Original Cosplay Chobits

This my first unofficial Cosplay, the dress is actually a premade dress I bought, I actually do not remember where I bought it but it seemed so cute and feminine to wear . The hair is neatly combed and styled by yours truly and Green contact lenses from mystylisheyeswilliams , my trusted online contact lens provider. The ears is actually made out of paper, I only did this for the purpose of the photoshoot and I used my Fujifilm digital camera to shoot. I could not stop my self not to photoshop because I look incredibly haggard in it, it is super hot in the Philippines and I looked like a sweaty chobits.

Chobits is one of my most favorite anime. 


Chobits (ちょびっツ Chobittsu?) is a Japanese manga created by the Japanese manga collective Clamp.
The series tells the story of Hideki Motosuwa, who finds an abandoned persocom (パソコン PasoKon?), or personal computer (パーソナルコンピュータ pāsonaru konpyūta) with human form, which he names "Chi" after the only word it initially can speak. As the series progresses, they explore the mysteries of Chi's origin together and questions about the relationship between human beings and computers. The manga is set in the same universe as Angelic Layer, taking place a few years after the events of that story, and like Angelic Layer, it explores the relationship between humans and electronic devices shaped like human beings. Chobits branches off as a crossover into many other stories in different ways, such as Tsubasa: Reservoir ChroniclexxxHolic and Kobato.


Trixia salonga chobits original character cosplay

Fast hard Drive
Multi talented and Sweet personality programming
At least 1000GB limited Memory capacity
Limited Battery capacity to only 12 hours without charging
8-12 hours charging time
Natural Black and burgundy colored hair
Comes with Cosplay Costumes

Miw is not perfect but she is cute and has a body of an anime, most of the time jealous but she is a very sweet persocom who is very loyal to her master and will keep you company. Miw may not possess the most high-end hardware but she works fast and light with the guaranteed warmth of an ideal waifu.
When she gets a little jealous, you may find it challenging but show a lot of love and care that you treasure her and she will trust you with all her heart.
Trixia Salonga Original Character chobits cosplay

Miw's favorite hobbies or skills involves drawing manga and cosplaying, she may love to dress up and look like your favorite anime, manga, art or vocaloid and portrays the character well. 

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