Hello Again! On our recent gastronomic experience, we visited Manang's Kitchen , A 100% Filipino owned company, owned and operated by Giabella Foods Corporation. The branch we visited is on  Munoz, Jackmann Plaza. We honestly got disappointed when we found out that Chicboy had closed down on that same location, but we couldn't stop ourselves to try the new food chain in town so we were excited to give it a try. 

The Setting of the whole place is inviting and clean. A great Art of Munoz and good landmarks were on the walls, the air conditioning is a thumbs up, I even got really cold after a few minutes mind you the time we visited the place was just a few minutes on their first hour of opening at exactly 10:00 am in the morning.
 On that wall is the great history of how Manang's started :

"That sweet, salty, crispy, juicy chicken you’re sinking your teeth into has been a staple at our family dining table for the past 20 years. Our beloved cook, affectionately called “Manang,” whipped it up for all of our family occasions and nobody ever got enough of it. Fast forward to 2011 and Manang’s soy garlic chicken evolved from the comfort food of our dining table, to the local weekend market, and finally to a growing chain of fast food restaurants! Manang unwittingly redefined fried chicken for the Pinoy market.
The good news is we’re just getting started — the best is yet to come! Just keep bringing your appetites and leave it to us to satisfy your cravings for insanely good chicken. Make Manang’s Chicken a delectable part of your family and barkada gatherings. It has certainly been a delectable part of ours."
 A recognizable LRT North Edsa Munoz on the Art of Manang's Kitchen wall featuring a bus heading to Munoz, making the room lively and partnered with orange coated chairs fit perfectly on the color palette of the wall.
 A feature of their Halloween Spooky Sundaes on the wall served this November.
 Seats accomodate upstairs for more guests.
 What we ordered:
Ultimate Bucket 
Including 3 Rice
2 Sides, 2 Chips, 2 dips and 1.5 L pepsi

Then we added to try out their Cupcake Sundaes:
Triple Chocolate and Red Velvet

Although since they recently just opened, the 2 sides coleslaw and corn are not available they let us replace the two with more Chips and I fell in love, the taste had given me nostalgia of my childhood days when mom takes me to Cubao to watch on Christmas on the panoramic dolls moving on a building, one of my most incredible childhood memories~!
 The Chips are original cripy taste that I have never tried before, it looked liked somewhat Shakey's mojos but it had different savory and taste, one that I cannot forget then I dipped them to the two sauces, Creamy Cheese and Mayonnaise it was heavenly!!

These are three of the 6 pieces of Manang's secret glazed chicken, this is an original recipe perfect to suite the salty taste buds and herbs to savor plus chewiness of the chicken! A definite drool!!

I can't really stop thinking that all these settings are quite similar to my favorite food chain KFC, but the menu are unique especially the chicken and my new love their chips! 

I am not done with discovering more of Manang's great food menu, next I will feature some of their menu items not mentioned here and don't forget to stay tune to my blog,
to keep updated follow my blog or social media links on the page thanks!

For their delivery:
No minimum order required! Just a P40 fixed delivery fee. Delivery hotline is available at selected Metro Manila areas only.

Contact them:

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