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    Hi! I'm Trixia and welcome to my slice of life. I'm not your average blogger, I'm a hybrid of multi-dimensional shoujo, a rare breed of legal loli and a unique original producer of ideas and inspiration. My path goes on the other side of the road which is less traveled, where thrill and excitement rests. This blog holds my inner thoughts, experiences, opinions and out-of-the-ordinary theories which I keep as a journal of my life's highlights. Contact me at reshadaseamaiden@gmail.com for collaboration

    Hi there! I guess The Blog is back for .com again, it turns out even if I was willing to let go, it's tough to face the consequence of having to pay for a recovery fee of $80 on top of the domain. Ok, I really am not ready for that, but what I learned for months that passed without too much pressure blogging was the freedom of well... not being pressured and I loved it. I still am up to my resolve of blogging just like how I do when I was starting out. No pressure blogging.

    Yep, I think I might want to coin that term now.

    Anyway, when the holiday season countdown starting at the time of my birthday, we went crazy busy, almost everyone at home got sick, tired or caught up common flu due to low immune system brought by lack of sleep, exercise, proper diet and such. I'm already canvassing on where I can get extra manpower for help. Stress is really high and I admit a few percentages of alcohol helps, although when our stored supplies ran out we might go the extra mile since they banned alcohol near my area because it's pouring of schools! Not the best place to be an adult, eh?

    Anyway, we got the Japanese only alcoholic beverage. We both two of each version since it was on sale at Puregold. It only has 3% of alcohol and we only drink once every 2 or 3 weeks so it's almost no effect but, alcohol in moderation does have it's medicinal benefits. I pair this up with many foods as I can and check the combination... it was heavenly!

    Oh yeah, if you're asking regarding my gastritis, gladly, I got it all under control. All you need is an ample amount of Fiber before you drink or eat any acidic or chili food, do it in small amounts and with food, never in an empty stomach and good to go. The only issue with my stomach nowadays is cold weather, I'm terrible at it and gets stomach pains whenever it gets affected by the cold. I get affected because I haven't brought my winter clothes down yet.

    I've been trying to sort out my dresses each time I can, but lately, the schedule has been overly demanding to health's point. So for the cold, I usually use my Kimono more often and I have a lot of them stored, just waiting for me to use them. I must apologize for the other clients that I wasn't able to answer, the busyness level is a champion to point that I only get an hour or so of sleep during the day and almost nothing during graveyard work, not to mention I wasn't able to celebrate my birthday on its month or had any cake because of this, although I am truly grateful that I get to be able to get better opportunities even before.

    Anyway, lately we dropped by Agribusiness at Circle and we found gems of budget quality products sold, all sustainable! Yes, we had bought things we need and we're planning to do it again! Regarding my sustainable life, we're still ongoing to that practice and it is rewarding.

     Then, we went to a garden restaurant I found on the internet, budget-friendly, and experience of eating without a spoon and fork again! To be honest, I was surprised they do it that way cause I didn't check, but that's the beauty of it, the location is beautifully hidden with a hide-away door.

    In the end, my domain just had a vacation. So did I and I would love to do it again.

    . Saturday, October 19, 2019 .

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    . Friday, October 04, 2019 .

    I have finally reached this age where I am going to be prioritizing on taking care of my self more, focusing on what I want and continue doing what's right. I've thought about it for many times, how I want to declutter my whole life, when I started, I had tons of savings that I did not even imagine. I really was doing many unnecessary things, and they've taken my time away from me.

    One more step, I've been thinking about is I would want to go back how my blog used to be, just telling my whole life, That's it. I love doing extra gigs but I think its time I go back on focusing content I really want and I'm planning to step back even more, planning to get back to blogger domain. Yes, I'm leaving .com for now. Don't get me wrong, I love the opportunities I had with being in realm of .com, however, that's also where it felt like it shrouded the real path I wanted to take. I was happier and felt no weigh on my shoulders when my blog was not on business class, honestly I didn't know why I wanted to be in that domain address, I thought it just sounded nice.

    Its been a few months since I started on my decluttering series and it was life changing, I have more time focusing on what I love most, and even surprised on being sponsored to draw again which is one of my life goals.
    This seems more like a risk for some people I asked for opinion, but for me, its rather the change that I've been looking forward to, since afterall, when I made my blog I never intended it to be a competitive one, Its mostly to have all my beautiful memories stored in a visual or written form.

     A lot of people told me that I should make a new one, but I didn't feel like making something new was the case, after all, the fun memories I have with this current one I have, Reshadollyprincess, has only just started. I was just sometimes taken back by a few obstacles, but all the memories are now overflowing in my drive and shouting to be shared, and this does not include those I will be doing in the future.

