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    Hi! I'm Trixia and welcome to my slice of life. I'm not your average blogger, I'm a hybrid of multi-dimensional shoujo, a rare breed of legal loli and a unique original producer of ideas and inspiration. My path goes on the other side of the road which is less traveled, where thrill and excitement rests. This blog holds my inner thoughts, experiences, opinions and out-of-the-ordinary theories which I keep as a journal of my life's highlights. Contact me at reshadaseamaiden@gmail.com for collaboration

    Still don't have ideas where to spend your Christmas?

    How about visit something near Metro Manila by visiting Kawit, Cavite through a spectacular display of lights at the Aguinaldo Shrine and Freedom Park. This is where the Aguinaldo Shrine is situated wherein the Philippine flag that we know of today was first waved publicly announcing our Independence by none other than the first Filipino President Emilio Aguinaldo. 

    There’s also a lot to learn about our first president and how he has lived his life and times during the revolution era. Beyond the Shrine also are  other sights to see including the “Museo ni Baldomero 
    Aguinaldo” hailed towards the cousin of Emilio Aguinaldo and grandfather of Cesar Virata who as a prime minister in the 1980s. 

    Kawit boasts rich crafts and delicacies including the Pandayan or the local blacksmithing shop. Blacksmithing is an endangered craft that needs to be promoted and preserved. The local Pandayan is still active and you can still buy handcrafted knives and bolos made the same way during the Revolutionary era. The Christmas specialty – Puto Bumbong or a rice cake with shaved coconut and muscovado sugar is a staple food trip stop that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Kawit. 

    The Municipality of Kawit welcomes everyone who wishes to visit Kawit during the Christmas 
    season. So make sure to visit this Festive time.


    . Friday, December 20, 2019 .

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    . Monday, December 16, 2019 .

    Heya 'ol It's the most exciting month of the year and in this month, I am blest to celebrate Christmas party in my most
    unexpected location.

    It was still late October when the Party was planned and I already could not contain my excitement. The days went by
    so easily and I found myself preparing for that day. Our Team leader said we come in skirt and it so happens I bought two new
    pleated ones, the first one was glossy which I wore with Bayani Agbayani and this one would journey to a casino and fine dining at City of Dreams Hyatt Hotel. 


    By the way, I was looking at our regular 7-11 shelf before the event, I saw this Gold eye mask. I was thinking I will need it because I've been not catching snooze and glued to monitors. So I tried it out, the photos speaks for themselves, they are not edited. I can say is that it's convenient because I would usually cut up a whole mask and concentrate it on my eyes, this one is already shaped on my eyes and there's a lot of moisture than regular ones. I am just terrible placing it on my eyes, meaw said the other one is either higher, slanted or not covering and I just adjust it.

    Finally, I used makeup on my stash that has been kept for some time, it was just September when I last used them. I also bought a new bb + cc from ponds which I think would be good as a base. The makeup was great on photos I guess but after our ride of 5 hours at EDSA my face was caking on the forehead and cheeks. I may have combined something that wasn't friendly, so I might just change some of the makeup after they're used up, but as a warning to myself, I might have to try another combination. I used the same makeup with meeting Mr. Agbayani but since the event was short I wasn't able to see the effects for a long hour period. So it was used in SLR before. I can say they feel dry, quite heavy. The manager said that I should really change up makeup and my combination this time does not cut it for a long period of time use, so these are good for just simple shoots and with regular blending and re-application. It would also be terrible if you have bad flu-like me and you're trying to conceal it, you must avoid wiping your face. Plus, it was hard for me to hear my workmates because of sinus issues.


     Our ride was fantastic, I did use the limited edition giveaway Intramuros card that was due to expire till 2020 and I knew I have to at least try it even for once. Since we come from the North, we get the chance to sit down at the further back of the train, we went down early at Gil Puyat as manager thinks this would be the most non-hassle way to get to MOA. At MOA we asked taxi driver to drive us and they charge us P100 non-metered, it was expected, but manager saw other casino shuttle buses passing by and had Idea where the location of the one for the City of Dreams, to our surprise it was just in-front of MOA entrance and the ride is for Free! All airconditioned well maintained comfy bus! It definitely saved us a lot!

    The ride was a short 15 mins to the casino and my heart jumped upon arriving. It was a similar feeling of the last time I was invited to another event like a kid jumping for excitement at bus would probably be embarrassing for me to post because I'm not really a kid anymore, haha

    The staff was assistive when Manager asked for directions and we passed through the glowy Christmas tree display, the golden inspired casino. I was already Imagining of putting on my Yumeko costume in. The buffet area was located on the further ride side and they have a reception seating area which was fully loaded with people around. They just let us in when the contact person of the reservation is mentioned, they also assisted where the table is but I was confused when they mentioned the one on the middle platform because I don't recognize workmates there. I thought I might be lost again, gladly with the assistance they confirmed that it really is the right table. I looked like a lost kid on that second :p

    The Cafe Buffet and location

    In long tables are aligned all fresh food with delectable appearance based on cuisines. Bread, meat, seafood, juice drinks, Filipino delicacies, Japanese delicacies and deserts. The place is huge and cater to hundreds of people with platforms  and comfy round seating, everyone seemed to enjoy the ambiance. At their powder room lined the huge glass jars of spices which I imagine Akira Hayama from Shokugeki no Soma would have in his collection. I urged meaw to do a smaller version of this as we both loved to cook. 

