The long awaited day has finally a­­rrived. For girls in the country are called to part take in this event where they are magically transformed by the wonders of the art in the form of make-up. SM Beauty Store held this event on the momentous day, 27 of July 2014 at 4pm. Announcement was made before hand thru social networking sites, including guests, Ms. Alodia Gosengfiao and Ms. Tricia Gosingtian.

The event guideline indicates that a girl must be in her cute doll outfit to participate, they are given privilege for a free makeover by known makeup brands Dolly Wink, BYS, NYX, Pixy, Heroine Make, Kate, Maybelline Color Show, Cutex, Palty, Beautylabo and Lucido L.,  

There will be ten lucky winners , the two selected girls to have a makeover and those that were picked up VIPs of Ms. Alodia and Ms. Tricia

This is my current school where I study a lot about Arts. It is my modern doll house now and they take good care of me.

 Ms. Cathy Monterola- Business Development officer, CIIT

By the time I got there, the show has not start yet. 
This is the VIP section, it is located on the First floor of the Block.

I come as a Lolita doll, Victorian period doll but with a twist of the modernity. My dress is Victorian inspired, Soft Pastel Blue fabric with crocheted lace sleeves and skirt.

I love my wig. It is a wig that changes colors depending on the light setting. See how it changes from Ash brown to blonde in lights ^_^

I am very happy to those that appreciated my cosplay-doll and took my pictures.

The event was surrounded by walking dolls and cosplayers with their own doll concepts.

Along with the set-up , up front is the Doll box where anyone can take their pictures with the Doll, or simply wacky pictures!

I met my College groupmate, Rich and was very surprised. Reunion time ^_^

This is where the dolls are to rest ehem* sit perhaps…  Model Dolls sit here and are taken pictures.

Maybelline Stall.

Models ramp their way to the stage. Later that evening, Ms. Alodia and Ms. Tricia came in and was interviewed and as promised, had a makeover session ^^



Oops time to retouch!

Trying to become a mannequin this time*

The doll is famished! After the event, we went immediately to KFC for my treat!

After that of course, we will never forget the dessert*yummy!!

 So that's about it, stay in touch and don't forget to g1+

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