hsma virtus awards 2016
hsma virtus awards 2016
PERSONAL EXPERIENCE on press conference
November 8, 2016 at Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila 1:30 pm – Hello Everyone! I'm so glad to be able to write a new adventure again! This time we were invited to join a special awarding press conference for HSMA VIRTUS AWARDS 2016. The chosen bloggers were invited in a group chat in facebook informed of the meeting place, date, time and contact persons. The date was set on Tuesday at 1:30 pm for meetup and it was perfect timing since I have a night off that night. We dined in to my newest favorite food chain, Manang's Chicken at Munoz, Quezon City before we head to SM MOA where the hotel is located we took the train and public utility jeepney on our way and surprisingly walked under the heat finding the hotel, but when we went inside the hotel, the lobby was so grand! I, again felt like Cinderella coming into the ball, we asked the concessionaires the location of the event and was assisted by the courteous hotel personnel.

hsma virtus awards 2016 We took elevators to 7th floor and changed to my Cinderella dress~ hehe I wore a fitted elbow length lace top that is connected with striped black and white skirt jumper, it was edgy and classic combined in one fashion.Outside the hall is a restaurant slash bar and its so luxurious looking but it was currently closed when we got there so even though I wanted to shot a pic I felt really shy. A few distance from that is the Swimming pool area, the corridors are lined by intricately designed carpet and silence is observed. The main elevators are intended for the tenants of the hotel so we use guests elevators. I had contacted the numbers for the contact persons and they replied and assisted us inside the hall. We had provided our names and website before we got inside and when I saw the event area, definitely felt like Cinderella instantly! Seats arranged in circles the table with incredible yellow and white combination lights and small projector and stage for the show. We met bloggers and the President so Media representatives, It was so fun and honestly I couldn't stop my self from taking so many pictures because it is the only time that I could get incredibly perfect light and setting! The Salad was the appetizer which consisted of Lettuces, cucumber,orange pulp, carrots and a special oil underneath. For the main course, Pasta in White Sauce fully loaded with bacon, Roasted pork with side bread, for  dessert, Chocolate and tart combo. For the drinks, iced fruit mango peach garnished with orange pieceThe President had given out her calling cards to all medias on the room and the event started with a joyous humble beginnings of the awards
hsma virtus awards 2016

hsma virtus awards 2016
Ms. Margarita F. Munsayac, President (Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort)

 hsma virtus awards 2016
    The comfortable seats for every guests with incredibly favorable airconditioning system, lighting and table setting with courteous hotel staffs and great food!

hsma virtus awards 2016
hsma virtus awards 2016

hsma virtus awards 2016

hsma virtus awards 2016

EVENT PRESS RELEASE: If you're puzzled of the event that I was invited it is about the Virtus awards that will happen on November 15. This is the detail press release notes and website details of the event and entry:

hsma virtus awards 2016

PASAY CITY, MANILA 8 November, 2016. Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila hosted the Press Conference of the prestigious event for outstanding hotel professionals – the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA)’s 2nd VIRTUS Awards at the Aura Ballroom. The Virtus Awards aims to transform the mindset of sales and marketing professionals in the hotel industry to set the tone for excellence, quips Ms. Margie Munsayac, the President of HSMA.
HSMA is an association of hotels and resorts sales and marketing leader which count 76 members of 3 to 5 star properties in the country.

Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila joins the competition with Ms. Adana Bautista; the hotel’s Corporate Graphic Designer for the Outstanding Sales and Marketing Associate and for the Marketing Campaign of the Year led by Mr. Juan Miguel Barrera, Marketing and Communications Specialist.
The hotel’s marketing campaign, Sleep with Us, focuses on the physical and mental benefits of sleep as it has a direct correlation with performance and giving guests more reasons to stay with them, whether it may be a business meeting,  a family staycation, or maybe even simply looking for new places to discover and explore.
HSMA with the support of the Department of Tourism and the Tourism Infrastructure Enterprise Zone Authority will announce the winners of the Virtus Awards 2016 on November 15, 2016 at the Novotel Manila Araneta Center. Virtus Awards Nights tickets are available at hsmasecretariat@gmail.com.

Con't Personal Experience on Press Conference
Upon the Question and Answer portion, I was able to participate and ask the future events that we can look out for including more Participating Contestants, scrupulous judging and ensuring integrity of the interviews, they will be HSMA believes to focus on Quality over Quantity so for our future participants and audience, this event is going to become more and more exciting. 
hsma virtus awards 2016
These aspects are strengthening to contribute to Philippines expanding participation to promote tourism and hospitality. I root for this event since I myself knows how difficult it is to contribute to uplift society's tourism and it is a rocky road on the way but the fulfillment is truly rewarding!

It is seldom that I am able to go out and join blogging and cosplay, I admit that I am in difficulty with time management since I focus more on resting during my day breaks from work, it is difficult and lately work hasn't been really friendly, most of the time have a hard time coping with stress and fatigue, but the more that I don't fulfill my dreams the worse my performance gets. My dreams truly are important to me and I feel like a zombie if I give them up, no reason to wake up and look forward to everyday, No goal at all. I've committed to fulfilling my dreams even though it is  truly difficult and I have to be wiser with my health, now I realized why God had let me pursue medical course, it is perfect so that I will be able to have the knowledge and expertise to stay strong and fulfill the dreams. It is tough but this is one start. Soon, my contract from work will determine if I am legible for becoming a regular employee and being a trainee seriously has taken toll to my health, big time!

hsma virtus awards 2016

So After the event they had a small raffle and I was shocked when they called out my name, I thought we were just going to do a picture taking, but my manager told me I won a Grand Prize I was astounded. My Grand Prize was something that was my dream that I wanted to have and God had granted it, if you wanna know what that Grand Prize is stay tune to my blog and I will feature that sooner or later.

