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    Hi! I'm Trixia and welcome to my slice of life. I'm not your average blogger, I'm a hybrid of multi-dimensional shoujo, a rare breed of legal loli and a unique original producer of ideas and inspiration. My path goes on the other side of the road which is less traveled, where thrill and excitement rests. This blog holds my inner thoughts, experiences, opinions and out-of-the-ordinary theories which I keep as a journal of my life's highlights. Contact me at reshadollyprincess@gmail.com for collaboration



    The Free Wifi Bird House

    This country had implemented a way to give free wifi thru clean air. I'd be nice to have this in the Philippines.

    The Axe Multitool System

    When you love travelling in woods or mountains, this chic and innovative designed axe multi tool system is going to be your best buddy for you vacation outdoors.

    Pearl Rear Vision

    Less the stiff neck!

    A creative bento for your hotdogs

    Here is one cute way to spice up and create your dream bento. 

    Quick Breakfast on the go

    . Monday, August 15, 2016 .

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    . Monday, August 15, 2016 .



    The Free Wifi Bird House

    This country had implemented a way to give free wifi thru clean air. I'd be nice to have this in the Philippines.

    The Axe Multitool System

    When you love travelling in woods or mountains, this chic and innovative designed axe multi tool system is going to be your best buddy for you vacation outdoors.

    Pearl Rear Vision

    Less the stiff neck!

    A creative bento for your hotdogs

    Here is one cute way to spice up and create your dream bento. 

    Quick Breakfast on the go

    . Sunday, August 07, 2016 .

    Yours Truly by the Swimming pool, Airbnb, Sky High Condo Berkeley residences, Katipunan ave

    On the last day of July, we had our First monthly airbnb and we got very excited to welcome them that we had preparations all week long. From Maintenance of plumbings to new additions like Telephone line, washing machine, clothes rack, newly improved services all in the price of P1500 a day, P27000 a month. After we had booked the client and oriented them in the whole condo amenities, we took pictures around the pool to update our ad page at Airbnb, the clouds were awesomely dramatic, this was before it rained since a new storm is coming to town it was extremely cold for the season.

    Me while contacting client, the scenery is similar to that Korean series.

    Yours Truly taking selfie, Airbnb Sky High Condo Katipunan ave Berkeley residences
    This picture is photographer's favorite. Dramatic Sky and scenery.

    The end of July, Gourmet Fair was in every malls around Quezon City, we jumped from one mall to another to witness and have a taste of these heavenly blessings.

    U.P Town Center

    U.P town center is just 15 mins walk from our condo, where you can pass through the former shoppesville, gas stations, churches and villages in the area. The place was lively, kids loved it, it was their day to enjoy and families joined as well.

    We joined this festivities by 12:00 pm, since we were informed an event at Heykessy, it was located at 2nd Floor of U.P.

    Jack and Jill Fair

    Jack and Jill Callbee Mascot, He entertained us with his cute dance on floor.

    The event has the Virtual reality booth wherein people can try on a virtual reality experience, this kid seemed to be getting the hang of it, while dozens of people line up to have the experience as well. There is a someone to guide you so that you get to slip away from reality without getting hurt.
    Kid trying out virtual reality
    Also located in the area is a photobooth.
    I found this one by at a floating store outside heykessy, the store's name is longliveplayph, where a valuable key was hidden. Share!!

    Heykessy gives out this free cupcakes and people canbget a bag full of goodies when they purchase P300.00 and up products from them. 

    With Blogger Ms. Polinda also joining the art workshop.
    These cute knitted items are displayed at the middle section.

    Some knitting supplies laid outside by the table for the free try of the art.

    I found the Washi tapes on the inner part of the store .

    The necklaces are priced varying P1000+ above. I truly loved how they have presented them in a neat manner of polished faux wood.

    Some artworks hanging by the wall near the counter. 

    The counter is located near the entrance, with cashier hiding at the back.

    I got here a cat coloring paper to be colored by sharpie pens! Gave it to mom since loved these cool designs.

    A customer filling in her paper with colors.
    Not everyone had the chance to seat down and color peacefully since there were not enough table to accomodate many guests that arrived, the cramped up space made us leave earlier. I can say the organization was really poor, as people was scattered around having a hard time to find a place to lay the paper flat to color, but as for the presentation I loved their store!

    On my way outside I found this cute store tickles that looked like the inspired version of Mr. Magorium's wonder emporium store.




    On our way out we saw a shop also helding a small art workshop the name's artnebulaph in this shop I get the chance to try their finest brushes, I tried to paint the calligraphy wordings. Im still a newbie at it though. I had so much fun and their shop has a welcoming aura as well as their artists have that master aura win them, respect to the highest level~

    At the back of their shop, I saw these pet beds.

