I got it from a post. It says a challenge... I wanna get a glimpse of your life, take a snap of what's infront of you.

I was lying down in bed when I read this and turned my camera on and snap a photo of our ceiling with seem to need some cleaning.

Actually, I was also very curious as to what others might have answered. I wanted to take a little peak in their life, see how my friends are doing.

While for others, this has become a thread of envy.

Nowadays, we often compare ourselves with others and we fail to see what is in front of us. We fail to be thankful of the blessings because we think others have better ones and frustration sets in.

We actually have so much that we should thank for, including just your gadget with you that has capability to connect with the world or even just a simple breathe that others struggle to have.

Be thankful for this once and you'll feel that sense of satisfaction that you got all that you need and you're all set to make a difference.

Upon examining my shot, I realized I am this close to achieving my dreams. I have come so far and I'm almost on the finish line, I just need to hang on quite a bit, do some effort to reach it.

what about you? can you share to me the snap shot of whats in front of you and comment it?
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