Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saturday, August 19, 2017

A profoundly perfect midnight diner to watch out for

Shinya Shokudo

disclosure: I do not own the rights to the pictures, these are screenshots of the series and movie, all rights to production of Shinya Shokudo.

I’ve never felt this warmth over food and company from others. Shinya Shokudo got everything right in the feels, it was the heartfelt perfect combination of good food and a family warmth environment, people haven’t realized it yet but this is what most people are looking for, a place they feel welcome most of the time, where they can freely express their emotions and share laughter with others.

My first look:

My first impression of the series attracted my attention to the song itself. They had chosen a set of modern day Japan to combine with a traditional inspired song.

 I thought that it would make me feel bored in a few seconds since the scene is simple with a man serving his customers and letting them share their life stories.

but then...

  I found myself clicking the next episode to another and the next thing I knew I was researching in sites of where I can watch more of the series.

Scene Settings set the mood:

Shinya Shokudo’s interior is a traditional Japanese type of diner that I’m envious to experience dining in, the wooden interiors kept the customers warm from the cold weather in Japan and the U-shaped table seating makes it inviting to make a conversation friendly environment.

How did Master bring together a group with different personalities?

I’m surprised as to how Master was able to bring harmonious relationships among his customers, despite the customer’s attitude differences and walks of life, Master was able to keep them together even celebrating Christmas and New Years together like a family gathering.

The place makes me want to reflect and take it slow for a moment. I’ve been on a fast-paced day to day life that I forget to loosen up and let go, because of it, I suffered some consequences. Master has this certain aura that you would want to share that feeling that can set you free, he was able to dig deeper into the situation of his customer by only listening, he may say a few sentences but he will definitely make you realize something.

Master's "Image":

He is definitely the “Father” of the house. His very own words will not manipulate you to make a decision but will open options that lead to a solution or make you reflect, how definitely lucky for the customers to have someone like him. You see, some people may not have realized it, others are blessed they have met a certain “master” in their life, but others didn’t have the chance to.

Memories of each food:

Master serves the food with my big question in mind, how was he able to know which to serve that will definitely touch the hearts of his customers. Each episode contains a story relating to a meal. It was not only Master’s delicious cooking that the customers are attracted to but a certain meal that made an impact in their life or a certain memory had reminded them made an everlasting impression. 

an example:

Such an example on one episode of the Butter rice is about a taste tester who chose Master’s simple meal over the expensive five star meal he criticizes everyday, the butter rice had reminded him of a certain event in his life and combined with the warm, inviting atmosphere of Shinya Shokudo, reminiscing the past became as sweet as candy.

Message to production:

Make more series, please!!

I have finished all the series, manga and movie and I would want more series, it’s selfish of me to ask but it’s become addicting for me to know what happens next. Master must have felt the same, from a view of his workplace. His customers became an entertainment to him as well, like watching a television drama but more interactive and real life. I think Master has the best television drama/comedy etc. in his diner. 

My Acknowledgement:
I gave thanks to Netflix when I discovered this series, if I hadn’t got the recommended title and striking picture of “Master” Shinya Shokudo’s main protagonist, I would never feel this serenity, it’s actually on a perfect timing, I have made a big decision in my life again due to my current condition.  It turned out heartbreaking for me, I’m sorry that I could not certain disclose some specific information due to privacy issues but, to be honest, the film became my stress therapy and reflection.

All actors and actress played the parts well! Cheers to everyone!

This video is my favorite ending song of Shinya Shokudo, Kindly play and hear the song if you can.

Here are some links where you can watch Shinya Shokudo:

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

"Virgin Hair" secrets

trixia salonga, yourbestpicks, hair, beauty, selfie

    When rainy season started this July, the changes in weather had made an impact on one's health. One part of the body which is often neglected is our scalp.

  We may have different views, but upon my experience, a proven technique to achieve Ultimate hair with the capability to regenerate even with exposure to harsh chemicals or heat is full attention and care to the scalp.

    Hair strands once tremendously damaged may not be able to be recovered easily even with the application of keratin treatment, the treatment may be able to make the hair look healthy on the outside but not on the inside.

