Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Caring for your natural hair while wearing weave

It is crucial that you select a weaving technique that isn't by itself causing harm to your hair. If you would like hair to develop and become restored to some healthy condition, it's suggested you apply the stitched-in approach to weaving instead of the glue-in or clip-in methods. The sew-in method reduces pulling and tugging from the hair and damage from chemicals in connecting glues.
Prior to hair weaved, you can start considering having your natural hair extensions to some healthy condition. Getting a few herbal treatments and deep conditioning within the days prior to hair done is important. About two to three days prior to, hair weaved is good. Perform a herbal treatment about 6-8 days apart or once per week. Among herbal, treatments make use of a sulfate free, paraben free shampoo, along with a hydrating deep conditioner. Should you pre-poo, a couple of days before sewing inside your weave, you are able to substitute your herbal strategy to a pre-poo. After pre-pooing, make use of a sulfate and paraben shampoo, adopted with a deep hydrating or perhaps a moisturizing conditioner or perhaps a departing conditioner. At the time you're investing in you weave, make certain hair is fully moisturized.

Make use of a moisturizing lotion as well as oil to lubricate and moisturize remaining hair head. This helps alleviate a few of the dryness and brittleness that induce further breakage while putting on extensions. For those who have oily hair, it's suggested that you simply wash hair and extensions at least one time per week. For those who have very dry hair, you'll be able to go longer. Should you exercise or do other pursuits for example running or swimming, you might want to wash more often than once per week. Any time you wash, you should use a deep conditioner or moisturizing conditioner for your natural hair. Still moisturize your scalp following a wash as well as in between washes over the existence of the weave. It's not suggested putting on your weave past three several weeks, to prevent new growth from becoming twisted and knotted. Once extensions are removed, you will need to repeat all of the steps you required having your hair weaveready within the 2-3 days before you apply your weave.
If you're planning to complete another weave consecutive, it's suggested that you simply alter the style. For instance, should you have had a middle part you might like to consider carrying out a side part next time. This gives your 'leave- out' (section of natural hair, usually in-front that's overlooked to match hair extension) a rest and lower breakage from the omit. These easy steps will make sure the healthiness of your scalp and natural hair while putting on extensions. The healthier your natural locks are, the less breakage you'll have and also the more hair will grow.
Thursday, March 22, 2018

About designer vintage diamond Engagement ring

When you propose someone, you're promising to like her for eternity. Why don't you select a special ring on her to help make the day memorable? Vintage ring may be the answer if are planning on what sort of oval morganite engagement ring to select.
Vintage moissanite engagement rings have lingered stunning for many years or perhaps centuries. You will find nicely of antique styled diamond engagement rings are for sale to select from. Some pieces are stylishly ornate yet others tend to be more minimalist, regardless of what you want, each one is readily available around the professional online jewelry stores.

We are able to assist you in finding the different sorts suiting your particular taste and likings. They also highlight your long lasting commitment. Here, are the most wonderful and sparkling vintage rings described to help you to understand the best ring suiting your likings
Art deco engagement rings:
Art d谷cor rings are beautiful designer rings that generally carry colorful fancy gemstones in smaller sized for creating dazzling geometric designs. 1920s towards the 1930s was the age of art deco. Round brilliant cut diamonds and pave cut diamonds were popular for the reason that era. They would be the eye-catching vintage diamond engagement rings, perfect for the antique factor enthusiasts.
Classics rings:
Classic rings are typically the most popular and designer rings well-liked by several celebrities. Professionals superbly designed they with various wonderful settings and fashions.
Metropolitan rings:
It had been time of retro look. Individuals who love charming looks and wish to embrace their person with glamour and charm love such rings. Fundamental essentials perfect selection of playful and romantic to mysterious dark to unique. Within this era, they were known as greatest standard innovative and fine gemstone diamond engagement rings.
Regardless of want ring you select, most significant factor is the love and trust for one another. So, get her dream diamond anniversary bands and revel in an attractive existence ahead having a sparkling beginning.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Friday, March 02, 2018

My baby Moe youth years: Throwback Saturday

My Favorite anime poster collection from early 2000 and up. 

Back then, the most favorite thing I do was to collect different pictures of my favorite anime series printed out on the white sheet of cardboard priced around P5.00 to P10.00 depending on the size.

They sell them outside our school and with just a limited budget of P20.00 a day, I would bring bento so as not to spend it on food and spend 30 minutes choosing between a wide selection of posters.

The sellers would sometimes get annoyed as to how long I stare at the posters and taking only a few that my money can afford.

