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Hello there, I know you might find my blog somewhat confusing as we have a lot of niches on our menu page but rest assure that I’ll help you find what you need on this blog. First of all, I’d like to thank you for personally visiting my blog and here’s what we can do for you in order to find what you need.  You’ll probably find that visiting my page contains different stories and collaboration, but don’t fret yet, the main purpose of my blog is to INSPIRE you! And not only that, while providing you new information around with which I was invited to or is experiencing, I’ll make sure you are entertained and find the motivation to pursue your dreams. How? You’ll know once you read my blog and get into each of the events in my life where you can see how I introduce to you my life similar to stories in my favorite anime and manga, which aims to motivate and give inspiration. My blog is welcome to everyone! I give content that is friendly for all ages just find your area of interest and I will tell you a story.

In here You’d find…
A unique story. What I can uniquely offer for you is a creative story of my life. Run through some of my posts and it will spark a good read of interest and fun.  Not only that I also show my creativity thru photos in this blog, You’d find that I will give you a continuous flow of interesting story with guaranteed fun and happiness sprinkled in each content.
Before you get Started, Come and Check my Cosplay Tab

containing the best fun and exciting experiences with my  cosplays. You’ll also find that in my cosplays I use extremely unique materials with which you might think is ridiculous to use, but browse thru and you’d find why I chose to become this type of cosplayer. 

About the author

I'm Trixia Salonga and my favorite Hobby is Blogging, Cosplaying and Photo Editing. I consider my self a Moe~ an avid anime, vocaloid and manga fan. Hope we find the same interest and get in touch with me, I would love to hear from you!
You can email me at reshadaseamaiden@gmail.com or check my facebook page/reshadaseamaiden and lets be friends!

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