A little doll dreams a lot for the real world. She dreams of happiness and colors.

In her little doll house where all the magic seems to happen.
But her eyes was sewn by other Mother

Other Mother decided to finally end everything and she is now scared.

She wanted to see the world. She wished to still stay with the cat.

Other mother sews the final buttons and her eyes bleed.
Inside her room, she could only see a starlight from a dark sky.

She believes there’s still hope even though her eyes are buttoned.
Our village had a Halloween Trick or Treat, I brought home popcorn and sweets.

At least 20+ Kids participated in costumes and I had a last minute to do a Caroline-doll inspired cosplay

I couldn’t go far away from home since I’m under observation, but I’m feeling fine actually.

The kids had their makeups from adults and the event started at night fall.

This Halloween is unforgettable, I’ve seen real insane minds and I’m trying my best to live.

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