Surprisingly, when my school budget went higher, this collection craze continued. I was gifted with more than posters by my friends like cassette tapes, CDs, figma and many more but I still look for posters to collect. 

I definitely have no explanation as to why I love them so much. The second collection was texts or a wallet size picture of anime and I had a chest full of it, unfortunately, due to flood they did not survive. 

I had all the posters up on a huge wall like a gallery and yeah someone would complain as to how weird and dizzy the pictures are in their eyes but I did not care. I am happy to channel my inner moe and see my favorites by the moment I open my eyes and close them. 

Later I had realized that I am taken in by the how artistic anime was made by their creators, the main reason why I always look for the rare ones only.

I was also bullied for liking anime, believing and sometimes making my own story versions of them. It was a tough childhood that I am still experiencing until now, people back then we're not acquainted with Anime and they feel that it's like cartoons. Now, most people have known about it yet they bully faithful fans for many reasons. It's an unending struggle that I imagine fighting until my hair turns to gray. 

Guess what, after years of struggle of Moe's like me, I see them become a unique individual compared to other people, their wide imagination made all the dream technologies, events came to life. Although I can imagine the struggle they have to overcome, whenever I see a dreamer my support is all out. I also see others support as well but they do so in a discreet manner which is great too.

The point is it's the ERA where dreams come true. 

Now's a perfect time. Not tomorrow. Not later. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday, February 26, 2018

ReshaDollyPrincess warmly welcomes collaborations

When I first started ReshaDollyPrincess, it was a continuation of a blog from a former blogging website that had closed up, it became a blank slate to start expressing my thoughts and adventures for passion-driven individuals like me.

I shared mostly anything under the sun, my favorite was keeping a good journal of my self-photography.

My childhood dreams finally became true when I was able to finally make costumes of my own and cosplay my favorite anime characters. I was such a reserved person at that time that I could only take photographs in our own house.

As years pass by, I meet with people from all around the world and they were interested to get promotions for their event or products with my name, the first time my blog went to .com was the first landmark of this blog to turn into a business.

I never really thought it would be a business since I only started with my usual fun journal, but when opportunity strikes, I never missed the chance to grab it and because of that ReshaDollyPrincess wouldn't be the same as it was until today.

For years, I would do a lot of collaborations with different brands and companies but never did I thought of advertising them on my own page for easier accessibility. I regret that big time, but now I'm happy that I was able to do it. I was able to find a good reference for a Collaboration page where all brands or partnerships can easily fill in their forms for my selected collaboration requests.

I placed links on the navigation menu and also on a drop down at Collaboration tab. The links navigate thru my Collaborations page where you will be able to read my Collaboration selections and fill up a form to get all the details done.

Choose your own form of Payment and budget

I indicated a box to type your budget range so you can input your own. My Brand Ambassadress collaboration is per negotiation, same as other options. I accept forms of payment including monetary, gift items, experience, training and so on.

  • Sponsored Blog Post
  • Product Review
  • Sponsored Social Post
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Guest blogging
  • Professional Cosplayer

You may select among those on the form and leave a few details of what would be your target goals going to be.

I also added a Disclosure on my right side panel to navigate to collaborations tab. It's my mini privacy policy for the page. 

Even though the page was just published, I already had worked with many brands before. I would be welcoming to partner up with you if there'd be any product or event that you'd want to promote. 

As you may see, my strengths lie on my favorite anime, cosplay, fashion or events promotion. I even do accept going thru training, if you're offering services.

Target Audience

This is a great way to get a good organic exposure for your brand. I'm in a good circle of companionships with audiences from the healthcare industry, arts & animation industry, cosplay industry, international friends with CEOs, Audience with page Admins on Facebook and many more. Even one of this circle contains more than 50k viewers and visitors. 

Reach out

We only need a good chat and a cup of good tea. Just a metaphor, but connecting thru my email is the best suitable for this option. Although, I'm welcome to answer your questions on Facebook Messenger too.

Feel free to reach out to me and I'll reply back to you. 

Use this link to navigate thru my collaborations page and let's partner up!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mermaid 101

Today I'll be telling you the story of reshadaseamaiden. That name was my long-time email, since high school time around 2004. It was going to be the name of my website but I chose a different name of ReshaDollyPrincess. So I thought that my dreams could never come true, a message of invitation by Ms. Leomy surprised me, she asked if I wanted to attend a free mermaid course with Ms. Amarie. I agreed immediately when I received the message and was left completely stunned, I feel so excited that my dreams are coming for real one by one. It's all thanks to her.

