Japanese Hot Springs are popular among the Japanese culture and is now one of the tourist destinations. This is a spot where people get to relax. Hot Springs and Public baths differ from each other in terms of their heat mechanisms, Hot springs use geothermal energy and in Public Baths, heated tap water. Hot Springs are believed to have healing powers derived from its mineral content.
Men and women baths are separated or mixed.

Holders are seen for bath essentials

Racks where one can place clothes are separately arranged.
In Public Baths, the practice of cleansing self is essential for hygienic purposes. One must cleanse in these shower cubicles before bathing in the Public Baths.

Outdoor and Indoor baths can be chosen. This one is for Male Outdoor Bath

Bathing naked can be uncomfortable to some people, but in their culture, virtues such as "naked communion" is practiced for breaking down barriers getting to know people in the relaxed and homey atmosphere.

Female Outdoor Baths

Private Bath

 Indoor Bath with a view      

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