Figmas and the cute Nekomimi ear as well as the Kawaii Bags, accessories and rare items.

As time passes 3:00 pm, the crowd gets bigger and atmosphere gets warmer, I was on the watch for the program for the start of the competition, had photographed by a lot of wonderful people, made friends, and those who appreciated my efforts. Then I sat down but the event area started to get even more crowded than ever that we weren't able to find any place to settle down, so we stood up, but I started to feel nauseous until up to 5:00pm that my partner decided that I retreat back home because I'm not getting better. The program took so long, quite draining for a person like me.
Regarding the rules where they said that the cosplayers aren't allowed to loiter outside halls unless they have business outside, and fast., well some did, and even took photographs, honestly speaking, if cosplayers DO follow the rules they would be stocked like a canned of tuna inside the Hall, it is incredibly crowded inside and  I noticed, as the place gets warmer, the venue starts to decrease oxygen supply. When I found my tagged pictures, I noticed that in certain parts of the venue, the lighting was really bad, explains why most of the cosplayers accumulate mostly where the parts where lights was great,making it difficult for people to move. I observed at everybody's faces, They are all frowning. They do smile in front of cameras but mostly frown, especially on super crowded areas.
I still kept asking the question if why most people prefer this kind of venue and situation?

Is this what most people look for in a cosplay convention?

On the comfort room, I heard most cosplayers argue with the security guards, "nagtatagal kayo para sa mga customers ito andaming nagaantay" and cosplayers would answer "pero customers din po kami ate" "kumakain din po kami ng pagkain" "parang trato nyo samin di tao" etc. etc. I was not allowed in some Comfort room and asked to transfer for how many times. It is truly frustrating.
Ozine is one of the biggest event held in the country,many people gather so expect a super crowded area, a lot of cosplayers gather and you will see a LOT! If given the same venue, Megatrade Hall, expect stricter rules by the Security, well unnecessary discrimination, which I don't get why, stressful environment and physically challenging situations. 

This view may vary from person to person,as for me, I'd prefer a pure Cosplay type event, spacious and crowd friendly environment. 

With regards to this article, I wish to know, your answers to these questions:

Why do you go to Ozine, despite the fact that there were issues about the rules?

What do you think about the recent Day 3 Ozine? It's difference from the other past Ozine events?

What's your reaction of the overall event?

Your point of view is very important.
reply below.

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  1. Before I answer I would like to introduce myself, my gaming and pen name is KaiserSenju and I am one of those people who took pictures with you and you gave me your information card the reason how I found your blog.

    Why do you go to Ozine, despite the fact that there were issues about the rules?

    Ozine 2015 is my first anime convention ever. But beforehand I read all the rules and the do's and don'ts in an anime convention. And I found out that the rules for Ozine 2015 is a lot more stricter than before. I still decided to go because it was my first time and Ozine is always one of the biggest anime convention in the country. So it was a very refreshing experience for me.

    What do you think about the recent Day 3 Ozine? It's difference from the other past Ozine events?
    The Day 3 of Ozine festival was surprisingly crowded but I already expected the crowd, the one thing that I am not expecting is that heat inside the venue. It felt like you're being cooked inside and you cannot feel the air conditioner at all. I've never been to any Ozine events before but I can say that the Ozine 2015 was one of the best but it's also not the worst. But I really do wish that the event that they've been doing is a lot more organized especially the individual cosplay event.

    What's your reaction of the overall event?

    Despite the crowd,heat and the untidy people it's been a very awesome experience for me. I got to meet a lot of cosplayers took a bunch of pictures with them and I found those things to be fun and exciting. In addition the community in Ozine 2015 is one of the best community I've ever seen because you can see the respect of cosplayers and the bystanders with each other.

  2. Hi Resha, found your blog from the tickets you were handing during the photo opportunities you gave us. That was some good cosplay. After seeing this blog of yours I'm just amazed at your other cosplays! Simply top notch and great!

    I've been an avid visitor of OzineFest for years now.

    For your Qs~~

    Q: Why do you go to Ozine, despite the fact that there were issues about the rules?
    A: Am not affected by the rules, I'm just a fan art hunter/cosplay snapshooter. =)

    But I think, the way things are now about cosplayers being reminded to stay within the venue is better than past Ozine events. Back then Cosplayers and visitors alike would flood 5th floor of MegaMall and might actually affect other businesses.

    Some cosers would stay on the floor waiting for the event; some would stroll around and snapshooters would swarm them and will cause traffic; some are even changing in to their cosplays outside the venue! It was way more chaotic back then.

    Q: What do you think about the recent Day 3 Ozine? It's difference from the other past Ozine events?
    A: One of the difference from past Ozine events was they had a bigger venue this time, they got 3 Mega Trade Halls compared to the previous events which only had 2 halls. Imagine how cramped it would have been back then! XD

    They also held an Ozine event on SMX Convention center, but it was just as crowded and hard to move around as their past events that only had 2 Mega Trade Halls.

    Another difference is that they also had more foreign guests this time (tho there were some who weren't able to attend).

    As for Day 3 itself, I think it was a little lackluster. There were a lot of Filipino artists, but little good fan art haul for me. There were a lot of cosplayers, but my heart was → </3 since there were still no cosplayers of the Kongo sisters. The event venue is bigger, less running in to somebody, which is a +1 for the event.

    Q: What's your reaction of the overall event?
    A: OMG, those tarps! I still couldn't believe people are going crazy for those. Well at least it's not as shocking as the "Boku no Pillow" XD

    Even with negatives I mentioned, I still generally like this OzineFest 2015 more than the past Ozines. The event is great with all the good cosplayers who attended it (albeit still no sign of KanColle's Kongo or any of her sisters); bigger venue +1; Ozine also tried to mitigate the problem of cosplayers loitering, another kudos for them.

    Keep up the good work on your cosplays! Good luck!


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