   The body is capable of repairing or self-heal from damages and one best way to help the body in doing so is to consume healthy foods to aid in the process. Eat foods high in fiber, protein, examples are fish and meat, protein will help in the build up repair and you'll have healthy, beautiful hair in no time.
trixia salonga, yourbestpicks, hair, beauty, selfie

    I use my real hair for my cosplays, blogging or modeling and the treatments and harsh chemicals I place in my hair are countless, but most people have complimented on how I even get thick and bouncy hair.

  Thinning of hair is a challenge to most people and that moment happened to me in the past, it took me a while to formulate the best remedy but it was definitely worth the wait.

    My last visit to the salon, my hair was given the title of "Virgin Hair", even though we had disclosed about the treatments that we had through for the past years, upon their further inspection, they still called it "Virgin Hair". I chuckled while telling them the history of how harsh my hair was treated before and even they were shocked.

     P.S. The Salon I went to have professionals that are able to check the hair's healthy state, for real.
trixia salonga, yourbestpicks, hair, beauty, selfie

   Dandruff was present during my first month after the treatment and it came to the point that the flakes were starting to get embarrassing. Imagine that I was actually being photographed and speaking to VIPs on my blogging interviews and the flakes were all over the place.

 Dandruff due to the dry scalp is expected, the worse part is only the appearance of the flakes but the feeling of irresistible itchiness. People notice a lot when I scratch my head a lot and can give them a wrong impression.

   The cold weather affected my scalp resulting it to become drier and admittedly lost a big blogging opportunity only because of this problem.
trixia salonga, yourbestpicks, hair, beauty, selfie

   The last time another cold weather came, I was prepared. I researched and talked to professionals on how to solve the dry scalp issue especially what product what I am going to be used for shampoo.

   The best thing about this is I found a website for dry scalp where you can find all the information of what shampoo to use, guaranteed budget friendly.

   You will be able to see an in depth comparisons of the shampoo brands with sizes, what its good for, the active ingredients and to make it easier, links to buy it on Amazon.

   A thorough description of each product, tips, options, verdicts, pros, and cons are provided as well. The website is updated for the year 2017.

   Just remember to check the best shampoo for you, test it out if you have any allergies to the product by applying a small amount on your skin and wait for 5 mins. If any itching or irritation occurs, do not continue the usage.

   The main important part is whenever my hair is subjected to any harsh treatment, I would let my hair take a "rest". I would only apply shampoo and NEVER COMBED my hair when damp.

  Yup, that's true, I don't comb it when damp. I go to work or take a walk outside wearing the "wet look" signature and some gave me a laugh but it didn't matter to me because there would be no way, I will add more damage on my hair thru wrong combing or be using the hair dryer.

  I don't want you to experience the same scenario, one option that I do whenever I cannot do the air dry + wet look is to schedule my bath earlier than expected before heading to any important event or occasion.

  Continous practices of above suggestions and people could not believe how strong and healthy my hair became after a month. On my first week, I got rid of dandruff and third week, hair is bouncy again, then the fourth week it was stronger than ever and less hair fall.

   The results and the duration might vary in people depending on how committed they are and what products they use on their scalp, but I'm always open to how these suggestions turned out for you?

    If you may have experienced dry scalp or dandruff and tried out the above methods, you can comment below and ask me. Let's talk about how we can get you the real doll healthy hair. Oh and don't forget to subscribe or click G+ for news and updates on my next blogging post.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Tough Phone Firefly Mobile E-100 Max Disaster Phone

Today I will introduce to you a special gadget that we tested to undergo extreme situations in order to give you a very important information which might help you, especially in emergency cases.

This is not an advertisement, I bought this phone because I am always on the search for rare gadgets.

So without further ado let me introduce to you a phone last released in the year 2015 that caught my attention, Firefly Mobile E-100 Max!

E-100 Max is a rugged basic phone that you'll need even in emergencies and toughest situations.

The price is P899 with a 1-year warranty and has the battery life of  5500 Mah, tried and tested to last without charging for a month. At first, I had doubts if I should take the unit, but Firefly Mobile always had a good record to me when I bought a new phone from them a year ago, right there I inquired of the specifications:

5500mah Power Bank
Dual Sim
Tough Phone
Fog Light Torch Camera
2 MP Camera
Mini USB plug
FM Radio

We did a test in order to find out if this phone is worthy of being called a tough phone.

