Sneak peek on Spectra
Posted by Spectra Electric Carnival on Friday, September 25, 2015

in association with RED CARPET Productions
- An epic carnivalesque night of electronic dance music happening on October 16, 2015 at ONE ESPLANADE
With LIVE Performances on the Deck!
Feat. Djs
Ronan Ferguson (Ireland)
Clyde Harris 
Jade Hartman
Tom Taus
Callum David 
Jennifer Lee
Dante Domingo 
Impact Manila

Official Facebook page:

We were invited to attend the Spectra Electric Carnival, Philippines at 6:00 pm to 5:00 am, Sir Donn asked us to meet at the venue itself.

White queen silhouette


 The transportation was difficult as no taxi wanted to take us straight to Mall of Asia, we took jeepney and Lrt in costume, haha typical me. we had dinner at Jollibee 7:00 pm, we were famished because of the long travel and the incredible crowd in lrt. As expected everything was a mess, my hair not set right and whitening products faded already.
Trixia Salonga's White Queen


When we arrived at One Esplanade, we were greeted by Sir Donn at 7'11, beside One Esplanade

Trixia Salonga at 7'11

By 8:00 pm, We went inside the venue, Sir Allan Tom hasn't come yet but he endorsed us so we can make an entrance. We were stamped with VIP red marks on our arm.

Waiting for the Sir Allan Tom

We had to wait for Sir Allan Tom,because he will confirm us to have access inside VIP area, Sir Donn introduced himself and the confirmation call from him.
Trixia Salonga's White Queen

We looked for the place where we should be seated but there was no label for our group so we decided to take the back VIP seat. The bouncers did not allow us and wanted us to buy drinks first before we get the seat.
In the end, even if we were buying drinks they didn't allow us in the back seat and forced to stand at the side.

The final Seat

When Sir Allan came he saw us and he gave us the GREATEST SEAT literally infront of the dj stage and in limelight.

The front area

My designer decided to make a 'Weiss Schnee inspired look' by Jonathan Nick Cruz, he named her 'White Queen' .

White Queen makeup inspired by tron and outfit inspired by Weiss Schnee

White Queen Outfit

The outfit is composed of white wig, my dolly one piece, a bell shaped sleeve cover up, black and white vertical striped fitted skirt and my high heeled shoes, the inspiration which came from RWBY Weiss Schnee and Tron Makeup put together and created this piece.


The Vip area consists 50% of the floor and surrounding people are those that have normal pass. 

There were illuminated colored cubes and we were given a white leatherette sofa which matched my outfit, yeah!

DJ Jade Hartman
When we arrived, Female DJ Jade Harmann was onstage, which liven up the whole crowd.
 Among the songs played including: we got out of the world remix, Lets get party started mix at 10:28 pm DJ jade finished and emcee had announced the next segment, which included a trapeze performer doing incredible stunts, side performers kept the night entertaining with their futuristic costumes and lively dances.

DJ Ronan gave a trance music entrance then mixed with medieval music.

Sir Donn and Dennis Nocom VP

The TV5 media was there too for the event coverage.

I am honored to be taken pictures by sir Donn.


In this show, some of the music are not familiar for me and unrecognizable, probably their remixes are original.

The extreme back are the audio experts. Bouncers surround as well as health personnels and fire fighters outside the building.

Vip's take their selfies which I thought camera might become a problem due to electric waves can affect the cameras.
The bar at the Side
Drinks are located beside the stage which is uhm waaaa omg here i go again, ok must resist temptation.

The DJ released a huge plastic ball which bounced throughout the venue where audience had chance to hit it back on air.
There were also swim suit line magazine that were introduced to us.

By 3:00 am we went home earlier and didn't finish the program


Several years ago, I was fond of attending numerous bar events at different places, I would often come with my bestfriend Mel and we would definitely be Queens of the dance floor, but now that we are on our different paths I really felt nostalgic and missed her so much, I know if she would have been there we would never sit down ever. We would dance all night long and we make sure that not a single minute is wasted.

This is my first time to attend an electric carnival as a blogger.


Airconditioning is a thumbs up. The whole place is spacious, well ventilated and decorated, with complete audio set-up and Big screen set-up in the middle with small screens at the sides and personnel to assist you throughout the program. There were tremendous light setup above and at the stage which gives that incredible illumination to the place.

One thing I love the most are their colored illuminating cubes, they are incredibly cute and the setup with sofas gives added seating and great design.

The DJ's look handsome and beautiful they performed their remixes well and most them had good audience interaction and we're very friendly with their fans.

A warm welcome by Sir Allan Tom
Sir Allan Tom extreme right

We are very thankful to him for the opportunity to have the GREATEST SEAT in the whole event place! Front middle row where you get all the excitement,view and fun altogether. He made sure that we are all having an enjoyable night, thank you Sir!

The Beverages

I wasn't able to have a taste but this was the drinks that was given free to our group, Sir Donn told me that the effect is in moderation.
I only drank Cola Jim Beam, very delicious!

Sneak peek on Spectra
Posted by Spectra Electric Carnival on Friday, September 25, 2015

Watch the trailer and you will see that there we're incredible people in costumes which made the event looked enticing but disappointed me when I only saw foreign dancers, clowns, trapeze artists, aerialists ,circus stilts, 

so not all in attraction in the trailer was seen in the main event here in Philippines. I was expecting the armored mascots, Flower and ice cream girls, octopus mascot, electric blue balls, but wasn't included in the program,  I guess this is only available only at their last event in Las Vegas.


The Event held at One Esplanade beside MOA, a great distance for me and transportation is difficult, gladly LRT is favorable in my area where I get to choose a spacious seat, but commuting from the end destination (EDSA STATION) is difficult as taxis don't want to travel there, so we're left with Public Utility Jeepney , and as you all know I would always be dressed once I got out of the house, so it is a little difficult to move in it, after going down to MOA, we had to walk through a side walk beside a grassy field which looked dangerous at night if you didn't have company.


The seats are arranged, but the front is cramped up and some space are not utilized. You are a big disadvantage if you are not a VIP as they only allow the sides for the non-VIPs, we once stayed there and if people are standing you could hardly see the view up front if only it wasn't because of the big screen in the middle and sides.


I only saw spot lights and flood lights, which I saw in the trailer that there would be special lighting effects but those above are the only ones available.

There are so many rooms for improvement but I know just seeing your favorite DJs will always make the night a blast!

White Queen designed by Jonathan Cruz  inspired by Weiss Schnee from RWBY

This event is sponsored by:

White Queen designed by Jonathan Cruz inspired by Weiss Schnee from RWBY
 "I wish you all the best and more Power to the Organizers and Production. Thank you for this Spectacular Event. Thank you And God Bless"
                                                           Trixia Salonga

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