Yes I know it's been hard to keep on the theme for your blog since there are so many variety of blog posts that you'd want to share especially for a General blogger where I found my self Jampacked with all sorts of posts and kept it really hard on theme.

When I started the blog, I do not have a color scheme, until today~ hehe. I started with Pink then moving to white, black then gold. Amazingly, this theme I have right now helped a lot to bring all those taste together.

Choosing a theme is somewhat similar to mixing drinks or creating the perfect blend of coffee, tea or bringing together complimentary foods. Each piece are well thought of and studied to perfection. In my theme I have now, it had definitely hit the spot of the usual color palette that I use for photos, but damn so complicated to maintain.

Most times, there are photos that are so damn good but they are out of the color palette and it just breaks my heart not to feature them on the front page. To admit, I haven't touched my newest theme social medias in instagram or so because I haven't produced a photo intended for them. It was definitely different from the days I had so much inspiration, it just kept flowing endlessly and I had a tough time bringing them to life.

So I am writing this blog, to remind my self how to revive that inspiration which once sparked endlessly and how I can keep the flame going.

1. Set the Mood

The mood is the primary initializer for inspiration. It always starts there. The time you got inspiration there were factors that happened, including a change in climate temperature, find a comfortable spot much better if you can set the whole scene to your ideal inspiration set-up. Sometimes, when you find it challenging to do so, place on some good music that eases your mind and the latest visualization gift God has given to you (exclusive only to me). You know what I'm talking about right?

2. Don't feel down of all the negativeness around you, you need them because they are important ingredients to the inspiration booster.

Remember that some works of art came from certain emotions, if you have to be reminded that great poets gather their inspiration not only when their happy, but they produce more works throughout sadness, anger, fear, confusion and other strong emotions, don't be scared to get them out and channel them through your works, and soon you'd feel that it's easy to let go even that hate which you thought will never go away, felt more lighter than ever before.

3. Brush through with your inspiration idols

I know you remember this, but do this when you set the mood because it will not work if you are not comfortable. Sometimes, when in confusion, you're going to find it difficult to get the direction on where to start or whom to see. Spend a few minutes to think of your goal first and remember who are the ones who succeeded and check them out. This is a gradual process, sometimes, it takes all your inspiration idols to scroll through and you might not feel that inspiration even started actually, your mind is just processing everything, it is actually the time to pick the pen up and start with the masterpiece. Yes, do it even if you feel that it's not there yet.

4. When you found the booster, don't stop, rest but don't let the moment past.

On trance with inspiration, you'd find a height where in all ideas flow like Tsunami and you'd want to let them out but you are a little loli and unlike Tatsumaki of One piece, you don't have the capacity to lift objects according to your will, so just relax and take a breather. Place a note pad and pen near you, you can use notes on your computer if you feel so and jot each ideas one by one, don't rush. If there are ideas that could not be done within the span of your inspiration flow boost then just write them down. To document everything through pictures or words are crucial so that no ideas are wasted.

5. Set another day to re-boost.

If the above did not work though, you feel that your final output did not meet your expectations, set it aside first and then set-up another day to revive this inspiration. Don't rush. You can start on with small steps to get there. Good Music. Good Visuals and Good food. This time though, really think about what you want and try to attain them through smaller goals one at a time. The great feeling of
accomplishment whether small ones can lead to a spark of inspiration and motivation.

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