    Meeting the team

    We grabbed food right after arriving, I did not recognize our team leader at first sight and introduced myself to the team when they arrived one by one together with their husbands and kids (real ones, hehehe). It is sad though that some of our team mates failed to come, we all wish we were complete. We were all curious of what the unli buffet had to offer us, we first concentrated on how each cuisine tastes and had work conversations. They were all mellow and we joked and laughed of possible things in future and experiences, I found gems on my team and I wish I can be with them for a long time. I savoured every moment that was short, it was just 11:30 am to 3 pm but time flew so fast and we all need to separate ways. 

    Dining experience

    I've read some blogs and there are some that looked different from what we had on that day. I can say I enjoyed my second plate and I think these are the ones that stood out for me above the rest. I failed to get picture of the Roast beef in a hurry to eat.

    The second plate consists of

    Roast beef which will be asked how many servings and if raw, medium or rare cooked for you, Fried Mushrooms and Peking Duck

    The commute home was expectedly terrible, we decided to catch the bus home and went for a gruelling 5 hour ride on EDSA, but I couldn't get a nap, you know why? I kept on smiling remembering how fun the day went and the new memories that make me feel even younger. 

    I Thank you to my Superiors and Team for this experience. It was definitely the best gift you can give to a millenial like me, the precious memories of meeting and dining with the team.

    Miso soup on the left, shrimp, sushis and mussels

    Seafood tip:

    I ate the one served at the table, but what I did not know was we can ask them to cook it how you prefer, you'll need to proceed at the station where they cook for your preference, I was going to do it but I felt full already and could not go for second rounds after the noodles. Make sure to mix Miso soup carefully when you get one cause I only got on the surface and all the flavor was at the bottom. Yeah.

    Manager went rounds per rounds at the sushi, sashimi area because he said that's something that he cannot cook at home. I had sashimi too.


    Green Meringue and cakes


    Were nice and sweet, but nothing too overwhelming. 


    I love the Sago't Gulaman juice. It's nice and sweet, oh yeah. I'm all for sweetness, most probably that's my colds doing all the talking at that time. I admit I've spoiled it so I became worse when we went home.

    Group Photos

    At the end of the day:

    We loved the mini shoot we had by the corner and dressed up in our cozy sweater. Don't we all look lovely?

    Team mates super kawaii kids, they ran a lot chasing each other beside the seats which I wanna join hehehe

    This tree is located just at the entrance. There are kids and families who loved to take a cute picture.

    Before we head to Casino, I'm asked of my Legal age IDs which my companion chuckled, because it kept from going in. Gladly, I bought my IDs with me just you know this case happens, all the time.
    Christmas Tree Display at City of Dreams 2019
    I think this train would probably be the windiest one I'll ever ride.
    Train Display at City of Dreams 2019
    . Thursday, November 28, 2019 .

    The sound of the trumpet that had a very nostalgic feeling and the flow of the music that I recognize. One day I woke up with my dreams of music that I love so much, it was an incredible feeling, to be able to wake up in that beautiful hymn. 

    The sound was Miaka - Romantic (Seiiwo Muneni) from Fushigi Yuugi, I remembered that I found a post that Watase Yuu would be continuing Fushigi Yuugi, the memories and the same feeling that I had back when I was young came back to me. The excitement of a new Manga from the series that I've loved so much was priceless. It was such an energy and that overwhelming feeling of something to look forward to, remembering dreams and aspirations reminds me of the essence of life. 

    I've looked back and I felt peace, for when I remember back then, my dreams were mostly just created by my imaginations, but as time passed by, all were exceeding my expectations and everything has been set like a red carpet. I could never have done it without everyone's support.

    Looking back there were so many things I did not expect to do such as becoming a Radio Streamer DJ or a game streamer, be called a blogger or a cosplayer, those were titles I never even knew about before and I feel blessed tremendously since I never really expect these to happen before. Nowadays, I keep myself on a low profile and most of the time I focused on my other dreams, some other dreams that I never share in some of my social media or blog, and I couldn't have planned such a blessing to come in my way. There may be happenings that go out of my hand but the beauty of this age, I learned to accept. When I did, everything became as light as feather and I realized, I definitely wasted time worrying for the things that cannot be changed, when I could just spend more time and be kind to myself, It does give back genuine happiness. I remember the experience that made me realize that the best gift of all is that I am alive, all well, still with a roof over my head, eating the most delicious delicacies in the world and with a great future around me. 