1. Water Test ( 1 foot deep)
   A dipper was used about 1 foot deep and we soaked the phone for a minute or two, phone is working.
2. Shock Test (5 Feet Height)
   Dropping the Phone from 5 feet High, no internal system damage, few scratches.

3. Torch Test (lasts a week turned on)
  We turned on the Flashlight for 168 hours continuous without using other applications.

4. 1 Month Battery Life test Abuse Test
  No charging for 30 days with continuous use of messaging ( 2 hours), phone(2 Hours), music via headphone (4 hours played) each day. 1 hour speaker maximum volume, battery level was left 5% after 30 days

5. Speaker Test - Continuously playing song lasts for 2 days in full volume battery was left 20% after 2 days maximum volume.

In contrast to My Phone SOS Phone, this phone has an advantage with its powerful battery life which can assure you will serve you for a month without charging. Imagine the perfect companion that can give you peace of mind that communications intact on the time of great need.

Tough Phone's weight is fair compared to My Phone SOS Phone.
Fist Grip size is good especially for call.
Firefly mobile tough phone disaster


Warranty Card gives the unit with 12 months parts & labor. 6 Months on accessories. Warranty coverage is limited to parts & labor of manufacturer's defects only. No warranty requests will be honored for normal wear and tear, damage due to misuse, alteration to the product, water exposure, signs of obvious abuse and or negligence. Warranty is void if an item is tampered with or opened. An original copy of your invoice must be presented at the time of warranty claim.

Special message to Firefly, please create more units of E-100 Max and make upgrade on the Torch on your next models!
Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Tips with AT&T Phone account authentication

Have you ever spent your time on the phone trying out to access your account, but you're still unable to pass through their authentication process? It's literally frustrating, right?

Today I am going to give a few tips for you to prevent that scenario from happening or if it did happen, I'll also jot some tips to help you reset your password or help you recover your authentication details.

Uverse account Authentication


    So jot it down or get a password app to protect your information, the digits that ATT operators always ask to gain access is the key to every information on your account.

Tip: Register digit pins that are easy for you to remember, the generation of this pin is often asked when you subscribe to a new service.

    Once you forget the pin, ask for another option or the operator might ask for more authentication questions.

2. Security Question is your second life line.

  When you don't remember your passcode or pin, operators would often ask a question. Be careful on providing the answer as the system might block the number of retries.

Tip: During Security Question generation, the operator might provide some default security question on the system then you will provide the answer, but some can actually personalize the questions, for example, ask your operator to input question of your mother's maiden name then provide the answer.

In some authentication, they may also require for you to ask for your SSN, which often asked by Telcos or Mobility accounts

3. Let them call the Number on File

The last lifeline, once you fail to provide the password or the answer to security question, operators would ask to place you on hold in order to call a number on file as the last step of authentication.

Tip: Let the operator call the number and do not expect them to provide the information since all information on the file are considered confidential until authenticated.

If you have call waiting, tell the operator. Expect an incoming call once the first line is placed on hold, if they get you on the line, the account is fully authenticated, Yey!

If not, the operator will tell you to

Go to an ATT Store near you, provide your ID and reset your password and other Authentication details.

Do not get upset if you'll be needing to go to an ATT store to reset your authentication details, ATT will protect your information the best way that they can and this is how they do it.

Tip: If you actually do not remember any authentication details that you provided when you created the account, it's best to head on to an ATT store and reset the information immediately.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Philippine iconic places & history that resembles anime or game in real life

We got into an incredible idea of putting pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, you can say this a mere assumption on our part. It all started while I was working to promote tourism in the Philippines and little did we notice that some places in the Philippines resembling those of Anime scenes.

We did a few round ups and these are our findings. Be informed that there is no factual basis and these are just assumptions for fun blogging.

Whenever you watch anime do some of the settings or a certain scene remind you of Philippines? If yes, then we can relate, if not though then this would be a greater chance for you to discover Philippines Iconic places resembling anime in real life.

No. 1

Cephiro Magic Knight Rayearth Quezon City Memorial Circle, anime in real life

Anime: Magic Knight Rayearth
Philippine resemblance: Quezon City Memorial Circle

Wouldn't it be great to visit Cephiro from Magic Knight Rayearth in real life? Pack your bags and check out Philippines resemblance of Cephiro.

