I  have now a regret in my life, my lingering regret is that I wish I had blogged this sooner  they'll be able to prepare for another season of these favorite anime that ended so just and left me with white dry eyes. Most of these anime are so good but it feels like they just jampacked the story in 12 episodes and ended up with no follow up season. Where's the justice men?

So, without further ado, here are my list of animes that I would want to have another season.

1. Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

This anime just ended two days ago and I was left shocked. I was definitely not ready that it ended up with a simple backstory of two ghost lovers with lingering regrets. I was looking forward to see that story of Yuuna disappearing because she finally was able to attain her lingering regret, it was on the first few episodes that I saw some type of sneak peak and i thought it'd come to that point. Huh.

Nevertheless, the story is great. I like the fact that Kogarashi feels like Ainz Ool Gown in strength because of his past possessions, and with his harem adventurous, but I never get the thought in mind that he is falling for Yuuna, she is after all, beautiful and strong-willed, which makes her unresistable. I still want to know if she really is a ghost because I'm already theorizing that she's a Yokai because of her difference with other bounded ghosts.

2. Isekai Izakaya

You're kidding, right? Why did you just ended this all weeks awaited anime and whats more, you made me wait two weeks just for the next episodes to premiere, what is this, a torture?

Isekai Izakaya is my preferred amongst the both the Isekai anime's that was released few months ago. To compare with food, Isekai Izakaya is your all time favorite everyday classic dishes, while the other Isekai are those with rare, exquisite heavy meals ordered mostly on high end restaurants only. Isekai Izakaya is friendly and light weight to all audiences, and you'd always feel the joy and warmth of the regular customers in their diner.
Customers there were so supportive of the diner that they'd go lengths in times of the diner's need, thats something that you'd rarely see. Plus, I could definitely feel that there's cupid in the Air between Taishou and Shinobu, dont you guys wanna know too?

3. Dragon Maid Kobayashi

This anime silently ended its last episode but with launch of new anime, the craze was directed and since then, not much is heard for the next season. Kobayashi's anime story has so much to tell, especially with Tohru's other world stories, there are just so many questions on what the other world is like and where all the cup D dragons came from, I don't think it all ends just there, right?

4. Megalobox

I never or rarely even mentioned this on Geek radio, but I have been hooked up on non other than a unique concept of boxing using technology, and with the protagonist making way through the championship without this certain "gear". I am not specifying that I want to see more of his story because he has already retired, but I know on the list of top 200 megalo boxers, I want to know others story on their way to top. I see it as the side story of where Hunter X Hunter's Gon and Killua tower tournament fight. Now, give us more juice, please.

5. The Master of Ragnarok and blesser of Eihenjer

This anime ended suddenly, that it felt really rude. There were so much other stories each event rises, but the ending focused to the main characters love story as if you've been fed in force of the words "and they lived happily ever after". I was able to watch the episodes because I have taken liking to knowing how they incorporate history and the anime's story. It felt like a modern way to learn history anime style, but ending it that sudden is like serving a bland dish without any condiments and sequenced course of appetizers, main dish, side dishes, dessert and so forth. Nevertheless, the anime has hope because I've seen some points where they  may open a new topic. Just the part of the history where protagonists follows was not even emphasized and expanded, it would be great to see all his accomplishments or challenges to building an epic empire of history.

6. Monster Musume

Almost every one of my friends who are into monsters girls knows that this is their holy grail. It is because of this anime that Monster girls made their way to the top of the most wanted list. Now, how in the world did this anime not have another season around? You're joking, right? We, monster girl lovers would soon crawl under the studio's creator bed and choke them with our monster tails just to convince another season soon.

How about you? Do you have any other anime that ended abruptly and you'd want them to continue?
If you do, indicate through my comment and hoping this would be read by one of a good studio would continue in the future.

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