Every November 1 here in the Philippines, people visit their loved ones at the Cemetery.
Here are the pictures that I've taken during our visit.

These are the pictures of my Family.

Although a lot of people are there, not to mention the scourching heat of the sun and countless people going in and out of the cemetery, still the day ended well.

I Sincerely want to thank a my bestfriend for this Bag and Keychain that she gave to me from the province of Bicol.

The Bag is made out of natural and synthetic materials, very tropical.

I can't forget the Custom Made Hat that Mom had Designed ^_^

I took pictures of the passerby, some of them are in their fashion and others have intriguing interests.

Our Loyal friend, Mang Efren

Mom crying over her cut hand

I braided my hair , hope you like  it ^_^

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