Ojousama Vampiru Original Character Cosplay

Halloween in the Philippines! Ah~ reminiscing... oh! yup! My Halloween celebrated this November 1 was different from before, I no longer have the semestral break which I used to have when I was still a student, oh how  I miss those days! Looking back, I had cosplayed Caroline when we had a Trick or Treat on the neighborhood sponsored by one of the running electoral campaign, but since there's no election as usual in the Philippines, everything is quite silent in the village. Although malls had celebrated a lot of treat or trick Halloween special celebration, I was able to see one in my workplace, besides the Pokemon Party, we had a special kids Halloween Trick or treat where we bring a kid with us or just bring a bag full of candies. I was only able to bring a bag of candies since I got so busy lately I wasn't able to invite any kids. A lot of people had dresssed up in their maleficient inspired costumes and vampiric costumes which seems to be most easy to dress up. Kids loved to dress up as snow white, batman, their favorite justice league heroes and more, it was really busy at the building but we couldn't see some clients joining the festivities though. My Halloween was full of gastronomic experiences, New opened shops around neighborhood had popped out and  have to make scheduled changes to try them all!!! hehehe! You wouldn't imagine the traffic during weekends at work, we had one food stop lane opened and since the parking space cannot accomodate all the cars around, cars cramp around the highway creating more traffic. I wasn't able to visit my dead loved ones at the cemetery but had paid respects to them thru prayers. Mom and Meaw had gone there to visit them for the day, when I woke up, it was  already dark and we had a work on the same night. Yup I don't have a vacation, the company only recognizes Thanksgiving as their official holiday thats why Halloween and Christmas is not celebrated as a paid holiday vacation, but I made sure that this festive seasons will be kept very productive and all my dreams come true!
It is quite true that when you finally get the chance to become an adult capable of having the financial capabilities time becomes one of the most challenging issues but we have should not give up fulfilling that dream of ours. This November the Supermoon was a bright and phenomenal, most of my friends have appreciated the big, bright moon last November 14 and photos of that gone viral all around the world in the blessed day, the next will be witnessed on 2034! I was not able to see the bright Supermoon but the pictures shown on social medias have made my night grand. How did you spent your time last November 14
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Shawarma House rice meal with Shawarma

Paotsin Rice special
Paotsin Soup really hot and spicy

Bento made by bf

Newly bought summer hat authentic Japanese made, perfect for my cosplays too!

Mom's Jean type dolly gift shoes

Donuts at trinoma

Authentic Bento bought at a Japanese store

McShare box from Mcdo

Jollibee's limited edition bunch leaflet coupon

Tropical hut delicious sandwiches
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