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God has given a lot of surprises to me despite of my being very lax in my physical health lately, he kept on reminding me that I should never let go of my dreams no matter how blurred it may seem. I was contacted that I have won tickets for the special screening of the Knock Knock by Keanu Reeves. i thought i was dreaming so I kept on reading the email and contacted the sender, confirmed and set the date.

I admit that I was being very lax, in mostly my diet and health, it was quite the rush 'again' to keep in shape. I received the note a day before the screening and terribly no time to at least ready my self. I have watched horror to suspense movies everyday, if most have known that I loved watching them big time.


The screening held at Glorietta 4 cinema 3, admittedly long travel from my place, I took a bus and it did took 5 hours ride, as expected with edsa traffic.

When I arrived at the venue it was already 6:30 pm and waited a few minutes to meet mam Honey for the tickets. she had beautiful red hair and was very kind to us.


Knock Knock is a 2015 Chilean-American erotic horror film directed by Eli Roth, who also co-wrote the script with Guillermo Amoedo and Nicolas Lopez. The film stars Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo, and Ana de Armas. The film is scheduled to be released on October 9, 2015, by Lionsgate Premiere.

The show started 8:00 pm after the Philippine hymn.

What would you do if you find two dripping wet ladies come knockin' on your door for help? Would you let them in and stay?

I watched the trailer months ago and it hit a big interest, apparently it is about a married man, starred by Keanu Reeves, and one day he was knocked in his house by two voluptous ladies, asking for temporary shelter, eventually he became friends with them. That morning, he thought the ladies would be gone but to his demise they didn't, and that's when all the fun turned into a nightmare for him as he tried to convince them to go home.


Mr. Keanu's acting has surprised me seeing how he was able to perform an act different from his former movies.

The two leading ladies for me are the shining stars of this film, admittedly Evan(Keanu's) wife and children looked unconvincing in their roles, which I also see as scripted and lack of emotions, but the two ladies, Bel and Genesis played by Ana de Armas and Lorenza Izzo are definite eye and emotion catchers. They brought life to the characters. I also would love to give out how hot Genesis here, she's got one of the most tantalizing eyes. 

There are many parts of the movie where it depicted intense sensuality which is not for minors, it is the 'spicy' part of the movie and from what I saw they we're able to play it well, the camera angles gave good censorship.

Bel played by Ana de Armas looks like Marilyn Monroe in this movie 

The twist of this movie is surprising and leaves a hang over haha~ actually the movie pointed out incredible point of views about marriage and fidelity and left lessons in life worth keeping for, it will not dissapoint you as this film gave one of the craziest and unique plot in a suspense movie.


The impact of the movie is well observed at the ladies after the screening, to some, I noticed that they had exhibited a more playful attitude, although im not certain if that is their usual behavior, but most of them I see became very cheerful.

I recommend to all that wants that thrill, suspense with a mix of sensuality, humuor and mind boggling situational analysis, the perfect ingredient for that suspense nights!
Knock Knock's premiere night is on October 9th for United States theaters and October 20th for Philippine Cinemas, so watch out for that and make sure to set an alarm to your calendars!

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