    Nothing in the world is forever, so as your sadness, loneliness or despair. Remember that this will pass just don't give up. Most of the times though, I remember my experiences of the afterlife and it was never an option to give up because I've been to that realm and I tell you, I'd rather stay alive because the worse that we feel here, is far worse than we'll feel there and the other worst than that? It's forever, so yeah, I'd stick to living on earth.

    Now that I've set myself to new goals and aspirations, I am truly excited about the new journey, this new journey that I will have is to continue what I started when I was young before they coined that term. I can't say for now but I hope it will be a fun ride. I can't wait, and just like the song that rang on my ears while I was waking up, I hope that it can be as hopeful and bright, but whatever comes I surely will enjoy the memories. 

    . Saturday, November 16, 2019 .

    I've pushed my self hard and I admit it wasn't the wisest thing to do, and I've just started to adapt to new techniques we have at work, adjustments can be hard, draining and time-consuming but I've never failed to reward my self at least a bit of happiness whenever I feel that I need to because no matter what I've worked hard for it.

    After work, I found myself really dizzy and I could not do cooking on my own. It just happens that after hours will be the time people would start waking up and I can invite Meaw over to grab breakfast, he was up for it.

    It took us more than 30 minutes as usual debating on where to get our hunger satisfied and he suggested Tropical Hut in Munoz, one of our old-time favorite places where our mothers usually bring us to especially when it had that Merry go round rides and so.

    It was a morning rush for other people going to their work but for me, It's the start of spoiling myself after a hard day's work. Honestly, it feels good to not be rushing during rush hour.

    I'm delighted actually, Tropical Hut Munoz had renovated their place and even though we like the nostalgic look of the old design, the design is better and the food is still the same. While waiting for our orders we reminisced of the memories with the old tropical hut back then, including the mini rides they have and the taste of the food before.

     Moments came by and the food we ordered arrived.

    We order a lot because whenever we work we don't take breaks to eat lunch. It's a grueling 8 to 40 hours grueling work, It's true. We usually finish 40 hours within 2 days and after the second day,  we are almost fainting. Yeah well, that's the schedule we are still trying to work out to dissipate throughout the workweek, it's still on progress.

    My breakfast is the Fried Bangus, and I can never resist not to have the savory Spring Chicken I've been having since childhood.

    The meal comes with hot chocolate but I don't drink them because by this time I have migraines for straightening work hours. The moment the sugar from food hit my brain I start to feel quite dizzy, actually, this is when my body's warning signs start to work again because it probably shut down. That's why a few days ago, added stress such as my account getting hacked and Facebook had to lock it for days because of activity from hacker, I became sick. I was burning with fever and Meaw Emt did his most famous all-natural remedy, I slept almost for an entire day! When I woke up, I began to feel all the aches my body was having and I could determine what was wrong.

    He knows the ordeal I have been through so even if I still wanted to sleep more the next day, he bought me to Waltermart and treat me with anything I want.

    We actually went to a DIY Store, I also bought hair accessories there which does sound ridiculous but of the two I bought one actually worked with my lengthy hair.

    The store just opened near us and when we came there were a few people checking out. He said he was a bit disappointed as he was looking to find a few creative DIYs like the store name implies, although he seemed to like shopping on the tools around.

    When we got home I hit the sack from my head seriously spinning around and when I woke up I feel fine as if I never got sick at all. He did require me to finish the OTCs so that it's sure I feel better.

    Thank you very much to my cousin CJ for helping me retrieve my account and my friends who still looked out for me. I do feel terrible for not being there all the time but remember that I'll still be here for you even if the waves get rough, just hit me up with a message in my inbox.

    Till next time again, thanks everyone.

    . Sunday, October 27, 2019 .

    It's October and as the year is about to countdown soon, I can very well say that we have been blessed with bountiful blessings of delicious food. I can say so with my photo gallery is all filled with food! We cooked, discovered and dined to new restaurants, tried new ones that just came out in the market and those little moments I had was truly fulfilling. I seriously didn't mind getting weight as long as I was happy and contented, we watched our diet by cooking at home and focusing on nutritious ones.

    I haven't even mentioned our fridge! Yeah, it was jam-packed we could not open it without things falling over. We cook and ate them as much as we can. I'm glad actually, that even though we haven't mobilized the farm yet, we have been blessed truly. I think we might need a bigger fridge once the farm is mobilized, or better yet give back to the community in my area. That sounds nice.

    Then food hubs opened near the area, yes! A lot of food restaurants, conveniences, hubs opened near us and it's like they know how much we appreciate a tasty treat! We also went back to some of our discovered places and found changes in our favorite picks.

    For now, I will be featuring Hawker-chan, well, my favorite there is The Aloe Vera drink. The vegetable noodles seemed like Senku's alternative ramen and the chicken has peanut aroma and smell. We dined here when we bought a stabilizer which exploded near my face, but the compensation has been paid by the manufacturer, so all is good.

    Anyways, I still have a lot of food pictures in my gallery, I'll be trying to share from time to time.  Next time again.