Cephiro is a location of a magical world in Magic Knight Rayearth, where the survival and destiny depend on the will of a Princess or one who is in power. It is the home land of people often called "Land of the will".

Cephiro's continents are separated by a large ocean with floating crystal islands are seen in the sky. Although beautiful and majestic as it looks, Cephiro holds creatures and monsters which threaten life forms.

The Philippines holds histories of known creatures and supernatural beings which once was thought to have defended the land from invaders.

The three pillars on Magic Knight Rayearth represents the three Mashin (Rune) gods, known as the legendary guardians of Cephiro. While in the Philippines, the three pylons are three mourning angels holding Sampaguita (a national flower) wreaths represents the three main islands, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Mashin Rayearth God Quezon City Memorial Circle Angel, anime in real life

A perfect example. The picture on the right is one of the Mashin (Rune) god, Rayearth. The Shield of Rayearth resembles that of the Angel Wings on the right.

The two has powerful similarities in terms of meaning, Eternal Rest. The gods in Magic Knight serve as executioners to Cephiro's Pillar, the Princess. Whereas in Q.C's angel serves as a memorial for the passing of Manuel L. Quezon, the Father of Philippine national language.  

Autozam, Chizeta, Fharem, arabians, indians, spaniards, americans, chinese, anime in real life

Autozam in Magic Knight (Western world [Spaniards & Americans]) , Chizeta (Central asia[Arabs & Indians ]) ,Fharem (Eastern asia [ Chinese]).

Magic Knight Rayearth introduces us to 3 other worlds that were once part of Cephiro, named from left to right, Autozam, Chizeta, and Fharem. In Philippine history, an assumption is that they are the counterpart of the Philippines main colonizers, traders, and immigrants namely, the Western world (Spaniards and Americans), Central Asia (Arabs and Indians) and Eastern Asia (Chinese).

anime in real life, autozam, chizeta, fharem, magic knight rayearth

NO. 2

el nido, philippines, chrono cross, anime in real life

Chrono Cross game was launched during the year of 1995 and the game was patronized by RPG gamers all over the world, the game is developed by Square Production Development Division. 

The game features a map called El Nido resembling Islands of El Nido Island in the Philippines located in Palawan. Several islands that looked scattered in the map of the Philippines looked as if it's been compressed and rotated to form the circular map island in the game, the biggest assumption was that they both have the same Island name in the game, EL NIDO. 

Chrono Cross islands are made out of pure corals piled together to form a land on similarity  El Nido, Palawan also called "Coral Island" is the type of island in the Philippines formed from coral detritus and associated organic material which is largely seen at rocky shores. 

el nido, philippines, chrono cross, anime in real life

Chrono Cross settings feature village Arni, a peaceful village off the coast of the main island of El Nido, a resemblance to Philippines Nipa hut houses that are even used until today. 

NO. 3

Much debate that the towns inside the walls in the Anime Attack on Titan Shiganshina is synonymous with the Town in Germany, but there is an evidently big difference when it comes to the map arrangement including the river where they use to escape from the Titans, this assumption though is much closer to Intramuros, Manila, Philippines.

Shingeki no Kyojin, attack on titan, philippines, intramuros, anime in real life

Intramuros map link: 

If you'll look closely, Intramuros, Manila resembles that on Attack on Titans wall of Shiganshina, Intramuros river completes one of the geographic resemblances.

 Intramuros is equipped and designed to carry canons in contradiction to Germany's Carcassonne and Burghausen that is not equipped to carry armory.  

Shingeki no Kyojin, attack on titan, philippines, intramuros, anime in real life

Source link

Gate entrances where the Colossal Titan kicks the wall and the entrance to Fort Santiago, Intramuros shares similar emblem

No. 4

real life anime resemblance, pangasinan, lingayen

Battle Ship anthropomorphized anime at this link
Kancolle is a game that has an anime adaptation but it most of the scenes and battleships was named after the real life battleships of those served the Imperial Japanese Navy. 

real life anime resemblance, pangasinan, lingayen

Most of the Battleships had sunk into the depths of the Pacific Ocean, South China Sea, and the Philippine Sea. You can experience the nostalgic feel and check out the remnants of the World War II at Lingayen, Pangasinan Provincial Capitol.

