If there is one wish that I can be granted I would be wishing for Time. Time is absolute and can never be turned back unless of course a time machine has already been built. For the past few months, my struggle to keep up with the lost time has been frustrating and tiring. I felt like running around in circles and my body cannot keep up with pace. I had to rest for a while and reflect, and in this day that God has given to me, made me the happiest and most excited. A simple facebook post from a cosplay community friend had me volunteering to become her model for the tailored dress designed to ramp in a catwalk. When she chose me, I was delighted God had permitted me to fulfill this part of my dreams. She called me and had sent me information about the event. The moment she showed me the dress she's made, I was stunned, it was exquisite. Although, I only had a small time for preparation, gladly my manager had me covered. Although this time, I had plenty of shortcomings, even tigher budget, but I was willing to push this, just to savor the one thing that I value most, MEMORIES


My Transportation wasn't easy peasy, It took me at least 4 hours with variety of modes. On our way, we had asked for directions and learned that google maps are very handy, we were mislead but gladly due to technology and some helpful citizens, we we're able to safely arrive. The scenery is very refreshing with City view on the right side of the road it is one of the most sought of view I wanted to see in this escapade.
We arrived at Robinson's place Antipolo too early, the gates we're closed and we had at least 40 minutes before they open the doors. The mall is spacious and the event is right after the front door, stood a stage where NYAN CATWALK 2016 is held. We were informed that the schedule of the catwalk is 4 pm.

I met Ms. Jorica for the first time as well as her other model Ms. Vanessa. They were nice persons. She oriented us with the dress that she had sown. I also met Ms. Jorica's mother, who's very supportive of her daughter's hobby.

 Surprisingly the dress fit perfectly much like how cinderella fit the shoe. The owner was probably taller as the length is longer but the width had fit me perfectly including the diameter of the arms.
Seeing the size is same, I can't wait to see the owner of the dress cosplay the character with the same body size as me. The accessories ~ Roses are also made by Ms. Jorica, I provided the white stockings and she placed the ribbons creatively. The umbrella is brought by my manager to a Japanese thrift store. The character is Kirakishou from Rozen Maiden Traumend. She is the seventh and final doll of the Rozen Maiden. Her qualities often acts a little insane, repeating what others say at times.

I was surprised when they told me that I would be doing the first catwalk, but that made me very excited. The song that played was different from the one I had submitted, the song played was slower than the one I chose but when I was on stage I knew the show must go on and followed the music. After my catwalk, came in with Ms. Vanessa, they called it the chandelier Miku. 

Before the clock strikes 7:00, they announced the second and first winners of the tailor contest. Ms. Jorica won the First Prize, she was overjoyed with tears in her eyes.
After the awarding people wanted to have their pictures taken with us. Gladly, Ms. Jorica permitted me to have my pictures taken, I was just being very careful that the dress might get damaged so I didn't move throughout the entire program while wearing it.

The time was really short, but the memories stays forever with me. I might become more and more busier these upcoming months but I'm glad that I was able to spend this time, it is very precious to me.

Thank you to Ms. Jorica, Antipolo Catwalk Assoc. for the warm welcome.
The most thanks to my manager.

These ff. Photos are taken by Mr. Lhou Angeles

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