    I got tons of sponsorship nowadays, but I've decided to filter those I can only do. I would love to have them all but I wouldn't push myself to the breaking point. Some people already noticed that I'm exhausted with living issues and I needed a break that will help me think of the things I should focus into.

    I'm also sorry for my bf, lately I needed time for my own and it was rewarding, I might be focusing even more for myself from now on. He says he's ok with it and even likes the fact that he sees me doing the things that really interests me. He knows I like what Im doing when hours passed and I said the time is too short I feel even more vigorous doing it. I gave him reward secretly on National Boyfriend's day as he supported me each day I focused on my goals.

    Lately, it was wonderful. I feel that my family from the other side has given me gifts and answers that I never thought of. They feel nearer to me , bf said its amplified because its their months, I miss them a lot, especially my dad, grandpa and grandma.

    So, with that ahead, I'll be looking forward for this new change, while I cherish each moment I have.

    I hope you also find your way and your certain contentment in life, because that's where the real meaning truly lies.

    . Saturday, September 07, 2019 .

    CLC Marketing Ventures Corp., the company behind Home Suite unveils its newest celebrity endorser—this is none other than quintessential funny man himself—Mr. Bayani Agbayani.

    Just like the high-quality entertainment and fun laughter that comes in mind when the name Bayani Agbayani is mentioned, Home Suite is beyond joyful and excited to be represented by Mr. Agbayani.

    We believe Bayani’s reputation of providing high-quality entertainment is synonymous to Home Suite’s values in terms of providing families the best in locally manufactured high-quality home furniture. Home Suite takes pride in distributing home furniture such as metal beds, dining sets, sala sets, sofa beds and home accessories in all leading department stores nationwide.

    Thrilling moments ahead with the start of this fascinating partnership with Home Suite and Bayani Agbayani so keep updated with Home Suite’s official social media accounts to know more!

    Facebook - /homesuiteph
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    . Sunday, September 01, 2019 .

    In a few years time, clean air would be the most expensive of all. This concerned me after a painful encounter with our neighbors car gas cleaning in front. I feel that my lungs are cemented with car exhaust air. That explains why meaw's lung health has been worse and worse, but since he already had experiences of sort, he already have some plans to create a shielded atmosphere from all the house issues if it will be ours. The neighbors hide in our location to clean their gas air so that they will not get caught when they are in public highways, but this surely affected our health tremendously, although meaw keeps telling them to stop, they continue doing so. I don't know what to do really.

    Pictures of a greenhouse filled our mind as I fear that we could die sooner with this worsened air.

    Or we might just move into a province instead.

    This just gets worse and worse but I couldn't give up the location because it is convenient, and of course, complete.

    I told him that we should have most of facing on the other side where there are no cars, we only have issues with someone flashlighting nosy neighbors but its not a health hazard.

    I'm concerned that we could get to live longer with this kind of environment, so I must do the things I want to do before that tragedy hits me. Life expectancy is low in the city due to pollution.

    Theres always been a warning that in the future, air will be expensive. Yes, you'll be paying for it, thats why I could not give up the wide land area we have so we can have trees all around, and when we did a once year trimming, we all get worse affected by their exhaust. I feel guilty having to have them trimmed. It was done because the plants were uncontrollable, but next time I'll just let it be. It seemed to protect us from this issues. I can't wait for meaws blueprint to be implemented if possible.
    I plan to do it with our other lands, create a whole natural ecosystem oasis in this polluted world. That would be a dream.

    . Thursday, August 15, 2019 .

    To be honest, its hard to influence my family to switch in ecoways, they've used to the fact of using plastic items for almost their whole lifetime and we sometimes argue when I remind them to not consume plastic, yet they still come back. I've had meaw switch to a wooden toothbrush, he is now switching back to plastic again, why? and after all these months of tries. Wooden toothbrushes tend to attract mold, our first floor where he usually leaves his toothbrush is always flooded and leaving your toothbrush there to airdry is a bad idea. I reckon that most of our wooden furnitures has molds in it, and its hard to convince the owner to either replace or throw them away, there would be no argument since its always an authoritarian relationship we had.

    Loofah switch

    My first experimental step was changing our old sponge to loofah sponge, my first thoughts include will it effectively clean? How long will it last?
    To my surprise it lasted more than 3 months before it became really soft or mushy but after the experiment, we've monthly change sponges for sanitation purposes. This one lasted 3 mos, done only for trial period. Some observations on use that you'll have to use a bit of muscle to sponge up greasiness, because it'll stick and you'll do at least 3 or 4 washes if you're using light pressure, but I didn't feel guilty with disposing the used loofahs since they degrade easily and environmentally friendly.