Sunken Fleet girls map

Want more of these facts? Do you have others to share?

Do you want more of these blogging resemblance? or perhaps you have other places or history in the Philippines where you found resemblances to anime?

We got more in store but I need to know if you like this post, you can subscribe thru my email list or newsletter to get the latest updates and comment below if you want more post like this as well as your suggestion of any similar place or history in Anime or game that can be seen anywhere in the Philippines and we will include yours in our next post, of course, credits will be given to you.

Till next time! I'll be waiting for your suggestions!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday, July 21, 2017

Travel Paris in Style

One of my dreams is to travel internationally. My bucket list includes visiting the romantic City of Paris and I am delighted to be able to share with you the places that I plan to visit. 

A creative artist needs an inspiration. Inspiration is everything in creation, it is the invisible force or a fuel in order for an artist to create unimaginable unique art.

Paris is one of the dreamy cities where all the creativity had poured out from each artist and brought them to life.

Every inch of the city is a masterpiece and no doubt it is on my list, even their official language has art!

Nowadays, the Greatest Investment is Experience and what better way to do that is to enjoy visiting the places that would get me to enjoy and at the same time boost up all my creativity.

My master plan when visiting Paris would definitely start after the arrival at the airport.

TAXI (whistles) !!!

Whistle no more as this time my plan includes a hassle free transportation after my flight. To complete my dream I will definitely hire a Luxurious Taxi Service and to make it happen what I will do is to:

Start with I bookmarked and written on my priority list or planner, a Trusted Taxi Service or Shuttle Service. They will ensure you that you get to your destination safe and sound plus in style!

I don't have a father with an image of  Liam Neelson to rescue me from kidnapping, it is better to be sure rather than to risk my life and not be prepared once you have landed on your trip to Paris.

They can get you a low-cost booking Taxi and Shuttle services with T2 Traslados or also called T2 Transfers from the airport to any destination on their database.


T2 Traslados is the leading provider of Taxis & Shuttle Services offering Taxi Services, Shuttles, & Shuttles to and from Paris Airports. 

They can provide private transfers for any number of passengers, and the child seats have no additional cost. They can accept payment online for hassle free booking. They accept Euros, British Pounds, and American Dollars. You can also pay the driver by cash when you arrive at the destination. No cancellation fees. 

They offer vehicles of luxury brands but is guaranteed to keep you safe all throughout your trip.  So even if when you are traveling alone, you can have a peace of mind.

Their website has a booking feature where you'll input your data needed to calculate pricing. Oh and bear in mind that the website is also in Spanish, you can translate it in English thru Chrome.

The driver will wait for the passenger with a sign showing the client's name. The driver can understand and speak English, Spanish and French. The Customer Service is open 24/7. 

Sweet, isn't it?

Now to book their website, go their web page: T2 Traslados and translate the website to English for easier reading.

Then translate their page thru Chrome

To get started, go to Step 1 and pick the reason for the booking. The options are Arrival, Departure and  Check in and out

Arrival - Choose this if you have just arrived at the airport and need their service for booking
Departure - Choose option if you are heading to the airport.
Check in and out - Choose option if you are heading to any other destination except for departure but will be needing to go back to your hotel later on.

Step 2:

Pick up location

Now choose an airport that you'll be coming from by hover and click on the drop down options.

Destination place

On this drop down, Choose the place you are heading to after Arrival in your flight.

Step 3
Passenger Count

Choose the number of Adults or child that for the number of passengers that will board.

Then analyze all the data and click the Calculate Price to proceed to the next page.

The next Page contains all the details for your Personal Information
Fill in the necessary form. All information is protected by the company and remains confidential.

So you can see here I had to input for example two adults and my pick up location and destination data has also been filled out, if you have changed your mind, you can always edit data by clicking the pen logo at each data.

As you can observe the website was able to calculate the data for my Taxi expense which is going to be 55 euros.

Once all the data has been filled up, proceed to the next step by clicking the button.


My Data is updated at the left corner and One last Step would be to input the Arrival Details

Arrival date - The date that you will land to the airport.
Arrival from -  The specific place that you'll come from
Check in - Input the Time you will arrive
Pick up at - Enter the airport the driver will meet with you
Leave - Input the destination
Comments - Special comments such as contact before arriving or any other notes that you'd want to tell the driver.