Transportation was rough but the event and the received reward was everlasting.
hsma virtus awards 2016

hsma virtus awards 2016

hsma virtus awards 2016

The panel of judges includes the following: Ma. Corazon Jorda-Apo (Director, Market Development Group – Thailand, Indonesia, VietnamDepartment of Tourism),Ma. Christina G. Aquino (Executive Director for Planning and Development,Lyceum of the Philippines University), Cesar R. Cruz (President, Philippine Tour Operators Association), Millie F. Dizon (Senior Vice President for Marketing and Communications,SM Retail Inc), Leny R. Fabul (Executive Director,Philippine Hotel Owners Association, Inc.),Henrietta L. Ho (Founder/Principal,Break Thru-Solutions in Marketing),Cesar Jose C. Jesena, (Head, Tenant Management DivisionShangri-La Corporation),Donald Patrick L. Lim, Ph.D., (Chief Digital Officer, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.), IsabelitaSy-Palanca, Ph.D., (President, The Mother Company), Lyn Gueco-Tamparong (Past President, Hotel Sales & Marketing Association), and Maria Concepcion M. Yabut (City CouncilorFirst District-Makati City).

hsma virtus awards 2016
Ms. Rose Libingo, awards' Chair and co-founder of HSMA

hsma virtus awards 2016
Ms. Rose Libingo, awards' Chair and co-founder of HSMA and Ms. Margarita F. Munsayac, President (Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort)

hsma virtus awards 2016
    Chair, President , Bloggers, attendees of Press release for Virtus Awards

hsma virtus awards 2016

The Golden Phoenix Hotel had designed a Special Halloween centerpiece and everyone is cheering for the festive season to come, we were welcomed  inside the hotel and each attendee was given press materials plus a free overnight claimable stay at the Golden Phoenix Hotel.
What to look out for in the future:
Are you planning to join the Virtus Awards in the future? If so these information might be of help to you,


  • Competition Categories
    Entries are accepted in the following categories:
    1. Individual awards shall cover positions within the Sales and Marketing Department (i.e. Room Sales, Events Management, Catering, Reservations, Public Relations and Communication and Revenue Management). There are three (3) categories:
        Regular employees of an HSMA member-property who provide direct/indirect sales and marketing support to secure and/or implement business revenue streams. Examples of positions which fall under this category may include, but not limited to, the following:
        • Sales Coordinator, Sales Executive, Marketing Officer, Events Officer, Events Coordinator, Events and Catering Assistant, PR Associate/PR Assistant, E-Commerce Executive, Sales Secretary, Executive/ Administrative Assistant.
        Regular employees of an HSMA member-property who directly/indirectly delivers any one or more of the sales and marketing components to secure and/or implement business revenue streams. Examples of positions which fall under this category may include, but not limited to, the following:
        • Reservations Agent, Assistant Director of Sales, Senior Sales Manager/Sales Manager, Assistant Director of Events Management, Meetings and Events Manager, Banquet Manager, PR/Marketing Communications Manager, Reservations Manager/Assistant Manager, Revenue Manager, E-Commerce Manager, Director of Catering, Director of Events Management, Director of PR and Advertising
        Regular employees of an HSMA member-property who leads and orchestrates at least two (2) or more activities/functions which directly/indirectly define, or shape, the sales and marketing strategy to secure and/or implement business revenue streams. Examples of positions which fall under this category may include, but not limited to, the following:
        • Director of Marketing, Director of Sales, Director of Sales and Marketing, others with limited position titles but whose scope meet above definition.
    2. A Corporate award will be given to recognize an HSMA member-property with the most OUTSTANDING MARKETING CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR. The campaign should:
      • Be built on single unified theme, and
      • Use at least two (2) different types of media
    IMPORTANT: The category of each submission may be subject to change during the screening phase. HSMA reserves the right to re-classify an entry to a higher/lower level based on its appreciation of the accomplishment/achievement being cited and the position of the Nominee. For clarifications, please get in touch with the Virtus Awards Secretariat.
Competition Categories, submission and more info:

Judges may be on set of 12 or more depending on the decision for the year
Three per category, convened in with the Nominees in a full day of interviews and presentations to select the four winners. 

An independent auditor will tally the scores and awardees will be known in the awards night.

HSMA is an association of hotels and resorts sales and marketing leaders which count 76 members of three to five star properties in the country.

For the future nominees:
"Go for the goal and inspire people, let's work together to reach that goal of promoting Philippines as the top nation in the whole world!" 

An inspirational movie to check out:

This movie is perfect for you! Whether you are planning to join for the next Virtus award or not, find out the reason why this young man was able to fulfill a dream that he thought would never happen.

Bedtime Stories 2008 starred by Adam Sandler
This Movie has inspired me, Skeeter Bronson (Adam Sandler) is a hotel handyman who was promised by his father, Marty Bronson (Jonathan Pryce), to be the manager of the family hotel. A mysophobe named Barry Nottingham (Richard Griffiths) agreed to keep that promise when the Bronson family sold their hotel to him—then built a new hotel instead. Thirty years later, when the story begins, Skeeter is the hotel's handyman while management is held by Kendall (Guy Pearce). Barry's new hotel, the Sunny Vista Nottingham Hotel, is a hit, but he's got plans to build an even more elaborate hotel, one designed around a theme that he's keeping secret.

Thank you very much to Ms. Jamm, Mr. Richard, Ms. Sara and the hospitable staff of Golden Phoenix and everyone that welcomed us in this event! We look forward for success of the event!

hsma virtus awards 2016

hsma virtus awards 2016

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