It's sizzling summer hot and I have started rearranging my closet to showcase the best cute loose outfit that could help me survive the heat.
I am a big fan of light blue tones and whites much so the striped like one piece easy for walking around.

I missed several times for myself lately and has become an a business-workaholic person again and I know I have to at least give my self a break. Now is the perfect time as summer is the best time to cool temperatures down.

Never ever will I forget my favorite white sunnies, they pair up with every outfit I have in my closet, I have to give it up to Divisoria for supplying these cause they just are my daily companions to shield my eyes from the sun.

I have my beach towel with me because underneath that striped blue dress, I wouldn't miss the chance not to take a dip so I would be having my swimsuit underneath.

This is just as perfect and easy because the elevators and corridor area requires a person to at least dry up before going to respective rooms and this would be my easy cover up.

It is sleeveless and I never am embarassed to flaunt God's ectomorphed arms he gave to me. Although, I may have visit Hey Sugar before I wear this.

For a pair of good sandals, I haven't planned on that yet but I'll do a follow up post for that and maybe add in more accessories. The outfit is still on progress and stay tuned for the new additions.
I would love to see what you are planning to wear this summer? Share it in the comments box below.
Thank you so much guys love you all xoxoxo
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