This is a sponsored post by We are all fans of Anime or superhero movies and coming across some of their commercials featuring cars are synonymous with having one collectible of your favorite character. Today, we talk about the cars featured in by your favorite superhero or anime why these cars are their perfect partners.

Pictures aren't mine and used only as a reference.

1. 2011 Toyota Corolla endorsed by Hatsune Miku

Toyota indicates that Big Dreams inspires them to create, which is the same as to how a Vocaloid character helped millions and billions of composers and musicians reached their dream to showcase their music around the world through Hatsune Miku. Toyota wants you to listen to their compositions on their 2011 Toyota Corolla and build new works of art compatible with 35 mpg combined Bluetooth technology and Mp3 player. 

2. 2018 Lexus C 500 endorsed by  Marvel's Black Panther

2018 Lexus C invites you to experience the AMAZING Kinetic energy able to keep up with Black Panther's mechanics and speed. Lexus C offers both a Luxury and Performance, with a near perfect weight distribution, strikingly low center gravity and instinctive handling. 

The car offers Takumi Craftmanship seats of hand-stitched features, hand-selected materials and obsessive attention to detail.

Seamless Technology promises advanced engineering that can keep up all your needs for convenience.

3. 2015 Ford Focus endorsed by Multiple anime: Dragon Ball Z

Krillin wished for a car with an audio system from Sony and another car with camera where you can see where you are going in reverse and another car with EPA estimated 42 miles per gallon in case they need to drive around planet Namek and the Focus Ford appeared before them carrying all the wishes compacted into one car. 

4. 2015(2017) Ford Fusion endorsed by Dragon Ball Z and Sailormoon

Fusion as what it name indicates offers a stylish combination of both exterior and interior, a striking design smart technologies and powerful & efficient performance features same as how Trunks and Goten performed their fusion for greater strength. 

While Usagi ponders Fusion's sculpted exterior, newly redesigned wheels, but Luna adds that the car is more than what it looks like with amazing driver assist features like pre-collision assist and pedestrian detection and adaptive course control with stop and go making driving less stressful.

5. 2017 Mercedes Benz GLA 250 endorsed by Supermario and Mario Kart

Super Mario would have more speed and protection from mushrooms if he is driving 2017 Mercedes Benz GLA. The AMG GLA45 turbocharged four-cylinder powerhouse provides succinct acceleration is a reliable, subcompact SUV seats for five people. Front seats offer long-haul comfort with a great view of the window, just perfect to avoid those mushrooms, eh?

6. 2017 AUDI SQ5 endorsed by Marvel's Captain America Civil War

Audi is the car that everyone is chasing, especially made an appearance in Captain America Civil war, according to a reviewer the supercharged engine is superior to any turbo, power is gratifying and instant with the best engine tune in class. During traffic, the transmission is civilized and composed. For a softer ride, it is best to go with 20" wheels with air suspension.

7. 2017 AUDI R8 endorsed by Iron Man Movies 1-3

Robert Downey Jr. drove the AUDI R8 on Iron Man 3 Premiere and the crowd went ballistic to photograph their stars with the stunning sports car. The design itself speaks celebrity coming from the standard LED headlights on the R8 V10 plus Coupe with available Audi laser high beam technology, to the 19-inch 5-double-spoke design wheels.

The top speed goes up to 199 mph and horsepower of 540 @7,800, you know why this is chosen by Iron Man actor himself, Robert Downey Jr. 

8. 2012 Volkswagen Passat endorsed by Star Wars

The Commercial features a remote control start engine which had their child amazed that Jedi power came on reality but there is more than what meets the eye. Families are perfect for the car as they offer a roomy cabin and backseat great for storage and space. The price is competitive and a forgiving suspension for a comfortable highway ride. Buyers get to choose between Gas and diesel power.

9. 2018 Toyota CH-R endorsed by Street Fighter

The new Toyota 2018 CH-R can even join in to fight for your favorite game Street Fighter and beat them, why? 

As what the CH-R stands for, it stands for Coupe High-Rider, meaning the designers meant to combine the elements of a coupe and SUV. The car is modern and stylish with sharp edges and slicing bodyline. The CH-R is equipped with safety features for its major points. 

10. 2010 Chevrolet Camaro endorsed by Bumblebee Transformers

Don't be surprised if your car turns into bumblebee as this car is just a hidden form of the overall transformers form. The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro is a Well Proportioned styling with Sprightly V-6, beefy V-8. The car's performance has been greatly introduced on the movie and you may have to see for yourself.

11. 2014 Subaru Forester endorsed Attack on Titans

No titan can ever catch you with the speed of 2014 Subaru Forester, the All wheel engine drives 250-hp, 2.0-liter H-4 (premium) and combined MPG of 24-27, the steering has a good natural feel to adjust for different driving speeds, making sure to stay in center during high speeds. 

12. 2018 Audi A8 endorsed by Spiderman Homecoming

As featured in the commercial the car has Audi Presence technology perfect for detecting if you are heading near another car and a push of a button for the AUDI AI sets you the freedom to take your hands off the wheels. The engine runs at 333-hp and offering a transmission of 8-speed automatic with OD and auto-manual redefining superpowers.

So there we are which of these babies would you love to have or probably do have? Please share your answers.


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