I really can't contain the excitement anymore, I need to tell you guys an interesting celebrity look-alike, as in celebrity to celebrity. Lately, I was watching a usual Korean drama I am craving nowadays, The Last Empress and when I found the actress Ms. Lee Elijah, she is known to play the part of Min Yu Ra, the emperor's lover, I can't stop thinking of one beautiful face who has played role in Philippine History of Drama, Ms. Alice Dixson. I saw her on tv when she was still young till today, they have so much similar face structure and even with that dazzling smile. Everytime I watch her on The Last Empress I feel that she became young and -korean!

Lee Elijah plays Min Yu Ra, Korean actress from The Last Empress
Lee Elijah as Min Yu Ra in The Last Empress

When I even searched for Lee Elijah on google images, Alice Dixson's picture even came on one of her searches! See google knows too!
Alice Dixson, Filipina celebrity

Alice Dixson, Filipina Celebrity.

It seems on twitter people have also noticed it. 

I can't help to think if Ms. Elijah has undergone plastic surgery and Alice was the reference face, but that's only a thought... similarity is incredible that I can't stop imagining if Ms. Alice had such roles during these times at her young age, I would definitely admire the beauty.

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