The location was set in Cavite City Sangley base which I have never been to. The schedule was to go for 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. We got lost along the way when we asked some people which bus to take to get to Cavite City, we were pointed out a wrong bus, after several tries we ended up getting into a cute old fashion baby bus, I got very excited to try it because it was my first time.

Cute Baby Bus first time seeing in Cavite 
How excited I am to take a selfie in the baby bus

 Seats were arranged in a bus fashion but driver's seat looked so much like jeepney.

Ms. Amarie told us to wait at Mcdonalds Ronquillo. Where we met with Ms. Valerie, one of our co-mermaid bloggers. We got into the Sangley base easily thanks to Ms. Amarie.

When we arrived, we started at 1:00 pm. She oriented about the coverage of the mermaid class.
Payphone an ancient relic at Sangley Naval Base used during times when there were no mobile phones. 


One: How to Look like a mermaid
Two: How to swim like a mermaid
Three: How to pose like a mermaid

How to look like a mermaid

Ms. Amarie showed us her newest craft mermaid crown made out of shells and two crowns she shared for us.

For my own look, I went pearl hunting via mom's closet and she handed me precious white pearls. and shell earrings.

My hair was magically arranged by water. I'm not kidding. When we had the orientation and exercises earlier my hair dried up to curls and I'm also surprised as to how it looked beautiful, so my hairstylist would be water. Ms. Amarie pinned just the front side of my hair so my earrings would show. Thank you.

She then laid out her mermaid tails. She gave the kid size tail because it's the one that fits me best. I chuckled because even my clothes are from the kid's section. It was literally the perfect fit yet I needed more adjustments because it always looses off my feet while on water.

She had us done warm-up exercises and measured our breathing by using a timer. She also gave us a good hint how to get more air to stay breathless longer.

Inhale short and exhale longer.

Warm up stretching of muscles are a great way to start, but a little difficult for a computer chair potato like me, I felt a good stretch and better circulation when we're performing this, intensity would vary to each person to person.

Mermaid tails vary, you can see those that they sell online made out of polyester fabric, nylon, and handmade silicon. You may ask where to purchase those to Ms. Amarie or Ms. Gennie as they have great ideas where to find a perfect tail for you.

How to Swim like a mermaid

Swimming like a mermaid is all different to a usual swim taught to me at my Alma matter FEU. In here, both feet feel like it's been tied up together and you'll cooperate with the water to propel and create fluid movements.

It is important to wear socks for the flippers. It will protect your feet from scratch and help you propel better.

Ms. Amarie partnered up with me and taught me the basics of mermaid swim.

While Ms. Valerie was taught by Mermaid Gennie.

And going underwater, she tossed the coin, let it sink and I had to pick it up but in fluid graceful movements.

I had a hard time staying underwater because my cardio has been down for many years, plus my feet must kick together and not separately which is all brand new to my senses there are often times I had fear of drowning. It's a hidden fear I found out till later when we got to shallow waters of 8 feet deep, plus going down creates so much pressure in my lungs which I haven't developed since last competition.

How to pose like mermaid

Posing underwater is a fun way to create great memories of mermaiding experiences, but it's not very easy to do, you'll need to hold your breath much longer and make sure to get your best poses composed. 

Ms. Amarie taught me basic poses including a fly kiss underwater and forming the heart shape with hands which I did with fingers!


Anyway, I enjoyed everything and after that, we took some videos and photos in our tails.
Mermaid sushi

We finally were able to go home through a short ride with Ms. Valerie's car up to Mcdonald's Ronquillo and we rode a van proceeded to MOA, thankfully the ride was fast and we got home easily.
According to Ms. Amarie, classes normal span time is for 5 days 2 hours each day but she compresses them into the hours that we only have to get everything covered up.

I lost my voice

After the swim, I felt like the little mermaid in real life when I lost my voice due to tonsillitis and my muscle aches because I never do any regular exercise, but since I enjoyed every moment I had experienced, I recovered immediately to produce this blog. 

Ms. Amarie's question after the session struck me:

What was your take away from this course:

The question was very simple but for me, I have felt to appreciate such beauty of this art is and even though it was just a dream before it is real to me now.

Thank you to Ms. Leo and Ms. Amarie.

There is so much more to this art than the graceful movements of a beautiful maiden in the sea and I hope you can experience it too.

By the way, a great footage of my swim is shared in Ms. Amaries Merswim 101 page, you may want to check it out too.

Lesson Learned

the lesson I learned is to still practice the usual bubbling exercises underwater.  If you know the basics of swimming breathing exercises and don't push yourself too hard just enjoy the water and your tail. Mermaiding takes time and dedication.  I also learned that I am better without any goggles because it helps me express my emotions underwater. It's just my preference, this is dependent on you.