This is the last step of the booking,

Kindly double check all the details are correct and click the Next Step button once done.


So this indicates that the booking has been made successfully, as you can see here, I booked at night but since there is a time difference an additional 10 euros is charged.

Right after the notification, an email was sent and I have immediately received my reservation details.

The ticket contains all the important information including your RESERVATION NUMBER. You will need to reply to the email to confirm this reservation are correct.

When I had an issue with the reservation, I filled up the reservation form and after 10 Minutes I immediately got a reply, that's how responsive they are 24/7!

Now that all is been set I shall be riding a Luxurious Volkswagen Caravelle or Touareg to my Hotel.

On my First day, I might be Jet lagged after a long haul flight, I'm glad that Unilab has United Home Dizitab (Meclizine HCL), the perfect relief from dizziness or motion sickness. Digitab is only P9.50 per piece.
United Home has a line of health and wellness for your travel needs for that memorable and enjoyable trip, we should be healthy and worry free from sickness. United Home is your travel partner for your health and wellness needs!

No matter what time I arrive at my Hotel Room, I'm pretty sure I would be famished. This would be the best time to try out Macaroon, Croissants & Pastries!

but as you all know I do have my Hyperacidity after a meal, then the best medicine to take as per doctors recommended would be Supracid (Sodium Bicarbonate), Supracid is only P0.75 per piece.

Cheese tasting is part of food tour that I'm planning to do on my first day!

I have to be prepared for the worst, my stomach might get upset, if worse comes to worse, I should have a medicine prepared for diarrhea, United Home Loperamide (Lormide) for only PHP 8.00 per piece, is a must to have in my medicine pack.

On my second day, I'm planning to visit would be
The Famous Eiffel Tower 

Taking pictures and finding the most romantic spot would be my best things to do for this day.
It would be wonderful to visit some of the streets surrounding the Eiffel, grab some morning breakfast and go sight seeing.

I would definitely be trying out a different tour, riding a royal horse and carriage in Paris seemed the best experience if I am tired of walking around.

I found a perfect booking for the Ride.

At Night, Paris comes alive and I think it would definitely be great to Cruise at Seine River.
At 85 euros I could get an intimate dinner by the window while cruising and book with no hassle!

Then After the Romantic dinner, I shall then go back to the Hotel to be prepared for tomorrow's new itinerary!

While Yesterdays was all about Romance today would be getting back with my childhood dreams.
I booked in T2 Traslados for my transfers ride to DISNEYLAND and vice versa!

Yes, we're going to Disneyland!

I would have my whole day at Disney as I know that a whole day's not even enough to enjoy the fun and excitement at rides and sightseeing places here.

After a long tiring day at Disneyland, I would be having dinner at my hotel for a change and to review all the pictures that I've taken so far.

At night, I have to make sure that I get immunity boosted up at night, Doctors recommend United Home Ceetab (Ascorbic Acid), only for P1.75 per piece for tomorrow's big day!

On to my Next day in Paris, I am planning to visit the famous Cathedrale Notre- Dam de Paris

For this type of transportation, you can book T2 Traslados using the Check In and Out, then choose the destination to Other places, type Notre Dam Paris, you'll see Cathedrale Notre Dam de Paris in the suggestions and choose the location.

At night it would be great to ride in the Grande Roue and visit Place de la Concorde!
At night, The Ferris wheel looked astonishingly romantic and Grande perfect scene to steal a kiss from your loved one.
On my last day in Paris, would be my Souvenir day

These cute miniature Eiffel Towers are quite cute and a good souvenir to remember.

Now to make sure that my way back to the airport is hassle free and in style.
Book T2 Traslados with departure for Step 1 and place the pickup and destination.

It's 55 euros as calculated.

I would imagine myself becoming emotional as I leave Paris, but hey I could go back again and maybe visit even more places that I haven't been to, right?

What can you say about this little traveling in style to Paris dream? 
Do you have any other places you can suggest that I should go to?
If you do, write in the comments section.

Dreams like mine are not impossible to attain, as long as you don't stop believing and take action to pursue it. 
Live life the way you want it to be.
Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.

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