This year I wanted to make a change and I decided to plan it very early as in to the literal start of the year. A dream or a goal board is my answer to organize an inspirational visual plan. Keeping a goal and rewarding self is one of the essential part of my life, once I have a clear path of what I wanted to do and achieve it, the feeling of fulfillment echoes, maybe when I look back at my retirement days and smile upon it. My goals I've kept on my dream Board are minimalistic as four pictures, in it, I will already be reminded of what are the list of plans I want to attain in the span of a year. The pictures by the way are only references I took from the internet, they're not mine.

1. A picture of a bed with pastel tone sheets.

It's not much different from what I am using today, since I use the pastel pink conforter on my bed, white pillows, but I'd like to add a bit of pastel gray color scheme this time. I'm adding them to my windows, I will be sewing them if I didn't find a suitable one for me. The interiors can't be seen there but I've also used this picture to remind me of my latest interior craze for contemporary style, meaw liked low lying bed, so I feel japanese style suits it. Check the picture of attachment for inspiration.
I am planning to paint the walls gray. The room is just too bright that I could not sleep if I am on graveyard shift. Lastly, the project on the floor seems left behind, I'd like to push in to deadline this year.

Why am I prioritizing the bed?

I spend like most time there,  I even wrote this while lying down at bed, yeah so I spend most activities there I'd rather make it my place of sanctuary. We we're hesitant to get a platform bed since I use the space sometimes for my studio, but I found a good place to set-up my studio, so I think thats not going to be a problem anymore.

2. Cute anime girl in pink hair

This drawing will remind me of many things, my fashion goals, my cosplay goals, my hair goals and my creative manga goals.
It's probably not new to you how much I love pastels and kawaii clothes, so I plan to make more and make cute cosplays too. Oh, my hair goals, actually, I have to fulfill my collaborations for hair that takes years already. I must finish them now, I am sponsored with not only for hair coloring but also for maintenance and treatment, but since I don't do the maintenance, my hair is in trouble, I can't spoil anymore time, I need to finish it now and follow the maintenance. Sheesh.

3. A Pilipinas stamp

Yes, I found that I must focus more on my travel niche part of my blog and vlog.Although the stamp is usually used for delivering mail, but nowadays its used as a good adornment for travel journals. So, its the perfect symbol of my travel goals.

 I have been waiting to and could not fulfill them since I am preoccupied with many things, this year though I'll be a traveler, not a tourist. I'll slowly learn the culture and appreciate the beauty on my own time. I will not be there to just snap a selfie on that place but be able to truly connect with its history or beauty.

4. Do epic shit

Yes, with all of these combined I have to keep in mind that with everything I do, I must do it with quality. If speed is a must, I should master both quality and speed.

This year I vow to do another epic, its been 3-4 years since my last epic work has launched, it's time to make another and there's no stopping, just fulfilling.

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