Contact Mermaid Amarie and Mermaid Gennie

Make your mermaid dreams come true just like mine!

I recommend for all to try and enroll in both Ms. Amarie and Ms. Gennie's tutorial they would teach you according to your pace and is definitely patient in teaching.

Contact Ms. Amarie at her page
And use my

Mermaid code: Merswim101MermaidTrixia

This gets you a mermaid freebie and 20% discount

Check out Mermaid Gennie's page at RedMermaidAdventure


Join in at Merswim Experience 101 which will be held at Camp Raya Adventure Resort on Mar 17 - Mar 18, 2018

JOIN MERMAIDS PH at facebook to get in touch with all Mermaids in the Philippines!

Here is a video of my mermaid experience, I still don't have an underwater camera so I just used my phone instead.

Check out Ms. Amarie's footage of me underwater on mermaid suit by the link.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fleek Instawhite Bar Soap by The Skin Bureau

The sun shines brightly and so as my skin when I started this adding this special soap to my skin care regimen and I am very proud to tell you that I am a happy user of Fleek Instawhite Bar Soap which I am using for more than a month and my skin has been happier ever since!

I use it literally every time I was my face from morning and evening, it only has a faint good aroma and even helps me take off my makeup thoroughly for a clean fresh face in the evening. It a little drying on the side but I am glad to have the creams from The Skin bureau partnered up with the soap bringing back moisture.


Using the soap is very simple, Wet the face with water and lather the soap in your hand making bubbles and slowly in a circular motion massage in your forehead, cheeks and nose area where most dirt residue are building up working your way to the sides where you haven't placed soap yet and rinse with water.

Repeat as needed. 


After a month and half use

Minimal Makeup needed for everyday which means skin doesn't absorb too many chemicals.
Pimple scars gone and brighter skin. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Skin Bureau Pretty Political Ultimate skin care set review

Oh finally, I get to review one of our locally made skin care set and I am dying to share to you all how great and mighty these little babies are. What an irony! Haha.

But seriously, when I got these babies last December I had so many breakout issues because of my diet, everything I eat was oily and I couldn't even monitor my intake since we join Christmas parties and hell breaks loose with all diet plans.

didn't wonder why I get breakouts because my food intake greatly impacts my skin condition.

So when I started these babies and noticed the changes after a week I continued to use and review them. See what happened on my use for the products:

Products for review:

1. President Pretty Soap
2. Charming Campaign Day Gel
3. Cabinet Allure Night Cream
4. Beauty Queen Party Ultimate Day Toner
5. Gorgeous Allegation Ultimate Night Toner

Price: P1,299 per set

President Pretty Soap

This soap is incredibly moisturizing which is perfect for my dry skin and leaves soft skin after lather. When I use the soap I usually cut a small piece, it's easier to use that way and prevents the soap from melting. Since it's very soft I can also tell that I would need to store it in a dry container.

Charming Campaign Day Gel 

Applying the Gel before makeup provides a smooth surface for makeup. When used alone, it can be very moisturizing for a bare face giving a faint Koreana skin texture.

Cabinet Allure Night Cream

By the time I had washed my face and took all my makeup, my skin gets dry and this helps to return moisture.

Beauty Queen Party Ultimate Day Toner

I felt a little tingle on the sensation to my pimple scars and developing pimples when I applied this Gel. A few days after they all dried up which made me really happy.

Gorgeous Allegation Ultimate Night Toner

I never tried a separate toner at night before and this was my perfect chance to do so, the effect on my skin is very tightening and also helped with acne issues as it slowly fades.


Skin breakouts are evident drying on skin and uneven tone.


Good even skin tone and no breakouts

Thank you The Skin Bureau!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Cars endorsed by anime, video games, vocaloid and superhero movies

This is a sponsored post by We are all fans of Anime or superhero movies and coming across some of their commercials featuring cars are synonymous with having one collectible of your favorite character. Today, we talk about the cars featured in by your favorite superhero or anime why these cars are their perfect partners.

Pictures aren't mine and used only as a reference.

1. 2011 Toyota Corolla endorsed by Hatsune Miku

Toyota indicates that Big Dreams inspires them to create, which is the same as to how a Vocaloid character helped millions and billions of composers and musicians reached their dream to showcase their music around the world through Hatsune Miku. Toyota wants you to listen to their compositions on their 2011 Toyota Corolla and build new works of art compatible with 35 mpg combined Bluetooth technology and Mp3 player. 

