It took a month for me to realize and finally get to my healing process. If you're wondering what I mean by "healing" it's the literal word of alleviating or relief. What was I healing for?

To be totally honest, I've been damaged emotionally. I've dedicated my time, focus and effort for a benefit of others that I myself was thought like "maleficent". I was devastated and just like maleficent I wanted to close myself from the outside world, I generalize thoughts that all people are the same as the ones who have done harm and became "absent" from online community. In doing so, I went out of my shell, met new friends, reconnected with the physical world and learned to looked at the world clearly. It was not easy though, in 2 weeks I feel the need to go back and doubted myself, but after those weeks I began to realize that isn't so and finally was able to get back on track of what my goals are, everything that happened made me realize that I should never forget my real goal, maybe it's time to be a bit more selfish and focus on attainment on that goal. I've had given so much to everyone but what I was given back was all negativity, I was not expecting anything from people but least the negativeness have trampled and made my goals dim.

Surprisingly, I was healed by an old hobby I love. Creating memories and documenting them, we really are too much indulged into the high-tech era that there are beautiful experiences we often miss. I sincerely thank you my supporters for helping me get back on track, you've all noticed the changes and helped me get up and stand on my feet again.

The journey really isn't about how hard you fall but how you were able to rise up from falling.

I am thankful that this happened, so I realize what I should focus on and be more eager to attain my goals. Amazing how the best teacher gives you the best lesson that you'll never forget and it's the proof of bountiful living. For you, that is confused, all I can say is be patient, like really patient. Sometimes, it takes years for the answer to come, but it will come, everything does happen for a reason and I've witnessed and seen it so just trust on the journey and enjoy what life has to offer.
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