We got into an incredible idea of putting pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, you can say this a mere assumption on our part. It all started while I was working to promote tourism in the Philippines and little did we notice that some places in the Philippines resembling those of Anime scenes.

We did a few round ups and these are our findings. Be informed that there is no factual basis and these are just assumptions for fun blogging.

Whenever you watch anime do some of the settings or a certain scene remind you of Philippines? If yes, then we can relate, if not though then this would be a greater chance for you to discover Philippines Iconic places resembling anime in real life.

No. 1

Cephiro Magic Knight Rayearth Quezon City Memorial Circle, anime in real life

Anime: Magic Knight Rayearth
Philippine resemblance: Quezon City Memorial Circle

Wouldn't it be great to visit Cephiro from Magic Knight Rayearth in real life? Pack your bags and check out Philippines resemblance of Cephiro.

Cephiro is a location of a magical world in Magic Knight Rayearth, where the survival and destiny depend on the will of a Princess or one who is in power. It is the home land of people often called "Land of the will".

Cephiro's continents are separated by a large ocean with floating crystal islands are seen in the sky. Although beautiful and majestic as it looks, Cephiro holds creatures and monsters which threaten life forms.

The Philippines holds histories of known creatures and supernatural beings which once was thought to have defended the land from invaders.

The three pillars on Magic Knight Rayearth represents the three Mashin (Rune) gods, known as the legendary guardians of Cephiro. While in the Philippines, the three pylons are three mourning angels holding Sampaguita (a national flower) wreaths represents the three main islands, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Mashin Rayearth God Quezon City Memorial Circle Angel, anime in real life

A perfect example. The picture on the right is one of the Mashin (Rune) god, Rayearth. The Shield of Rayearth resembles that of the Angel Wings on the right.

The two has powerful similarities in terms of meaning, Eternal Rest. The gods in Magic Knight serve as executioners to Cephiro's Pillar, the Princess. Whereas in Q.C's angel serves as a memorial for the passing of Manuel L. Quezon, the Father of Philippine national language.  

Autozam, Chizeta, Fharem, arabians, indians, spaniards, americans, chinese, anime in real life

Autozam in Magic Knight (Western world [Spaniards & Americans]) , Chizeta (Central asia[Arabs & Indians ]) ,Fharem (Eastern asia [ Chinese]).

Magic Knight Rayearth introduces us to 3 other worlds that were once part of Cephiro, named from left to right, Autozam, Chizeta, and Fharem. In Philippine history, an assumption is that they are the counterpart of the Philippines main colonizers, traders, and immigrants namely, the Western world (Spaniards and Americans), Central Asia (Arabs and Indians) and Eastern Asia (Chinese).

anime in real life, autozam, chizeta, fharem, magic knight rayearth

NO. 2

el nido, philippines, chrono cross, anime in real life

Chrono Cross game was launched during the year of 1995 and the game was patronized by RPG gamers all over the world, the game is developed by Square Production Development Division. 

The game features a map called El Nido resembling Islands of El Nido Island in the Philippines located in Palawan. Several islands that looked scattered in the map of the Philippines looked as if it's been compressed and rotated to form the circular map island in the game, the biggest assumption was that they both have the same Island name in the game, EL NIDO. 

Chrono Cross islands are made out of pure corals piled together to form a land on similarity  El Nido, Palawan also called "Coral Island" is the type of island in the Philippines formed from coral detritus and associated organic material which is largely seen at rocky shores. 

el nido, philippines, chrono cross, anime in real life

Chrono Cross settings feature village Arni, a peaceful village off the coast of the main island of El Nido, a resemblance to Philippines Nipa hut houses that are even used until today. 

NO. 3

Much debate that the towns inside the walls in the Anime Attack on Titan Shiganshina is synonymous with the Town in Germany, but there is an evidently big difference when it comes to the map arrangement including the river where they use to escape from the Titans, this assumption though is much closer to Intramuros, Manila, Philippines.

Shingeki no Kyojin, attack on titan, philippines, intramuros, anime in real life

Intramuros map link: 

If you'll look closely, Intramuros, Manila resembles that on Attack on Titans wall of Shiganshina, Intramuros river completes one of the geographic resemblances.

 Intramuros is equipped and designed to carry canons in contradiction to Germany's Carcassonne and Burghausen that is not equipped to carry armory.  

Shingeki no Kyojin, attack on titan, philippines, intramuros, anime in real life

Source link

Gate entrances where the Colossal Titan kicks the wall and the entrance to Fort Santiago, Intramuros shares similar emblem

No. 4

real life anime resemblance, pangasinan, lingayen

Battle Ship anthropomorphized anime at this link
Kancolle is a game that has an anime adaptation but it most of the scenes and battleships was named after the real life battleships of those served the Imperial Japanese Navy. 

real life anime resemblance, pangasinan, lingayen

Most of the Battleships had sunk into the depths of the Pacific Ocean, South China Sea, and the Philippine Sea. You can experience the nostalgic feel and check out the remnants of the World War II at Lingayen, Pangasinan Provincial Capitol.

Sunken Fleet girls map

Want more of these facts? Do you have others to share?

Do you want more of these blogging resemblance? or perhaps you have other places or history in the Philippines where you found resemblances to anime?

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