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    Hi! I'm Trixia and welcome to my slice of life. I'm not your average blogger, I'm a hybrid of multi-dimensional shoujo, a rare breed of legal loli and a unique original producer of ideas and inspiration. My path goes on the other side of the road which is less traveled, where thrill and excitement rests. This blog holds my inner thoughts, experiences, opinions and out-of-the-ordinary theories which I keep as a journal of my life's highlights. Contact me at reshadollyprincess@gmail.com for collaboration

     I did a trial recording of departure...

    meaw says my voice is similar to miku,and inori when not singing is that true?


    Record music and voice >>

    . Sunday, March 09, 2014 .

    Departure ~ my recording

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    . Sunday, March 09, 2014 .

     I did a trial recording of departure...

    meaw says my voice is similar to miku,and inori when not singing is that true?


    Record music and voice >>

    . Friday, March 07, 2014 .

    From tight fitting corsets, huge puffed sleeves and cotton high socks and dainty cute shoes...
    Lolita fashion is a style inspired in 19th century and is now in a huge trend in the 21st century.

    A headress, Puffed Sleeves, Skirt Petticoat, bloomers, cute socks, these are the basics of a lolita fashion.
    Yes, I said Lolita Fashion~ those people which loves this fashion and freely wears them are called Lolitas. Lolita Fashion is based upon the Victorian period, wherein corsets, petticoats and gowns were the fashion statement at that time, the Japanese had adapted this fashion sense and they call it Lolita Fashion. Searching upon the meaning of the word "Lolita"in google:

    Lolita fashion from my own view is a way of self expression

     I am a Lolita fashion lover. I also wear this fashion sometimes although I haven't posted it here yet~ but soon I will. I try to place my self in a lolita's shoes, I can describe it as the feeling of femininity in the sense of being young, cute and lovable and the urge to express this feeling thru clothings and things that can visually describe the passion. I love things and clothings that are cute, pink and intricately designed, victorian style, but I can't conclude that I am a Lolita, I don't hate the fashion nor love it but I adore the cuteness and colors of each garment.. Keep in mind that lolita fashion has it's elements in order to be called lolita fashion, a person in order to be called a "Lolita" accepts and willingly expresses this fashion because she loves it, adapts the fashion and no other malevolence. Example is the Anatomy of a Lolita picture above.

    It depends on the persons own perspectives on how she perceive a lolita is, others refer to their feelings...
    but then again we all have our own reasons ^^

    The Distinction of "Lolita" from "anime"
    Often times, anime is confused with word lolita, some people refer to an anime as "lolita" because of they see  the characters in this fashion and unintentionally adrresses them as "lolita" , but to clear it up, 

    Anime is not Lolita, the word "lolita" refers to a PERSON wearing a fashion, originated in victorian period and was adapted by Japanese culture and spread worldwide.


    Lolita- a person; 
    -the person wearing a fashion statement~ victorian influenced/inspired designs.
    Lolita is not anime and vice versa
    Lolita fashion~ refers to a style. It has many purpose but mostly are for self-expression. 

    Now, in animes we usually see these fashion, here are the list of anime that I love and have watched, where the characters also wears this fashion.

    Tsukuyomi Full Moon

    about a young vampire girl named Hazuki and a Japanese freelance photographer Kouhei Morioka whom Hazuki attempts to make into her servant.

    The series centers on the life of Hideki Motosuwa, a held-back student attempting to qualify for university by studying at Seki prep school in Tokyo. Besides a girlfriend, he dreams of having a persocom (パソコン?): an android used as a personal computer, which is expensive. On his way home one evening, he stumbles across a persocom in the form of a beautiful girl with thigh-length hair lying against a pile of trash bags, and he carries her home, not noticing that a disk fell on the ground. Upon turning her on, she instantly regards Hideki with adoration. The only word the persocom seems capable of saying is "chi" (ちぃ Chii?), thus he names her that. Hideki assumes that there must be something wrong with her, and so the following morning he has his neighbor Hiromu Shinbo analyze her with his mobile persocom Sumomo. After Sumomo crashes during the attempt they conclude that she must be custom-built.
    Chii and Freya

    Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    The story follows the narrator and male protagonist Kyon, a cynical and incredulous student entering high school, who is dragged along by the title character and female protagonist Haruhi Suzumiya (who is Kyon's classmate). She is an eccentric girl seeking supernatural phenomena and figures such as alienstime travelers, and espers. She establishes with Kyon's reluctant help, a club to investigate mysterious events called the SOS Brigade. Haruhi later recruits three additional members: the laconic bibliophile Yuki Nagato, the shy and timid Mikuru Asahina, and the extremely friendly transfer student Itsuki Koizumi. These members soon reveal themselves to Kyon as the extraordinary characters Haruhi is seeking. The three additional members have been sent by their various organizations to observe Haruhi who is unaware of her own destructive reality warping powers and to prevent these powers from being unleashed. This leaves Kyon the task of maintaining for Haruhi the illusion of a normal life.
    Haruhi Suzumiya
    Dance in the Vampire Bund
    The story revolves around Mina Tepeş, princess-ruler of all vampires, and her protector -- Akira. Like other vampires, Mina has been in hiding with her people for many years. Seeking to end centuries of isolation, Mina gains permission to create a special district for vampires, "The Bund," off the coast of Japan by paying off the entire national debt of the Japanese government. Mina then reveals to the world the existence of vampires and her desire for both races to live together. Tensions, however, run high as fearful humans and extremist vampire factions begin to interfere with Mina's wish for peace with the human world.
    Mina Terpes

    Sugar Sugar Rune
    n the Magical World, the future queen is chosen by selecting two young witches and sending them to the Human World, where they'll compete to capture the hearts of boys. Whoever has collected the most by the end of the competition is crowned queen.
    Vanilla Mieux and Chocolat Meilleure

    Lolitas in Cosplay

    Nowadays, there are Cosplays that are themed by Lolita fashion. Cosplay is an art, a form expression, similar to Lolita fashion, both of them adresses to such definitions. Cosplay expands to many worlds, , usually Cosplay refer to a certain character in a manga, game, anime and such, but now some have included Lolita as Cosplay. It's not clear on the debate on these though, it depends a personal perspective if Lolita can be cosplayed.

    Lolitas in business

    Many Cafes worldwide had opened up with Lolita fashion. It's not really a bad concept, I think for business it is a great strategy to catch viewers attention and create a welcoming atmosphere.

    Maid Cafe as Lolita
    As discussed a while ago, Lolita fashion does expands on certain aspects. Remember that this is the point of view and also a business strategy.

    Lolita fashion has Style types:

    Gothic lolita,
    Sweet Lolita
    Classic Lolita
    Punk Lolita

    Including other styles and themes

    Princess Lolita
    Shiro & Kuro Lolita
    Guro Lolita
    Sailor Lolita
    Country Lolita
    Wa Lolita
    Qi Lolita 
    Casual Lolita

    If you want to know more about the definitions click here:

    Lolita has expanded around the world and we just can't resist the cuteness and elegance a lolita brings!

    Me dressed-up in Lolita

    . Monday, March 03, 2014 .

    I am on the crave for something so sweet!
    . .

    Hinamatsuri (Doll's Day or Girl's Day) is held on March 3. On this day, people put their special doll collection (hina-ningyo), I dont have a doll collection yet, but I found this Big Bear on SM Mall and I would like to bring it home with me if it's fine^^

    I am wearing this dress that mom gave to me on my birthday... ^^ hope you like it and Greet Happy Hina-Matsuri to all the beautiful girls out there! ^^

    . .

    This is my love story... and yes it's like similar to a manga story..^^

    Manga: Watashi ni Shinasai
    and Ultra Maniac
    . Sunday, March 02, 2014 .

    I am called...
    Me and Miku are RNs

    It will be summer here
    It will be hot but it means vacation, i cant wait to wear airy dresses soon