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    Hi! I'm Trixia and welcome to my slice of life. I'm not your average blogger, I'm a hybrid of multi-dimensional shoujo, a rare breed of legal loli and a unique original producer of ideas and inspiration. My path goes on the other side of the road which is less traveled, where thrill and excitement rests. This blog holds my inner thoughts, experiences, opinions and out-of-the-ordinary theories which I keep as a journal of my life's highlights. Contact me at reshadollyprincess@gmail.com for collaboration

    I found these Cuties  on my browses:

    Pictures not mine except for my face
    This one is like me and my Meaw... yeah me and my boyfriend call each other Meaw because cats are sweet.

    I do not mean to offend anyone with this, but I can relate, I met many people hate my appearance, some might be insecure or thinking negatively, but this is me. I am normal this way.
     Recent blog upload, for those wanting to see a unphotoshopped photo of mine.

    This Miku is as cute as it is ^^

     OMG Im just sooo in love with pastels, you got my heart there!

    As of now I am a....

    . Thursday, February 27, 2014 .

    Net Kawaiis

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    . Thursday, February 27, 2014 .

    I found these Cuties  on my browses:

    Pictures not mine except for my face
    This one is like me and my Meaw... yeah me and my boyfriend call each other Meaw because cats are sweet.

    I do not mean to offend anyone with this, but I can relate, I met many people hate my appearance, some might be insecure or thinking negatively, but this is me. I am normal this way.
     Recent blog upload, for those wanting to see a unphotoshopped photo of mine.

    This Miku is as cute as it is ^^

     OMG Im just sooo in love with pastels, you got my heart there!

    As of now I am a....

    . Friday, February 14, 2014 .

    I can't wait to share this all to you! A very cute Chibi Maker website! Waaaaa! Kawaii!!!!!
    So, I made this myself.
    To  make one go here:

    Firstly, I clicked the big player up front the website.
    It would load for a while but it's worth waiting for! 

    The top part of the player is the Main Category of which part you'd like to customize, 
    They are all arranged and click your desired sub-option below that.
    There's so many cute options to choose from below the Chibi parts is a small arrow for next page option!
    It was so easy. 
    So I chose this because I love sea-colored hair~ Miku and Umi of Magic Knight Rayearth, I see it a reflection of mine if possible~ 
    The Loli dress is soo cute. I must be influenced by the Anime Gosick, I'm watching lately.

    I signed up to their site after, and made my own Gallery. This site is soo cute! 

    . Wednesday, February 12, 2014 .

    I am helping my friend Sell her Authenthic Bags from US. 
    Interested? PM me.

    . Friday, February 07, 2014 .



    This little cute cuddly baby, I have introduced to you last year is my one and only Susci.
    Here is her first introduction here in my blog:


    How to make this cellphone case I uploaded at Pinterest:


     Brief History about Susci is that I found her in a storage area where she was left alone collecting dust, she was almost about to be thrown away, but when I saw her I knew her beauty is irresistible. Back then, No one can recognize her, she was almost destroyed, her insides are protruding and she was pitch black.


    Firstly, I had to repair her damages, she actually have a lot of stitches, when I stitched her up, it didn’t  look good on her, I thought of ways wherein I can hide that but didn’t work. One time, I was staring at my phone and I began to get an idea that it will be great if she’ll travel with me all the time, I measured her body to my cellphone and surprised that it fits her well. I had to dissect her ~ sorry for the term and combination of sewing and measuring and dissecting. Then tada~ she is now a piece of art! A real teddy bear cellphone Case!

     I took her home immediately and took care of her.  When I thought of a name for her, I am reminded of the times how I began to resuscitate her, from almost dump to a work of art, thus I named her from the word RESUSCITATE ----SUSCI.


    She was just too cute and whenever I answer a phone call, it looked like I am only holding out a teddy bear near my face and being sweet~.



     Sometimes, I do have some problems carrying her on my bag, she might be cute, but she does take space! But seriously when I put her in my bag and she pops out,she still looks like a cute accessory. Often I am concerned when she attracts too much attention and might also attract robbers or holdapers, but whenever I hold her and walk around carrying her, people believes that it’s actually a small teddy bear, as long as I don’t take it out and use the cellphone.


    When I carry her, people think it's only a teddy bear and does not think there's a cellphone in it.
    She’s been with me even at the darkest and scariest places here in the Philippines, often showing her around and I guess her cuteness protects my cellphone. I’m not counting on for someone to take her; of course I have to be careful and not to let my guard down. I guess we can say because of her cuteness, it becomes the factor where she protected my precious gadget.


    Who reminds you of what I'm holding?


