University of the Philippines Anime Manga Enthusiasts held an open forum:

Generation Gap: How Anime in the Philippines Influence Filipino Generations!

When I found out about this, I got very excited! This discussion took my interest since I have been a very big fan of anime since my younger days. It is open for non-up students so Yey!

Back then, I remember my older brothers and sisters would go gaga over Voltes V, but they prohibit me to watch because of its violent content.

 I indulged on Animes such as Akazukin Cha Cha, Blue Blink, Sailormoon, Kimba the white lion, The adventures of Tom Sawyer, Princess Sarah, The adventures of peter pan, Georgie. 

So back to the event, I inquired my travels there, it took me 3 jeepneys to go there, when you get to the U.P gate, there were jeepneys that go inside the campus to drop off at College of Arts and Letters or "CAL." CAL is then just a short walk from the drop-off point. You may ask nearby guards for directions. Once you get inside CAL, go upstairs and proceed to Room 207.
It wasn't very easy to find the building as there was another big buiding infront, so we had to ask the guards for directions.

Main Event

When I arrived at the area many students gather around and registration was in front, the program started with a film showing the anime that greatly influenced people, namely: FUSHIGI YUUGI, VOLTES V, CODE GEASS, each shown with an episode or two. This was done while we wait for the main speaker to arrive.

Late afternoon, Prof. Vladimeir Gonzales came in and started the talk. It was an intelligent talk, during his years of study he observed a lot of factors and evidences where anime situations can be seen even with inside political matters. he pointed out even the disadvantages and advantages it will bring forth to our future. How strategies are made with anime as your inspiration. 

The presentation came with the visual Powerpoint aid but we were not allowed to take pictures. The talk was brief, short but precise. I seriously would love to hear more from all his experiences and views. I would be wishing for another forum like this.


After the talk, we head to Mang Larry's which is just one jeep before going out the gate. We ordered everything there is available on the Menu and as we wait I go pose in the nature beside their store. 

I was actually sad because all my 300 pesos gone immediately and my bf saw that I looked great being sad, like a SAD DOLL in the nature. Dress and hairstyle inspired by a Korean death God character.
I look so happy here after we were given the cooked Isaws. Never mind the 300 this is once in the lifetime.
So these are the pairs that we bought.
I lost info which is which but my receipt there are all that we purchased.

If you ask me which one is my favorite I will not be able to respond to you because all of them are MMMMMMMMMM! Delicious!
Probably the juiciest of all is the Chicken butt.
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