7 reasons why filipinos will change the world

Have you noticed that Filipinos are now dominating the entire world? A bit exaggerated, right? This is entirely true actually. Even if you don’t admit it but Filipinos are the mightiest and powerful, they also possess unique capabilities that are inherent to them. Each Filipino has a DNA of each culture in the world and it is not surprising that they can do everything if they set their mind to it. Tracing back in history, when Magellan landed to Bohol, Filipinos can already stand on their own, established their kingdoms and communities and the land was rich in good resources including a strong bond to nature and supernatural, they need not of other help from anyone, they had the capability of sustaining their needs on their own. These days, Filipinos have gain dependency and had lost their confidence; often times would praise someone whose fair skin to the point of worshipping them as idols, not that it is wrong but most of the times, opportunities pass and the capabilities become hidden as they lose their confidence in striving to become the best.
On a recent short read of a booklet, I encountered a handy list of interesting facts about Filipinos of how why they can become a strong influence on the whole world and be an influencer of change. This book has a strong label that it must be read in 30 minutes. Yes, the whole pocketbook must be read in 30 minutes and of course, it is doable with only a piece of 36 small pages, it has given me a boost of self-confidence. This booklet shows a list of their observations and inspirational facts about Filipinos, a good must read to help you get inspired. I read this book inside an exclusive café, I was sitting solo on their bench and had limited time to boost and energize myself from all the stresses of the entire week.  
In my list including watching inspirational anime series, listening to Vocaloid songs that uplift my spirits and made me remember my dreams, this booklet completes all necessary ingredients on my de-stressing and bits of fuel for motivation. Why?

 1.     Short read in 30 minutes
This book is a small amount of energy drink that doesn’t take so much of your time; most of us are in limited time with either work or business and extra activities. It wouldn't even take most of your time versus the time you spent scrolling down your social media feeds, reading a book can actually make a person fulfilled to be productive and a good brain food. 

2.     Lightweight booklet
I literally only bring a handheld clutch with me on my trips to our nearby café to eat, chill and energize and this booklet doesn’t even need a space at all! It is very thin and lightweight, so handy for a short read!

3.  Inspirational booster

Self-actualization is one on the pyramid of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, what better way to complete the whole pyramid is to get inspiration and motivation in order to complete the stages in reaching the ultimate needs, this is a must try read to complete the fully recharge your motivation bottle.

4.  An eye-opener
Although on the first reasons, most mentioned are noticeable to many Filipinos, there are great points in the book that even most Filipinos fail to notice that they have it. Sometimes we literally fail to see that there are even more traits that are inherent to us which is waiting to be discovered and harnessed for us to reach our goal and dreams. Dreams are often ignored too many people but this is actually the linked to the 'empty feeling' that one usually feels. Do not stop reading and continue until you get the last page then you will know what I’m talking about.

"The Greatest enemy of the Filipino is the Filipino"

That line had caught me right in the feels! This is real and true to most of us, emphasizing what is wrong and letting the crab-mentality take over our actions without even thinking of the consequence has a tremendous effect, but most Filipinos do not care until such time they experience this on his own. We let envy, pride and jealousy take over rather than be thankful for our own blessings, we tend to compare this with others which lead us to downfall.

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About the author:

Mike Grogan is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Author & Behavioral Change Coach who believes in the Genius of the Filipino.
Mike has worked in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, and has delivered his inspiring talks & training seminars to over 100,000 people around the world.
Mike believes that the greatest human potential in the world is here in the Philippines. He is passionate about helping Filipinos become more proactive and productive so they lead by example and become the role models of Filipino Excellence.

Mike Grogan

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