The moment we've all been waiting for the announcement of winners for the Cosplay Costume of the Year has finally come and we're all very excited to know who won in each category. 

As you all know, my entry this year is my Cinematic Ahri Costume. If you haven't read the behind the scenes making here is the link:

Held at SMX Mall of Asia Last May 16, 2015. 

 I decided to dress up as Rin Tohsaka from Fate Stay Night because the Ahri costume is very big and I won't be able to fit inside the venue. The entrance fee is 100, fortunately for us, we were given free tickets as the winner and so many events listed on their website. The line outside (side) of the SMX was long and temperature is really hot, but it was worth it once you get inside. There was a Cafe by the entrance and comfort rooms at the First Floor. We were informed that there is also a Dentist Convention going on at the same time of the event. Once at the entrance, we surrendered the ticket and had green stamps. By the entrance it was the registration booth and I asked if the Singing contest is still open but unfortunately it was closed. Beside the registration is the Yoshinoya booth where you can have packed meals, booths in the middle and drawing tables for the artists. There were huge Dressing rooms beside the Stage Area. 

I immediately looked for the Otaku Asia Magazine and bought it. Magazine is worth P80.00.

Holding the Otaku Asia Magazine

I was informed that the call time would be 2:00pm, I arrived at the venue at 1:00pm so I waited and watched the event going on. By the time I sat down Bring Me games started. Then there is also the challenge to cross the mini Torii. 

The first half of the cosplay competition started and I was stunned by the tremendous Mecha cosplay. I was right infront of the stage and It felt scary just looking at it. After that, we were called at the side stage while they announce the Winners for Cosplay Costume of the Year.

I was chosen as the Best Female, I was asked how I feel and when I told them, "I feel nervous", they asked me why I still feel nervous I already won. I was nervous because it was my First time to go up stage and receive an award for my costume creation, Ms. Jia Bustamante was beside me and Mr. Robert Wong, Editor-in Chief of Otaku Asia Magazine is also beside me. I really feel like I don't have anymore blood in my veins, had tremendous chills and so on. Well, can't blame me for being nervous! Then they took pictures of us. We all gathered upfront and got taken pictures and videos. 

When Mr. Liui got up stage the girl crowd had gone wild and everyone was very excited to have his autograph.

Presenting the winners of 

Kristian Vibal - Mui aka Habaek

Me- Cinematic Ahri

Ethan Lantican - Bumble Bee Transformers



Ms. Jia Signing my Magazine

With Mr. Robert Wong, Editor in Chief of Otaku Asia Mag

After that I had my Fan Sign with Ms. Jia and of course Picture! I am very glad to finally meet Mr. Robert and he signed both my Cosplay + his Cosplay. I wanted to have the signature of the other stars too, but I needed to go because of class schedule the next day, and I needed to get ready.
At side stage waiting to be called for the final picture infront, I'm holding the Best Female award 

Yours Truly, RS Shi and Mary Gutierrez

For all that helped and supported me in this Journey, I Truly Thank you! Thank you for choosing me as your Cosplay Costume of the Year Best Female 2014.

After the awarding, I immediately went to Yoshinoya booth to eat, they have packed lunches. I haven't had lunch when I arrived it was very near call time.

Guys, never do this, never skip meals especially when you are going to get in a stressful situation (mine is just nervousness but it affects me a lot esp. with my metabolism), why?
well I had Ulcer after 1 week and it was incredibly painful!

Ulcers happen when there is excessive stomach acid secretion causing the protective lining of the intestine to create holes or breaks, it hasn't been proven that stress can be the cause but it may aggravate the condition.

As for me, I only had little breakfast and no lunch. My stomach had nothing to digest coupled with my nervousness, well we all know what happens when it gets too acidic. Even though I ate after the awarding, the damage has been done and I'm always reminded  "Prevention is incredibly Better than Cure"

Stay tune for more of my adventures!

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