One of my most favorite invitations is none other than food blogging events. I am a foodie like everyone else out there and even my manager had learned to cook international meals packed with healthy yet sumptuous delicacies to suit my taste or else I never eat any at all. Yes, I am that type of a food critic that my manager chef went through a rigorous process to suit my palate, but because of that, his cooking was known to many higher ups and he got the chance to be a private personal chef to VIPs. I appreciate his best efforts and patience in that cooking.

Ootd for this blogging event: one piece short sleeved cadet blue,  all straight zippered dress in a ruffled skirt and royal blue undergarment shorts, paired with high heeled glittered shoes.

For a lifetime chance to try out a Food Truck business located near me, my best invitation came sweet by Ms. Leomy, am grateful for including me in this event. We arrived as early as 5:00 as per her instructions, but when she hasn't arrived yet, we took the chance to round up on all of the food business around.

The Food Truck is in a dramatic scene as I was photographed a great shot of gloomy skies which intensified colors of the yellow lights of the establishment. Surrounded by strategically stacked container vans to create a 4-stories square shaped infrastructure, seats lined up in the middle and sides.
Food truck manila
Food Truck Manila

General Information


63 Kamias Rd, Diliman, Quezon City 1100 Metro Manila

Facebook page:

Business Hours:
Sunday -  Thursday 11 AM - 12 MN ( Bar closes at 2 AM)

Friday - Saturday: 11 AM - 2 AM

Food truck in black in graphic featuring Manila's finest landmarks stands in welcome at the door

Parking Slots

  • 20 parking slots


  • 500-600 seats available
  • There are comfortable cushioned seating, high stools and air-conditioned container vans for a comfortable dining experience. In addition, the comfort rooms are air-conditioned as well.
  • Group seatings are available for the long table to join together, can accommodate at least 5- 10 persons on one table.
  • Bar high stools are an asset on the 3rd Floor. 
  • Solo plastic chairs are disseminated throughout all floors for added seating. 
  • 4th Floor caters seating to small groups with overlooking view of the city.

Free Internet Access

A free 200 MB wifi service from smart is given to each customer who would like to use the connection for surfing websites and updating social media accounts.

  • To log in, simply connect to food The Food truck Smart and it will open up a browser to agree to the terms and conditions. 


  • The entrance is a circle of food stalls, seating, and stage in the middle. Surprisingly, I also saw a claw machine by the side.
  • Singers and Bands perform on the stage as they serenade the audience to dance the night and enjoy their music.
  • GSpot's Beer Pong, Dart and Karaoke game rooms are located on 3rd floor which you can play for free for 1 hour.
  • Future projects: Arcade section  


  • Security Guard, Bouncer, and Police patrol the whole establishment during operations. 
  • Safety rails are installed in corners.
  • CCTV cameras are installed and working 24/7


  • Regular Fumigation is practiced.
  • Toilets and Comfort rooms are cleaned routinely.
  • Sanitation Staffs help tend to food leftovers and walkways as well as cleaning of each stall.
  • Food stalls are required to pass sanitation requirements from government and are monitored. 

Smoking Areas

  • Open air allows good ventilation where you may light your smoke, location is usually on balconies.
  • If you are a non-smoker, you may try the airconditioned rooms. 

Our Experience

We were oriented that the 3rd floor airconditioned room would be our meeting place.
We had gathered on the third floor, fully air-conditioned seating, glass windows and framed artworks on the back.
Orderly lined in a fashion to attract the customers of the different beverages

Canned beverages on display brings full colors to the food truck

Comfortable long table with airconditioning system 

Mr. Joni served refreshing starters, the cucumber cocktail has a good splash of mint and cold sweetness to awaken senses, the lemonade zest quenches the thirst combined with the bulb glass container is a definite head turner among customers.

What to look for:

  • Every Monday is for UNLIMITED BEER NIGHT (price varies)

  • Every Tuesday is for  UNLIMITED COCKTAIL @ P 399.00

  • Every Thursday is for UNLIMITED WINE @ P 499.00
Food Stalls:

  • 32 Food stalls 
  • Serves Turk, Cuban, Humba-Visaya, Mexican, Chinese,  Western, Cebuano 

Menu and Prices list:

The special featured foods in food stalls need your TLC, check them out:

Cafe U.K Beverages

Cafe U.K's cheese cakes topped in delectable sweet coatings of creamy and heavenly soft cheeses and cream yet what makes these cheesecakes so unique is the balance of flavor is evident, not too sweet nor bland to keep you fit even during your diet.

Cheesecakes @ P145, Left is Salted Caramel, Right top is New York Oreo and Triple Chocolate below
Cafe U.K Beverages Menu and prices
Food truck cafe uk prices and menu

Captain Marley and the seafood island
Captain Marley Garlic Shrimp Rice @ P199.00 

Chef Resty's Roat Beef Craving Station

Chef Resty Combo 2 Meal at P 180.00 consists of Roast Beef, one rice, marble potatoes and Penne with Pesto Sauce

Sun Kian Chinese Cuisine

Chao Fan Toppings @ P150.00

El Papi Chulo Cebuano

Bolitas De Yuca A4 @ P105.00

El Papi Menu and Prices


Oriental Pork Chop with Pasta @ P180

Gigabytes Menu and Prices

Goto King

Goto with Egg @ P69.00

Insta Dessert

Ice Cream Scoops @35 any flavor

Curt Kebob

  • Offers Hookah, a middle eastern vape like smoke
Strawberry Yogurt @ 100


Longa Sisig with rice and tomato


Porn Platter @ 599

Isaw @Iba pa menu and prices


Kani Salad @100.00

Sumo Chef

Tex Mex

Tusok na Tusok

Whats up dough

Hongkong Bubble waffle @ 80.00, Glazed Churros with ice cream @ 150.00


Humba @ 180.00

Other Stores:

Adobo House

The Grillax


Pong's menu and price

Rouche Grill

Meet the Chairman

Meeting the friendly Chairman Mr. Joni Cabrera came as a surprise to us. He had introduced and instructed each stall to present their new creations to us.

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  1. This is indeed a dramatic and rustic place. All corners are Instagramable, i bet the foods are also delicious and budget friendly. Hoping to visit this place once I will come back to Philippines

    1. I definitely agree with you Ms. Ann, the best thing about the place is the unlimited beer, cocktail and wines and the chairman allows to host group parties :) When you do get back don't forget to drop by!


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