    Our trash issues has problems with snack wrappings, something I can't prevent my family from switching to different snacks, cheezy wrappers, tortillos, 711 food wraps especially at busy times. Those are things that I see we find hard to avoid. Sometimes, I thought of maybe subscribing to healthy meal delivery, but I've been warned since my stomach is sensitive plus the cost, so I've dropped the idea.

    One time we did the bunch cooking for a week, the ones we did when I was studying medicine at Laguna. Stored in freezer and just reheat it, early planning. It was a great convenience and budget friendly, we even saved money for a new gadget at the end of the week! However, the next weekend, schedules poured in like waterfalls and we were not able to conform to the bunch cooking again.

    It was short but I loved how time saving bunch cooking is, and we had spent time together cooking a fun activity plus healthy and you're sure of the handling process. I'll invite them to do this again whenever we can.

    The wooden toothbrush

    I've ordered a bunch of toothbrush at shopee around 10 pcs for 100 pesos, it was great, till I saw plastic packaging inside, it did feel I still consumed plastic. Anyway, my first thoughts include is the bristle soft? Will it make gums bleed? How long will it last? Is it sanitary to use?

    I've used them for 5 mos now and influenced partner to use at the same time, but he said he'll be switching back to plastic. Why? Yeah molds and comfort are two things he didn't like. He said his gums bleed and molds tend to get attracted, so he had to change frequently. For me, it was bleeding gums, but it didn't mold since I store it inside a dry container in the cabinet. I will continue using it but I wish to find a supplier that won't use plastic packaging.

    Eco Bags

    My first step was to buy my favorite eco bag with a print of a cute sleeping dog named paningning. It was small, however I have more of them coming from my blogging gigs, I've collected them near door area so when we go out, it'll remind my partner to bring one eco bag. We were able to exercise for 4 mos but on 5th month my partner grew tired and forgot to bring them anymore. Sigh.

    Traditional japanese cookwares

    This one is my favorite, since we needed new cookwares and I'm swooning over the ones koreans uses on their videos. We have blessing of japanese thrift shops in our area, the best part is that the ones I brought was never used, kept and almost brand new! We started with clay pots, wood cups, rice wooden scoops.

     Claypots are the steal, they cook everything enhancing flavor and good temperature quite nicely! The cups are light and visually pleasing yet they tend to break easily, but its only worth 15 to 20 per piece and I needed to exchange only one so its fine.

    Small cute rectangular plates were blessing, they were being sold in munoz shoe store, yes shoe store sold for P 10.00 each and we took them all, we didn't find out at first but it was plastic.

    The cursed iron cast

    My partner was taken at the sight of a heavy black iron cast soup cookware, he didn't even inspect it but when we tried cooking on it, we noticed a taste different. There was rust underneath and it got into our food, we're fine except for the recent trips to bathroom. He says he'll need to clean it before using it again.

    Japanese art tray

    We scored one almost brand new tray that just arrived for a price around 200 pesos. It came with a box, so artistic, I didn't throw it out, kept it and used as storage for other things. The tray is bigger than usual plastic trays bought on superstores and the art oh, the art is made by japanese artist, I feel guilty to use it, but I have to use it that's why i bought it.

    Glass food container

    Glass food container worked great in preserving cooked food, I stored sinigang in it for 7 days and it perfectly preserved even with veggies, the downside with it is that it comes with plastic lid which secures it well however still is plastic. This practice was a real time and effort saver, for cooking food ahead for one week means that I won't need to cook for the next days again and that leaves me to only cook rice instead, saves so much time and effort!

    Were still a long way to go with our practice of eco ways, right now I couldn't help my family to stop consuming plastic carbonated drinks, heck they'll kill me if I try to stop them, so what we only do is bring them to recycling shops nearby or whenever a magbobote comes by and buys our plastics. How do you think I can convince my family not to consume plastic wrapped chips or plastic carbonated ones when they feel that it saves them a lot of money and effort, also whenever they buy something outside, how do I convince them everytime not to have it in plastic? It's tough but if you have anymore ideas, it would be a great help if you can suggest.

    . Thursday, August 01, 2019 .

    Last time I hosted my set-up kept me comfortable. I'm starting my minimalistic eco-life and following Condo's rule with clothes. So far, I've added this to my minimalistic investment looks that sparks joy!

    I never knew I had this piece. The shorts are Freyed Hem that was given from meaw's collection and 
    the leather cotton and polyester material was unforeseeable attribute of comfort and perfect for a weekend casual occasion. 

    My top is a spaghetti strap cotton top must be the type of jersey fabric, it holds a certain warmth but since it is open neck and arms, it comfortable at summer.

    The top is longer than what is pictured here but I styled it by tucking it in.