    While juxtaposed it is the upgraded pillows with hoods, I was thinking about bringing it to bus at long travel time.

    Outside the mall is the free standing shop Lollipufs, they dainty cotton candies at a reasonable price.

    Trinoma, Ayala Malls

    After UP town we had to go to Trinoma for another client business,

    Nissan Academy Gaming showcase



    I saw some cool games up by the showroom.
    The nissan academy gaming seat is cool and neat. It lets the mall goers try on the racing game thats with stats competition. I saw this when we ran an errand for a business, and the game is fully occupied by players!
    Along with the gaming showroom is exhibit of Festival Paradiso where local and international food and pastries are displayed on their respective tables, the place was really busy.

    The month of July was blessedly abundant of food trippings, I am outmost thankful. Although some of the foods may not be a healthier choice, but who doesn't love food?

    Shake Fries from Victory mall Food Court 2nd floor, Monumento. P35.00 per cup
    Twister fries. You can choose from variety of flavors such as Sour cream, Classic, etc. and as the name implies shake the container to distribute the flavoring powder. The place is not too crowded at that time so we get to have a seat by the food court.

    Shawarma House, Fishermall 4th floor near cinemas. P75.00
    Sharmarma with Nachos, Plain Shawarma.Long ago i didnt like Shawarma due to its smell, but when a certain somebody had made a twist shawarma and offered it in a cafe, I had a really different perspective about it, before I knew it I tried out different Shawarma's around my area. This one comes with Nachos in it, while my best pick in Shawarma is Kaleb's , this one is also a good pick for a hungrie like me.

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    Breaded Fish fillet, Waltermart raw fish fillet P178 buy one take one.

    Home cooked meal breaded fish fillet. Warning to all, do not salt the fish fillet it is salty enough. With good preparations, this fish fillet lasted for 2 weeks for 4 persons. You can cook variety of tastes that you like, whether mix it with veggies or just plain fry.

    Savory Chicken with sweet and sour side dish plus Nido oriental soup SM Mall of Asia. P700 with 2 more orders of chicken and variety of side dishes. This classic dish is every mothers favorite, mom was happy that we had finished the business meeting for our new strategies at higher dollar rates, she treated us with a seaside food trip to Savory.

    Double Burger plus fries and Spring Chicken with rice. P160- P150. Tropical hut, Munoz, Quezon City.
    This makes my bf so nostalgic and made him long for diners around our area. He calls it the sam and dean meal and prefers to eat it at midnight. He says midnight is the best since theres not much customer and you get to enjoy meal more.

    Scrambled ice brought at side street vendors or sari sari stores that offer. Prices vary to P5.00, P10.00 and P15.00. This little cup bring a lot of happiness to both adult and children, it is sweet and Filipino classic, mostly offered during the summer season, but also can be offered anytime.

    Starbugs, quezon city near immaculate conception church, project 8 . Prices vary from P35.00 to P75.00. For those who are in budget but a true sizzling foodie, this store can give you the most affordable but delectable sizzling delicacies from pork, chicken to sisig. They cook the meals in a huge kitchen visible for the customers to see and savor the smell of the cooking food.

    Hap chan, mindanao avenue, quezon city. P500.00 or budget meals available. Chinese food is part of Filipino taste, Hap Chan restaurant, at McSquare mall opened just recently and dozens of customers loved and visit the restaurant, not only do they serve huge amounts of yang chow rice, but all your chinese food ___ will be met. The service is great and environment is well conditioned.

    7-11 hotdogs. P75.00 each. If you're on the go and you need something to bite, hotdogs from 711 will help ease your hunger, soft, chewy buns and hotdogs offered at 711, for 24/7 in each respective branch serves customers the best that they can whenever possible.

    Pares House, road 20, Quezon City, P75 -P 300. This good old classic restaurant never fails to make every 80 kids and adults to remember the taste of savory sweet sauce of beef pares served with garlic rice and condiments. Their branches may be limited in some areas but this restaurant remained strong for decades making it one of the most sought for Filipino favorite.

    Grilled seaweed roll , P20.00 ,Quiapo Manila beads shop and Waltermart convenience stores. When I saw this on the shelf, I was overjoyed to see a good budget seaweed roll, seaweed is my favorite snack and who cant get enough of it, although this pack is rarely seen, but they serve it depending on availability at a beads and accessories stores in Quiapo and Waltermart. 

    Chowking saver bundle Lauriat. P150-200.
    Hotdog meal with toast bread, eggs, tomato, cucumber and hot choco. P95.00
    2 piece Fried Chicken with Rice.P145.00
    Chowking food chain has served great fast food chinese delicacy. For me, I saved a lot purchasing a bundle wherein I get to have a Chicken, pancit(noodle), chips, and vegetables all in one plate. Great if you're on the go and for the one fast serving chinese food on the run.

