Food blogging is one of my favorite things to do, i always love to make people drool haha~ (joke)

There are many food out there and I happen to be one of the food hunters that love to take long trips for food and find the best treasures.
I mind the budget too and quality of the services of the proprietor.

Sizzling Family steak house

Located at Ever Gotesco Mall Food court, hidden in the very depths of the mall, you will find a hidden sanctuary of steaks, they offer Pork, Chicken with rice, soup, special condiments, pancit and sweet halo halo all for the price of 199 php. How great is that? Their services excellent as they provide immediate assistance to the customers.
The meat and chicken are really juicy, seriously it tastes like Mang Inasal, together with the condiments and the pancit, I felt really full, it was very satisfying I had to blog!
There are varieties to choose from single to bundle meals all good for the budget and surely full stomach satisfaction.

Pares House

Bulalo. It was one rainy day, I had to stop by and needed something to combat the cold and also have a meal.
Two stores located along Pantranco. I had both the food trippings there, Filipinos love it there as many patronize their food.
They are most famous for their Take outs, I haven't tried some but surely will

Mini Stop

Fried Pork This one is a winner in short stop over and fast lunch, they serve this in 5 minutes tops, hot and deliciously packed.
Located at Mini Stop Sangandaan, Tandang Sora in front of Dr. Casaul Lanting College, students there loved this budget meal of 45 PHP.


Now I would lie to you if I say I never visit it from time to time, this is my favorite Food Chain , who agrees with me? 

Delicious Restaurant

Cravings for the Vintage Chinese cuisines? Here it is, a delicious, budget-friendly meal located at the heart of Binondo, Manila.

They serve meals in an airconditioned room upstairs like the usual Chinese style restaurants, The Kitchen is in the entrance where you can see Liu-Mao Hsing( Cooking Master Boy) skills in cooking!

We ordered the Nido Oriental soup, Fried Rice and Half chicken. Nido soup @ 200, Fried Rice @ 65, Fried Chicken @ 155.

I took the menu snapshot.

 Happy Meow Day to all!

Photo on the lower is taken by Angel Light Studios Greenhills
Welcome, kochijin-sama!

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