Hello, dollies! I went to the mall today for a little fashion inspiration for summer. I found these darlings in the showcase window and knew it is definitely my style!

The first mannequin on the left wears a pastel pink with vertical double lined style and the hanging one shoulder army green jumper is a great cool combination that you can take to the malls or shopping. I love the short jumper because it would accentuate my assets and just let it lay open adds style but lets you feel cool and airy at the same time.

The middle mannequin wearing a summer hat is just perfect for strolling out in the sun. It would be the best in keeping shade and sun protection. The white empire dress coupled with pastel pink cotton 3/4 pants is comfortable and breezy for easy movement and flex size. 

The third mannnequin holds the winning minimalistic pastel style of the generation of plain bold fashion pastel pink tops and white jean shorts. Definitely never ever forget the shades for eye UV protection.

At home, I got very inspired by the everyday pastelized skies before sundown and I would imagine the combination of these outfits with the skies! So sweet! Every day is a such a blessing and my favorite color palette just pops out to color my world, everything is such a cotton candy!

One thing that I find missing in this fashion are bags, but I think it's smarter that we Dollies, would bring almost nothing but essentials only and keep it only in our pockets. So invest in a good skin, so we do not need dozens of makeup to reapply or refresh and just possibly have lipstick only on our pockets, other than that have a sweet pastelized summer to every Dollies in the world. 
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