Before we even start, may I warn you not to tolerate. It may be bad for your health, but yeah I would be continuously writing the post to give you drool or envy, that what I'm good at, haha. forgive me for my evil laugh, I just did sinful things that is a definite no-no but I know you would be able to relate, right?

Why is it that we indulge in those that are bad for our health and are indicated for us not to intake? Why is it so sinful to get a taste of the good things in life? It does make me wonder if hell does offer all the delightful temptations then should hell be called heaven instead? Well, we're all humans and we have our own weaknesses, mine is the sweet delightful taste of Chocolates, cakes and everything sugary. oh, why do you have to be so good? 

I consume these delightful sweets especially on the days that I can no longer control my cravings. It still reminds me that I am a human even though I was entitled to a doll princess, I definitely became human here. Cravings are the simple reminder that even though I have been endowed by God of this dollish figure, I still would give in to temptations. I do not have a problem with consuming sweets, I don't gain weight after all and the very sole reason is indicated on my health tab above, browse into my old first post and you'd understand why. Going back to the topic, sweets are not detrimental to my health, they even recommend it to me because I'm mostly hypoglycemic most of the time, but I feel a little guilty consuming those in large amounts when I can. Maybe it's because it's been warned that overconsumption leads to complications? So its all in my mind but yeah I still can't understand why I feel very guilty though.

Another indulgence I cannot halt is with salty fried fries, oh they're just the complement of the sweetness of cakes and sweet shakes. I make them at home too, although when at times I get overly diligent I use the natural effective ways to cook them, very herbal and traditional way of cooking is one way to go. My Guilt is lessened and I feel more comfortable consuming fried potatoes. Although I would only consume this once or twice after 2 weeks because oil is oil, after all, it's not too friendly with the heart and blood vessels in high amounts. 

Just look at the nice good yellowish color and wait until you get that salty scent of the fries, you know you will give up on it soon, hahaha. Well, my evil side has won and these pictures tell only of the last seconds that I preserved the memories of the temptation food I consume. 
I tell you guys, don't ever follow me on my temptations or can you?

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