Add and experience a new First and Only Amphibian tour in your trip to Subic!

A new exciting adventure can be experience to take the Philippine's first Amphibian boat tour , the test drive has been made and further notice of the ride is on the look out, so get your calendar notifications ready and bookmark the event.

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Press release

November 25. 2016, Subic Bay - Zoobic Asia launches FUN Z, the first and Only Amphibian Boat Tour in the Philippines. Fun Z is a specially designed tour where you board an amphibious vehicle and travel both on land and on sea.
Discover the beauty in different view as you board a 32- eater amphibious vehicle. Fun Z is unique and exciting adventure that let you explore the amazing sight of the city/forest and the sea. It is approximately a 1 1/2 hour guided tour with city destination from Harborpoint Mall to Grande Isla or forest tour destination from Zoobic Safari to Grande Isla.

Fun Z is the ultimate road trio you surely want to experience. Appealing for all ages, it has a  special launching promo offered until December 15, 2016. For only P645- weekend and P545- weekday for Forest Tour instead of P745; and P745- weekend and P645 weekday instead of P845 for City Tour.

Fun Z is the first project among the many others of Zoobic Asia Development Corp, sister company of Zoomanity Group, with boat design and specification made by Seavermarine Engineering service.

Take ride and experience an exceptional tour adventure in Subic, open daily from 9am to 4pm. For more details call: (047) 252 -8638 or email:

Personal Experience of the tour


The moment I’ve been waiting for has finally come when I was given a four day leave vacation from work, the following day we had scheduled a blogging gig. Our workmates had pressured me for the past few days to come with them on a floor outing but the commitment of being a blogger and cosplayer is my top priority since the very beginning, I'm also preparing my cosplay items lately when im registered to join the cosplay competition, but a time conflict had emerged and I had to cancel my registration. This November 25 was a sudden unexpected blogging gig trip to SUBIC for SAFARI DAY TOUR, Ms. Karen had assisted us on the time of our arrival, to the yupangco building makati where the meetup commenced at 10:30, our van picked up other media representatives along the way.


Our private van took us at least 5 hours to get to the location because we need to have a lot of stop overs but without the stop over, would nearly get us 3 hours only from Makati. FOOD along the way Our Mcdonalds was sponsored by the company and Im really thankful for the rice meal and fries. ARRIVAL When we had arrived at Subic Port, I was surprised, it has been 7 years since I last visited and compared to the establishments and changes since that time has been evident. Subic used to have a strict traffic courtesy, no stop lights and whoever stops first on a crossing is the first to proceed, nowadays it had traffic lights which is no longer different as to how it is in Manila. They have established new restaurants, cafes and hotels, even the large Soccer field in front of the peninsular hotel, the weather was cloudy and some rainshowers, but the overall weather was cold, nice and windy.


Honestly we we're surprised that we are actually attending a Press release because according to the messages from Ms. Grace it is a Day Tour, we stopped at The Lighthouse Hotel and saw the event with all the medias gathered around, since I was not aware of this event I had worn a comfortable one piece outfit perfect for outdoors. I really thought we were going to see Jurassic Park, just kidding.



Upon entry inside of the Hotel, the modern architecture and interior designed reception welcomes visitors.


The White Grand Piano


Minimalist Stairs

Night View with Christmas trees and lights on

Dining for the Guests

Shirts and Souvenirs

Decorative Shell on display gives the ocean accent to the room


The Program Started with Speeches from Ms. Georgina Ramos, introducing the guests and the event, Among the guests are Japanese investors Mr. and Mrs. Okawara, Mr. Noda, Mr. Fujita and Mr. Robert Yupangco, the Chief Executive Officer of Yupangco Group of Companies

Ms. Georgina Ramos

Mr. Robert Yupangco, Chief Executive Officer of Yupangco Group of Companies
According to Mr. Robert Yupangco, This is Philippines First Amphibious boat designed for disasters and tourism, he also mentioned and shown pictures of his future plans as Philippines to become the "Entertainment Capital of Asia" where he explained that his vision is to make Philippines a big resort, which includes the Agrifarm, animal exchange and breeding, Zooper cruise, Solar Projects, tree house and Japanese restaurants.


We were invited outside the resort to witness the first test run of the Amphibious boat but at this time it was low tide, when the boat had started to make its way to the sea, the tire suddenly got stuck at the bottom sand with all the guests as the passengers, they called it a day and proceeded with the rest of the program.

While they were pulling the boat by a coast guard we snapped some pictures, the day was cold and breeze was wonderful, the waves are silent and calm but the sky is almost dim and small patches of gray clouds are gathered.

Since the test run wasn't successful, Mr. Robert Yupangco had given a speech when we went back to the hotel and seem to be that they are planning to make a temporary steel ramp, till the cemented ramp is on progress.

I am thankful I was able to sit by the sea and reminisce the days I had spent time with family on this last vacation, I'm hoping I can make new memories like it was before.


When we went back to the Hall, it was time to dine.

Buffet Style serving and waiters serving the meals at each table.
To be honest, this is my first time eating Sushi, I was scared to eat since I have weak stomach, but since this is a good opportunity for me to conquer my fears and eventually I'm health covered

ICED TEA is served by waiters to each guest
My first Sushi Experience was unforgettable, when I tried it I couldn't stop eating, it was delicious and the Nori or Seaweed wrapping was the best!
Pasta and Garlic bread was served too!
Ms. Okawara with the tribe after their dances.
As I wait for our departure I reflect on how blessed I am to have this day and experience one of a kind event. Thank you to Ms. Grace and Ms. Karen of Zoomanity Group.
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  1. I like all the photos you took Trish. Its been a long long time I've been to Subic, that was when I was still working for Mercury drug, in the 90's. The duck boat is like modeled after Boston, Massachusette's duck boat tour.


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