On my wide pursuit for the best illustrations, I found an outstanding work of art, whose elements, style and design describes her and my  personal flair.

Inspired by the beauty of the country, Paris ~ the most romantic city, she transforms every scenery and photograph into a world full of life and wonders.

She has inspired me in every aspect and gave me a boost power in my artistic outlook. I began to see how her world looks like in real life, it’s hard to explain but it made me feel how incredibly exquisite the world is with a little bit of imagination, anything is possible.



Her art is magical, identical to the feeling of a kid going inside Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, oh, the feelings are overwhelming, it’s getting harder to explain.

By the time I saw her Illustrations, I began to become obsessed (sorry for the term ) and enthusiastic.

I wanted to share her art in my Fellow Filipinos and overseas, the magnificence of her art.
(I am not paid here to say this, I really liked her art, style and design and wanted to blog about it)

What’s not to love about her? Her art inspirations is from one of the most gorgeous city (Paris, France) and the enamored language, French.

        I have contacted her about this blog and she agreed, how my heart raced when she approved.
 I have not mentioned in my Lolita blog that French had a big influence to LOLITA fashion, which I know connects the two.

Simplicity and minimalism are adjectives I use to describe her blog, adding accessible and creative.
I will always be on the look out more of her best illustrations!
Her Blog address: http://www.shellsherree.com/
 Copyright credits to the owner.

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