Day 1: First Intake of prevention
Time: Night time.
Vitamin C is best absorbed during sleep.
My symptoms:
Hoarseness and itchy throat
Feelings of Malaise and feverish

Right and Left submandibular nodes

Day 2 Prevention:

I can do this! Another dose of the pure citrus medicated tea made by our cafe chef Mr. Jonathan Nick Cruz.

This is by far my first time trying out the effectiveness, and the progress this day is truly amazing. The symptoms were the sore throat feeling and malaise then when I drank this yesterday, I felt better the whole day, the sore feeling in my throat is gone too, although it's gone I should never stop the treatment, after all I always stay late for my projects I would need a lot of extra C's! This was first launched at our café, Mako-chan café, which is now on super long vacation.
I will update the progress the following day

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