    The V-necked shaped top adds flattery to my small chest giving the illusion of bigger bust.

    The freyed hem shorts at first sight looked like it undone from sewing machine, but it's a style for a simple plain colored leather that shouts a statement for street fashion.

    My two toned hair can be made to look similar to Anime character, Nezuko, a cute vampire.

    The sides of the leather shorts has a red polyester fabric label which I thought should be removed but it is also part of the style.

    My floral foot stockings keeps me warm from the chilly tile floor of the suite, it has 

    I've kept my makeup simple and just applied a droopy eyeliner for that soft look with brick color lipstick.

    Next time, I'm planning to have my closet purged again and I will have my preloved items on sale at facebook, I will be needing a huge space since projects keep coming up, and I'll need more space. Stay tuned when I post and if there's anything that you might like, just send me a message.

    . Monday, July 29, 2019 .

    One overcast day, we spent time for a quick check-in for a guest, the day is a painting of a cold cozy time, we didn't take it the slowest but we had a cherished each moment that pass by. I've been obsessing on Lo-Fi music lately and I saw a local artist even made a simple scene from everyday life with Lo-Fi music, it was sweet to see dreams are fulfilled. I thought my own and I admit I took a longer time to recuperate from happenings last year and the threats lately are becoming a nuisance and took some time to resolve, but I let myself take all the time I need. I know that it was not usual of me to take a long time to heal however, I understand that I am in a different level of challenges and facing major exams that no school can teach.

    So I let myself heal... and I'm glad I did.

    I took my baby steps and people were surprised at my progress, even I was surprised. I never knew that all I need was to step back a bit and I'll spring up even higher; all I need was a time off for myself and appreciate all the wonderful things around me.

    I couldn't believe my eyes when I took on a challenge, it was not a new hobby, but those that I was not good at before; at least I thought. They came in naturally, I was my own guru.

    The biggest part that I feel did a great contribution was when I 'moderately disconnected' , yes I can't fully disconnect or I won't have a way of living. I was also thinking of maybe removing those that I feel do not contribute to my growth, mostly persons in my list, I'm trying out a screening process and I feel that it's better, I'm not used to burning bridges, can't do that cause I use that for work. So, since I could not avoid the situation, I used some of my knowledge in technology to provide an alternate option, I'm hoping it works, so far it's 2-3 months of observation and I'm loving the result.

    My patience reflected on how long my hair is. Gosh, It's even longer than my usual wig and quite coarse at the new hair on top. I love the outcome that I see, my hair feels it had it's own vacation in a while. I thought of cutting it but I feel manager wants a real haired Nezuko, so I think that won't happen yet. 

    It came out effortless that my skin looked pale when I played with the filters, I can pass as a young medium length vampire and even the weather was agreeing! It was cloudy and about to rain, 
    it's perfect for a budget ramen, a walking distance from the condo, at U.P town center, we went round and round looking for what we know looks like a normal food area for mall but took us more than 30 minutes in finding and when I came upon what looked like a store, we were surprised that it was the food court we were looking for at second floor front area! Ramen costs only 99 pesos and I bought in as usual, Sinigang. You know I wouldn't pass opportunity not to have my favorite meal, right?

    That's U.P town budget food court, I've taken fancy with Ramen 99 and Adobo connection.
    The whole place is airconditioned, it's really comfy to eat warm food even it's hot outside, there are many seats to accomodate everyone. I'll gladly look for the best gems in the area, a budget friendly food hunt. 

    Even if we ordered food with Ramen 99, we sat at Adobo connection where I ordered their Sinigang with rice and iced tea.

    The ramen broth is light and the pork is soft, to be honest other than the pop up store in laguna, this was my 2nd ramen to taste, next time, we're planning to get an authentic one to check the difference.

    We went back at the suite and it was already refreshingly cold from the last time we were there, so comfortable and the bed draws me in to sleep, the best part is that with a fast connection and cable tv, we've watched so many movies we can till the client check's in. We thanked the condo for serving our guest in the future amd that it will give the best vibe it can to make their stay comfortable.

    We went in to check U.P town and meaw was so excited to see a Suzuki Jimny 2018, he said the reason why is that this is the representation of Pacquiao, the one of the smallest 4x4 offroad, a legend! He won an umbrella in a dice game.

    The view is just breathtaking from the top of the suite. Actually every 6 am or the time when sun rises, the whole place looks like an ocean as the area up to the mountain ranges are covered with clouds that looked like waves, amd shore is visible below.

    A four leaf clover drawn at the Miriam University's field, signifies a great luck, which we had cause we won the dice game!

    Till next time of visit again. I wish I could spend more time here and possibly have another pool dip again. I'm missing it.