Cool cold season finally hit Q.C and It's a bit late than expected, a few days ago I was a busy bee for doing cosplay and I'm happy the weather was cold because I didn't sweat like a pig trying on the costumes, I still had to turn the air con for a while when I had to shift back to a warmer costume. My inspirations always hit me during cold season, maybe because since the temperature invites a great thinking atmosphere. I would often wonder what I will prioritize, maybe read a book? Study a new program? Make a new manga? Do cosplay crafting? There's so much I want to do and I'm going to get sad if the cold season gets over quickly. I looked over my closet and noticed that every wear ready are for summer. Well, it's always summer in the Philippines that's why, but I wonder it would ve be nice to wear my fashion coats, yet I feel very shy to wear them, many people would probably stare that I wear it.
It's not custom in the Philippines to wear a coat, a cardigan is fine but not coats, and here I am with a collection of coats catching dust in my closet, I wear them on special formal occasions instead. This december, I really have the urge to wear them but I might not be able to.

Last year's countdown to Christmas was my busiest time when we had joined numerous blogging gigs and parties. It was a downpour of blessings, but this year, its definitely a surprise in having cosplays as demand, wherein it was last year's november demand. I am quite confused but I feel that it wasnt so bad as it might be a great preparation for next year and I'm excited!

Lately, I've been selling and purging several items on my closet. I do this yearly when I can but I am hands down, gave up to a lot of stuff in my closet I can't purge them all. I might be spending a few more months to do it.

I have this craze of watching people do their journals and listening to cute cafe music, i usually pair it with my favorite hot tea or choco and this makes me feel calm, warm, satisfied and happy. What surprise was when I tried ovaltine cookies, i found in a shelf alone in supermarket and was astonished with the sweet taste.

The news had said that COD is open again, COD means Christmas on display, its a moving mannequin situated near Araneta Center and it bought the best Childhood memories of Filipino child back then. I wanted to go there, bring my mom, but I figure out that she might have a hard time to go because of the crowd and traffic, she is after all not in good shape due to age, but how I wish to relieve the past of visiting there with her.

It's been quiet in the neighborhood, our dogs and hedgehog had gone hibernation and I feel that I might go on hibernation too as the chilly weather is inviting for a whole day at bed. There isn't much to think about since we have loads of ham for the festive season coming from giveaways and mom just questioningly bought more which we don't understand why. I would be looking forward to having a hot coco on our tea sets soon. Mom is the real deal lolita, since she was a young girl, she would be dressing in one cute lolita dresses and her collection of tea sets are too many to count, her tradition to use them for Christmas became unique 'Christmas feel', I would be dressed in lolita but I keep it simple so its easy to move around. I'm happy that we're able to be together, last two years ago I was stuck at work since the whole team are assigned to spend the christmas and new year, we were unlucky at that time, but the next years I prefer to spend it with mom, I want to treasure each holiday with her even when she's grumpy all the time.

Speaking of grumpy, my hedgie, ero might get a bath soon but he doesnt seem to want one as he entered the hibernation mode.

I am overjoyed with the latest addition to my kitchen collection and what's more is that I got them in a bargain price of only P10.00 each. I took all of whats on the shelf, we're planning to do a feast this holiday.

Speaking of which, I found this page preciousplastics on facebook and I am very much happy that a way to recycle plastics to make new products are on now on the market, they have all the instructions if you want to build a machine. I wish we can partake in this soon.

My binge on watching serene korean simple life videos made me want their 'cafe' like interiors. It's not far from what we have at home but needs a bit of touch and it has potential. 
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