    Pork Sisig, Mang Inasal, P99.00. Jackman, Munoz, Quezon City. This sisig is served in a round sizzling plate served within 30 minutes, the taste is savory, quite salty and the servings are enough if you needed just a quick sizzle food. What I loved about this is the location of this branch of Mang Inasal, Jackmann gives you all the great treatment since the place is non stressful.

    Spaghetti breakfast meal with toast bread. Tropical hut has served us since time immemorial, time has tested on how strong they were on the market despite the numbers of competition around. It is where all of most youths of 80s have been celebrated and treasured, because of that, many people feel nostalgic especially that they kept their original design intact for ages. This Spaghetti meal never did fail to amuse me, it is sweet and savory, with the buttery toast on the side, I close my eyes and remember all the great memories I had with family and food like this can turn back time. I partner this with their hot choco and it is delicisio!

    Also their budget meal of 2 pieces Chicken and Fried rice is mmmmm!

    Crispy Kare-kare, adobo connection. P145.00 Fishermall mall Pantranco, Quezon City.
    An adobo connection unique dish of Crispy Kare-Kare offers you a super crisp pork with kare-kare sauce, string beans, pechay, pork strips, peanut sauce and shrimp sauce. It is a twist to your usual kare-kare served in one platter, although rice must be added separately. Their photo ad has sparked my curiousity of how would a crispy kare kare would taste and It was heavenly! I always go back to fishermall just to take a bite of this unique dish.

    Jollibee Fries adobo buger, free macaroni soup and fries
    Jollibee is Filipinos favorite leading food chain in the Philippines and I was happy to see that throughout the year they have made dozens of interesting additions to their menu. Their adobo burger has saved me a lot when I wanted something that's unique in their store.

    KFC Chicken Bucket meals and Zinger burger
    with Coleslaw and macaroni salad

    Kfc is my personal choice of food chain. It has become an issue once in my relationship as to why my bf and I always have a date at KFC and celebrate birthdays there, my only explanation to that is preference. I prefer KFC because it has a lot of great memories and the taste of their chicken is heavenly. My bf and I would usually order bucket meals for the whole family at occasions and gloomy days or anime, movie days.
    I was surprised with their bucket fries served at Katipunan, its literally in their bucket packaging!

    Foss coffee, Vanilla Flavor
    When Foss coffee arrived at Hypermarket Sangandaan, It was summer and I really needed a big gulp of refreshment, then I noticed the long line at Foss coffee, they served Vanilla which is perfect for me, it tastes like you're drinking baby's milk, makes me feel happy and younger.

    Pinoy Toppings

    Festival Paradiso at Trinoma Mall


     When we visited Ayala Mall Trinoma, we found out that they are having food fair, we actually went there for a clientelle reason but as expected, I am a blogger 24/7 and documented some of the most interesting booths.
     These are the display at their entrance, the concept is wild wild west and aromatic food surround the circle.

    I also found exhibitors of Jewelries, dainty!

    Big J meal 


    at P150.00 for Ultimate meal and P120.00 for veggie meal.
    The taste is fair. The quantity is great though! As you can see from the picture, it includes One long sausage, Fries, egg, ham and rice. A perfect team up to that glutenous appetite.

     What we bought is this

    Big J meal at P150.00 for Ultimate meal and P120.00 for veggie meal.
    The taste is fair. The quantity is great though! As you can see from the picture, it includes One long sausage, Fries, egg, ham and rice. A perfect team up to that glutenous appetite.

    As the staff prepares for customers order, many are entertained to see them cook and toss food to the packaging.

    Along the area is the takoyaki stand, where piles of takoyaki are assembled and ready to be bought, pairing it up with drinks and its a food bazzar experience to the fullest!

    The takoyaki stand has a snowcone stand to pair up and yes it is the legendary snow cones, unfortunately i was already chilling cold thats why i wasnt able to buy anymore.

    The Shawarma stand made a big impression to everyone passing around them, its aroma is strongly delicious, its hard not to give in to it.








    SM North Edsa Weekend Gourmet Fair

    On SM North, weekend Gourmet fair is celebrated although not as many booths at Trinoma they did spark my interest with these ice creams~kid mode on

    In Quezon City, lots of food chains, cafes and food businesses have developed making it easier for people in their busy lifestyle easier, but never forget to eat healthy. It is still the best if it comes from your very own produce, it is guaranteed safe and no preservatives. I am still in the look out for more food trippings around the area, perhaps I'll be updating about my simple joys in being a blogger. Stay tune for the next blog.

    If need for blogger collaboration or inquiries on how to get the items, email me at reshadaseamaiden@gmail.com