Blogger's new sign in skin has sparked great feedback on bloggers, new and old alike. The new interface gives a professional, creative and fun way to see blogger website more interesting and inspiring, new or old subscribers alike. Not only the skin but new upgrades for supporting blogger revenues opens up to more opportunities to business and hobbyists.
Several bloggers reportedly having hard time on their adsense application causing more bloggers to switch platform, but as competition goes high, blogger upgrades to more cooler and modern look.

Millions of people preferred blogger as their blogging platform for different reasons,

"I think blogger has the simpliest and user friendly to beginners" says blogger Lyn. 

"Blogger has supported me and my family all throughout and all I do is to pursue what I love and there goes support from all over the world" says anonymous blogger.

" If blogger will continue upgrading their inteface, I would like to start my first blog at blogspot." says Jonathan, a potential newbie for blogger.

" Blogger is my first step at making my dreams come true and it has always been" says blogger Trixia.

"Its classic, most reliable" says blogger experts.

We'll be on the look out for more of these new upgrades for our beloved platform.
blogger skin
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