2. 2018 Lexus C 500 endorsed by  Marvel's Black Panther

2018 Lexus C invites you to experience the AMAZING Kinetic energy able to keep up with Black Panther's mechanics and speed. Lexus C offers both a Luxury and Performance, with a near perfect weight distribution, strikingly low center gravity and instinctive handling. 

The car offers Takumi Craftmanship seats of hand-stitched features, hand-selected materials and obsessive attention to detail.

Seamless Technology promises advanced engineering that can keep up all your needs for convenience.

3. 2015 Ford Focus endorsed by Multiple anime: Dragon Ball Z

Krillin wished for a car with an audio system from Sony and another car with camera where you can see where you are going in reverse and another car with EPA estimated 42 miles per gallon in case they need to drive around planet Namek and the Focus Ford appeared before them carrying all the wishes compacted into one car. 

4. 2015(2017) Ford Fusion endorsed by Dragon Ball Z and Sailormoon

Fusion as what it name indicates offers a stylish combination of both exterior and interior, a striking design smart technologies and powerful & efficient performance features same as how Trunks and Goten performed their fusion for greater strength. 

While Usagi ponders Fusion's sculpted exterior, newly redesigned wheels, but Luna adds that the car is more than what it looks like with amazing driver assist features like pre-collision assist and pedestrian detection and adaptive course control with stop and go making driving less stressful.

5. 2017 Mercedes Benz GLA 250 endorsed by Supermario and Mario Kart

Super Mario would have more speed and protection from mushrooms if he is driving 2017 Mercedes Benz GLA. The AMG GLA45 turbocharged four-cylinder powerhouse provides succinct acceleration is a reliable, subcompact SUV seats for five people. Front seats offer long-haul comfort with a great view of the window, just perfect to avoid those mushrooms, eh?

6. 2017 AUDI SQ5 endorsed by Marvel's Captain America Civil War

Audi is the car that everyone is chasing, especially made an appearance in Captain America Civil war, according to a reviewer the supercharged engine is superior to any turbo, power is gratifying and instant with the best engine tune in class. During traffic, the transmission is civilized and composed. For a softer ride, it is best to go with 20" wheels with air suspension.

7. 2017 AUDI R8 endorsed by Iron Man Movies 1-3

Robert Downey Jr. drove the AUDI R8 on Iron Man 3 Premiere and the crowd went ballistic to photograph their stars with the stunning sports car. The design itself speaks celebrity coming from the standard LED headlights on the R8 V10 plus Coupe with available Audi laser high beam technology, to the 19-inch 5-double-spoke design wheels.

The top speed goes up to 199 mph and horsepower of 540 @7,800, you know why this is chosen by Iron Man actor himself, Robert Downey Jr. 

8. 2012 Volkswagen Passat endorsed by Star Wars

The Commercial features a remote control start engine which had their child amazed that Jedi power came on reality but there is more than what meets the eye. Families are perfect for the car as they offer a roomy cabin and backseat great for storage and space. The price is competitive and a forgiving suspension for a comfortable highway ride. Buyers get to choose between Gas and diesel power.

9. 2018 Toyota CH-R endorsed by Street Fighter

The new Toyota 2018 CH-R can even join in to fight for your favorite game Street Fighter and beat them, why? 

As what the CH-R stands for, it stands for Coupe High-Rider, meaning the designers meant to combine the elements of a coupe and SUV. The car is modern and stylish with sharp edges and slicing bodyline. The CH-R is equipped with safety features for its major points. 

10. 2010 Chevrolet Camaro endorsed by Bumblebee Transformers

Don't be surprised if your car turns into bumblebee as this car is just a hidden form of the overall transformers form. The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro is a Well Proportioned styling with Sprightly V-6, beefy V-8. The car's performance has been greatly introduced on the movie and you may have to see for yourself.

11. 2014 Subaru Forester endorsed Attack on Titans

No titan can ever catch you with the speed of 2014 Subaru Forester, the All wheel engine drives 250-hp, 2.0-liter H-4 (premium) and combined MPG of 24-27, the steering has a good natural feel to adjust for different driving speeds, making sure to stay in center during high speeds. 

12. 2018 Audi A8 endorsed by Spiderman Homecoming

As featured in the commercial the car has Audi Presence technology perfect for detecting if you are heading near another car and a push of a button for the AUDI AI sets you the freedom to take your hands off the wheels. The engine runs at 333-hp and offering a transmission of 8-speed automatic with OD and auto-manual redefining superpowers.

So there we are which of these babies would you love to have or probably do have? Please share your answers.


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