    You wanna get cut bitch? ~ line from house bunny

    "Don't worry, I'll write another blog again"
    So, see you again for another great blogging update, Join my site for more of this updates and
    . Tuesday, February 04, 2014 .



    This Game was recommended to me by one of my friends upon learning that I am a lover of Horror and Suspense movies especially Zombie type. He told me that I would love this Anime, I thought it was a game and told him I don't have a PSP etc. but he said there was an anime Series, so when I was able to find it I was very happy.

    My Synopsis from the story
    It started when a group of highschool students performed a friendship bond, and to fulfill that they must recite a certain ritual to make their friendship last forever, after the ritual was done, an earthquake stroke the building, and they found themselves in an old school and separated from each other, and as they try to find their way home, they discover that they are not alone, will the students ever find their way home or is it the end?

    I rate this Anime -Game 8/10

    My Review
     I liked the Storyline, and it caught my attention until the end, but I was really shocked as to what happened to the children, seriously I thought it would be a great happy ending, but I didn't expect for them to end in such a tragic way. The first episodes were very thrilling and will really make you ask questions as to what happened, and knowing such history of the story gives you an impression that it was the former killer doing the killing.The twist of the story is great! Especially knowing the truth of what was causing all of the killings. How each story was connected are awesome, the children are in the building, same spot, only different dimensions. The characters and the drawings are 100% well portrayed and laid out, each with different personality that suits each of the faces. Creativity is evident. No doubt the voice overs gave life to the characters! The part where they show the insides of the murdered corpses are creepy but bearable to look at, thank God it was drawing because its really hard to watch if it'd be life-like. I may be the person that loves happy ever afters but I also love the fact that it has a different ending, gruesome indeed,  but reality-wise, it would be hard to survive such place, ending is very unexpected, surely a thumbs up! When I finished the series, my eyes were big awake round as the moon, all my erector pili reflex are activated, I do not know how I actually felt, combination of screaming, crying and shocked! Never did I imagined it would be a murder series, cause I thought I was having a horror movie hahaha! but anyway I loved that kind of feeling when something unexpected thrills me to the bone!

    . Monday, February 03, 2014 .

    Bunny Wallet


    I   am always on the hunt for something cute and affordable finds. I can't seem to avoid such cuteness whenever I encounter them, one here is a Bunny wallet bought at P20.00 store, worth P20.00!! The texture of this wallet is very soft and cottony, perfect to pair up with that pink cute oufit you have^^ The ears extend upwards, and what I love about it is that when I put it on my front pocket those ears just pop up, it's easy to pick it up and looks so cute too. It has big space inside, sometimes I use it to tuck my earphone inside.



    I bought this for those times that I'm in a hurry and don't have much time to clean my sponges, this one is pink, cottony and of course cute!
    P20 store @ P20.00

    Sign Pen
    These two cute Hello Kitty babies writes beautifully, their ink easily dries so it won't mess up your writings especially in accidents when you suddenly touched newly written letters, they are quite handy for that quick note. I use this for my art, my emoti-animes. Bought at Uno @ P19.50 each

    These scotch tapes are similar to Washi tapes, they have cute designs available, a bundle about 10 pcs. costs P20.00 at Novotel Monumento

    Travel Folders
    These folders may not be pink but it is into our category of cute and affordable. It is made out of plastic, so guarantee that papers inside is safe!
    Bought it at UNO savemore Laguna @ P19.50 each
    Back cover

    This one fits in our title of cute, pink and affordable!

    Both of them I know will be useful for future use.

    Hello Kitty Keychains
    This irrestable keychain I bought at P20.00 at P20 stores. I placed it to my cellphone.

    That's Susci and behind her is the Hello Kitty keychain, the heart embedded in Hello Kitty's comes in variety of colors, violet, red, blue and Pink!
    The Pink Cottony ball is very soft!

    Rilakkuma Watch

    I was strolling around the Savemore Mall at Laguna when I found these at sale price is set at P50.00 per watch. I loved how cute it is on my wrist, plus it fits well, I always having a hard time fitting watches because of my wrist shape so I end up looking at Kids section :P


    Ancien Diary

    Last but not the least, bought at Uno @ P114.50, Ancien Diary. I bought this in search of a great organizer for school and blog.

    This is the front cover, it says Ancien~ maybe they meant Ancient ^^

    When opened this is what the first page looks like
    The notebook is a weekly planner, tucked every last page are the days, In this picture, we could not see Monday because it was located at the middle seam of the notebook.
    Vintage designs every page
    Stubs design

    At the end of the notebook, you'll find the Personal Information ~

    The back cover

    That's it for the day! subscribe for more cute finds!!